Let's Get Into It

Let's Get Into It

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A good podcast hosted by Jason Oberholtzer, Nick Douglas and Tim Mucci.


Season Break Anouncement  

We are between seasons! This is what's up.

24: Dear Pilot Viruet’s Mom, Please Listen  

Freelance writer and television critic Pilot Viruet helps cap the year off right with a very special episode about glasses, romance novels and sausage. Featuring: Nick Douglas, Tim Mucci, Jason Oberholtzer & Pilot Viruet

23: The Twelve Tasks of Christmas with Serena Berman and Matt Tobin  

Matt and Serena join the guys to put on an improvised Christmas musical about Tiny Tom, the Grunch, and the Karate Turtles. Featuring: Serena Berman, Nick Douglas, Tim Mucci, Jason Oberholtzer & Matt Tobin

22: The Segment Factory with Cody Westphal and Brad  

Cody Westphal helps keep the new boss off the boys' backs as they learn that podcasting is big business and its currency is segments. Featuring: Nick Douglas, Tim Mucci, Jason Oberholtzer, Jordan Smith & Cody Westphal

21: Getting Fer-Real with Adam Ferrone  

Rone, the prince of battle rap, talks books, spits free verse and finds a near-fatal flaw in his new album. Featuring: Nick Douglas, Adam Ferrone & Jason Oberholtzer Rone's newest, Committed, is available everywhere and is pure fire: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/committed/id1041505186

20: Tim and Dan Bush Get Straight Married  

Beck shares the secret to his lyrics, Tim straight-marries the guest, and the gang rides a submarine through the Gowanus. Featuring: Dan Bush, Nick Douglas, Tim Mucci & Jason Oberholtzer

19: Talking T-Shirts with Akilah Hughes  

Akilah Hughes returns to catch us up on her life, hash out a few merch ideas and deal with some unexpected guests, including a radio icon and a man named Twombly.

18: Camp Stories with Dan King  

Dan King stops by to talk about camp, working at Staples and enjoying James Bond. An interdimensional visitor would rather play games.

17: Engaging The Occult  

A vampire, a rift and a mysterious obelisk: Otherworldly happenings continue apace while Tim, Nick and Jason try to get to the bottom of them.

16: Halloween Spooktacular with Laura Bolt and Jon Roth  

Spooky stories and strange happenings with occultists Laura Bolt and Jon Roth.

15: Let's Get Old With It with Frank Lesser  

Frank Lesser talks about a book he wrote a few years ago and other than that, it's pretty much a bunch of stuff about the world pre-1950.

14: Getting Back Into It With Meredith Haggerty and Alana Levinson  

Season Two kicks off with the real stuff: aging, crying and screwing.

Episode Thirteen: Closing The Loop with Serena Berman, Jessica Damouni & Jordan Smith  

The first season closes just like it opens but this time with some help from real, professional actors.

Episode Twelve: Hitting 100 Segments  

The 100 segment threshold is crossed and some hard partying fellows stop by, one of whom turns out to be an old quaincenemy.

Episode Eleven: A Good Interview with Alyson Greenfield  

Musician Alyson Greenfield shares her thoughts about art and the world around us. This conversation is in no way derailed. Also, the world premiere of her new song "Community."

Episode Ten: Getting Revved Up with Christine Friar  

Christine Friar brings a mystery bag and some new segments, one of which makes everyone so uncomfortable that nobody can make eye contact for the rest of the show.

Episode Nine: No Show Bro Show  

Tim and Jason get the studio all to themselves and embark on a quixotic tilt with every segment in LGii history. Not even the intrusion of some peculiar Airbnb guests can move them from their cause.

Episode Eight: Jason Gets Upstaged By Matt Tobin, With Whom He Went To High School  

Jason's childhood friend Matt Tobin stops by to be better than him at everything.

Episode Seven: Changing Canon, with Meredith Haggerty  

Meredith and Jason host an alternative chronology where LGii is all about feelings.

Episode Six: Taylor Moore & Paula Poundstone Hit It Off  

Podcast veteran Taylor Moore brings a dose of professionalism, which is promptly ignored. Also, Paula Poundstone swings on by.

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