24: Don't Amigo Me  

Adam and Maggie have moved on to Bolivia! We talk border crossings, tourism, meat-bagging and round up our time in Peru. We follow up on last week's episode with all the advice the internet has to offer on getting unstuck. Adam doesn't pay a bribe. Maggie is ready to hit the road again.

   Show NotesMap of this leg of the journey from Arequipa, Peru to Copacabana, BoliviaLasts week's episode 23: Stranded at 16,200 ftA reddit thread in which we solicit advice from the angriest folks on the internet Maggie's List of Galapagos Animals, published by The TuskLet's Not Panic on Instagram   
23: Stranded at 16,200 ft  

We get stuck in the mud, in the snow, at 16,200 feet, overnight so that you don't have to. An account and some lessons learned from our first real calamity. No one presses the SOS button. Adam doesn't get frostbite. Maggie doesn't like bullfights. A long time argument is settled. 

   Show NotesMap of this leg of the Journey from Lima to Arequipa.. the hard way.The equipment we wish we had: Hi-Lift jack, Hi-Lift Liftmate wheel adapter, Hi-Lift jack base, Hi-Lift jack protector.The equipment we were so relieved we had: DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator.Maggie's post-mortem on our stranding and excavation of ShadowLet's Not Panic on Instagram   
22: We Go To Machu Picchu  

Maggie's Dad, Richard, and his girlfriend, Consolee join us for a trip to Machu Picchu! We talk being parked on active railroads, meat-bagging, insane logistics and, of COURSE, llamas. Consolee adjusts to new toilet rules. Richard battles altitude sickness. Maggie and Adam eat their body weights in Lima. 

   Show NotesMap of this leg of the journeyAdam's death-defying photo mentioned in Richard's Brutal PickLet's Not Panic on Instagram   

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21: The Lost Episode  

Take 2! We accidentally did this entire episode... without pressing record. But here this episode is in all its glory! Lost hikers! Hypothermia! Drugs! Police! Near death experiences! It's been a real extravaganza of drama for team Let's Not Panic. We talk high altitude hiking, strange offers and whether or not our car looks like an assassin's car. 


not all trees are Ents, but some are

 Show NotesMap of this leg of the journeyLet's Not Panic on Instagram   

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20: We Eat Dubious Meat  

We talk open air markets as a sole means of grocery shopping, mountain dogs who kamikaze themselves at our car, starry nights and yes, (as always) more poop sickness on this newest episode. Adam nearly crashes his drone into a car. Maggie gets bitten on the butt. 

   Show NotesMap of this leg of the journeyMotorcycling couple on InstagramVan life couple on InstagramGet your very own Trasharoo   

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19: We Break Shadow  

Maggie and Adam are on to Peru! We talk general thoughts about Ecuador, including one calamitous run in with a wall in Guayaquil. We visit a poultry farm, make friends with a three year old, and drive through a sandstorm. Peruvian Police say what's up.


Along the roads of Northern Peru

 Show NotesMap of this leg of the journey from Guayaquil to Chicama

Swiss Wassi in Northern Peru

Let's Not Panic on Instagram


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18: Galapagos!  

Maggie and Adam go to the Galapagos! We talk hammerhead sharks, penguins, turtles, flamingos, sea lions and strange landscapes. Adam has opinions about how to walk in grocery stores and Maggie learns that rented wetsuits smell terrible. 



Show NotesMap of this leg of the journey from Guanote to Guayaquil (and the Galapagos!).Our boat, Treasure of the Galapagos   

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17: Adam Hears a Who  

Maggie and Adam are in Ecuador! We talk camping in the Cotopaxi National Park, haggling for a trip to the Galapagos and whether or not we nearly started a forest fire in a camp site full of kindling. Shadow drives 15K feet above sea level, Adam's technical corner covers solar panels, and Maggie is cold. Like, all of the time.  


Shadow at 15,000 feet. NBD

 Show NotesMap of this leg of the journey from Quito to a forest near a small town called GuanoteMaggie's favorite moment from The OfficeAdam's favorite 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase on AmazonUnder Armour: our secret weapon against cold, hot, and stink, Adam's and Maggie's   

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16: Adam Pays a Bribe  

Au Revoir, Colombia! Or, adios? I guess? Adam and Maggie talk border crossings, bribes, new friends, violence in Southern Colombia, and do an end-of-visit country recap. They also introduce two new segments: Adam's technical corner, and Maggie's Self-Care Pillow Fort. 



Show NotesMap of this leg of the Journey from Cali to QuitoEl Diablo Es Puerco Restaurant in Ibarra   

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15: Maggie Pees Her Pants  

Maggie and Adam are back on the road, from Medellin to Cali with lots of stops along the way. They talk election calamity, bug bites, Colombian driving habits and the various strengths and weaknesses of the She-Wee product. Maggie takes a cry break. Adam scratches himself. They're back to their normal, disgusting selves again. 


Bogata's traffic map, wearing a Christmas tree costume

 Show Notes:Map of this leg of the journey from Medellin to Cali.. the long wayShadow, on a rickety bridge over the River Magdalena after exiting a dirt road tunnelThis giant orange road banner warning of a closed bridge did not bode wellShe Wee -- and now you can pee your pants, too!Donate to the ACLUDonate to Planned Parenthoo   

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Interview: Conor Flavin  

We snagged an interview with Conor Flavin, of the U.N. here in Colombia. He talks travel, knowing when to quit, and potential reasons for the Peace Referendum being rejected. He's been stationed in Ethiopia, Somalia, Nicaragua and now Colombia, and he's been an incredible resource to us on this trip. Plus he's got a great radio voice, so. You're welcome.

   Show NotesThe U.N. Refugee Agency on TwitterConor on FacebookGet ready for a trip to Colombia with Colombia: A Comedy of Errors   

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14: Replacement Maggie  

Adam is joined in Colombia by friend of the show Jonathan Goldman while Maggie is “abroad” in San Francisco. Topics include the drive from Bogota to Medellin, the Salt Cathedral, Pablo Escobar’s hacienda-turned-theme-park, and how to find an Illuminati bar.

Show Notes

Map of this leg of our journey from Bogota to MedellinThe reason Maggie is "abroad": her new children's book Also an OctopusHacienda Napoles' strangely familiar brandingAdam's picture of the Lioness attacking a BuzzardJonathan Goldman's photography website   

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Interview: Desk to Glory  

Richard and Ashley have been driving around North, Central and South America off and on since 2013-- and were a huge inspiration to us while we were still planning. So we're SUPER thrilled to present this interview with them! They tell us all about plans thwarted, camping next to an actively erupting volcano, and an enthusiastic cop / recreational herpetologist. 


Richard and Ashley with their new friend and black mamba enthusiast near El Cocuy in Colombia.


Show Notes:
Desk to Glory Blog
Desk to Glory Instagram
Desk to Glory Facebook


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Interview: She Explores  

We are joined by special guest Gale Straub of She Explores to discuss making the decision to go adventuring, traveling on your own and with a partner, building an online community, and how internet friends become real life friends.


Gale Straub with a superb example of "horizon eyes"

 Show NotesShe ExploresShe Explores on InstagramThe She Explores Podcast   

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13: That Would be Like Home  

Maggie and Adam go in to the mountains, and find among other things: sheep, sheep shit, beautiful vistas, a very friendly park ranger and also debilitating altitude sickness. A spa is visited, but no one feels relaxed, and we discuss relative safety in Colombia and now San Francisco, where we are now to celebrate the release of Maggie's first book, Also an Octopus.

The ideal test subject.  

Show NotesBuy Also an Octopus for the kiddo in your lifeBuy the Loose Lips Anthology for the pervert in your lifeLet's Not Panic on Instagram   
12: Adam Has Fleas  

Adam and Maggie head into the mountains of Colombia, and find among other things: beautiful vistas, gondolas, zip-lining, new friends and fleas. We answer some listener questions, and hope that people send in more! Maggie doesn't adopt a puppy, and Adam talks Zika research. 


Show Notes:

iOverlander -- the mandatory tool for this tripOur Drawer System, opened and shutDominion - it's awesome, but it's bulky Treat Yo Self from Parks and Rec



11: Stinky Purposes  

The road trip is definitely under way now, as we drive into the Guajira provence of Colombia to visit Punta Gallinas. Shadow drives like a superhero into some really tough terrain, and Maggie and Adam see goats, flamingos, baby sea turtles and more. Showers, of all shapes and sizes, are embraced, and Adam talks about his poo.


Our sponsor for this episode was MACK WELDON. Use the promo code PANIC for 20% off your order of their smart, stylish and swanky clothes. Get un-stinkable underpants and support Let's Not Panic, all at the same time. 


Flamingos, man. Who do they think they are?

 Show NotesAlta Guajira Tours -- Tobias's tour companyMap of this leg, from Riohacha, to Punta Gallinas, to Valledupar History Tours -- Paola & Sergei's tour companyBF Goodrich T/A KO2 -- "the" tiresiOverlander -- great resource for overlanding, with great recommendations.Let's Not Panic on Instagram
10: Welcome Back, Shadow!  

After much turmoil, negotiation, false starts, and bureaucracy woes Shadow is back! We talk camping in the rainforest, monkeys, drama and adjusting to new social norms in this newest episode. Adam talks Zelda. Maggie fake cries. 


Ants! Look at em' work.


Show Notes:

Map of this leg, from Santa Marta to Tayrona to Riohacha Tayrona National ParkLet's Not Panic on Instagram    
9: ¡Goooooooool!  

Ready for some audible sighing? Because the car still hasn't been cleared by customs. Adam and Maggie pout about bureaucracy, but also play some poker, do some CrossFit and study some Spanish in Santa Marta, Colombia. Also, Adam gets pooped on by a pigeon. 


Our sponsor for this episode was MACK WELDON. Use the promo code PANIC for 20% off your order of their smart, stylish and swanky clothes. Get un-stinkable underpants and support Let's Not Panic, all at the same time. 

   Show NotesBear Cave CrossFitAleja's Spanish Tutoring in Santa Marta, ColombiaMack Weldon: Use the code PANIC for 20% off!
8: Project Golden Nethers  

Adam and Maggie may be laying low in Cartagena right now, but that doesn't mean anxiety ain't running high. We talk strange fruit, the upfront costs of this trip--from the car to the camping equipment-- a little bit of Crossfit, and a lot about Adam's butt.


A rare photo of Adam with all his clothes on. 

 Show NotesSpreadsheet: Let's Not Panic Rough Upfront CostsToyota 4Runner ForumRuPaul's Drag Race on InstagramDesk to Glory on InstagramCrossfit Alinea on Instagram   
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