Interview: Desk to Glory  

Richard and Ashley have been driving around North, Central and South America off and on since 2013-- and were a huge inspiration to us while we were still planning. So we're SUPER thrilled to present this interview with them! They tell us all about plans thwarted, camping next to an actively erupting volcano, and an enthusiastic cop / recreational herpetologist. 


Richard and Ashley with their new friend and black mamba enthusiast near El Cocuy in Colombia.


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Desk to Glory Blog
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Interview: She Explores  

We are joined by special guest Gale Straub of She Explores to discuss making the decision to go adventuring, traveling on your own and with a partner, building an online community, and how internet friends become real life friends.


Gale Straub with a superb example of "horizon eyes"

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13: That Would be Like Home  

Maggie and Adam go in to the mountains, and find among other things: sheep, sheep shit, beautiful vistas, a very friendly park ranger and also debilitating altitude sickness. A spa is visited, but no one feels relaxed, and we discuss relative safety in Colombia and now San Francisco, where we are now to celebrate the release of Maggie's first book, Also an Octopus.

The ideal test subject.  

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12: Adam Has Fleas  

Adam and Maggie head into the mountains of Colombia, and find among other things: beautiful vistas, gondolas, zip-lining, new friends and fleas. We answer some listener questions, and hope that people send in more! Maggie doesn't adopt a puppy, and Adam talks Zika research. 


Show Notes:

iOverlander -- the mandatory tool for this tripOur Drawer System, opened and shutDominion - it's awesome, but it's bulky Treat Yo Self from Parks and Rec



11: Stinky Purposes  

The road trip is definitely under way now, as we drive into the Guajira provence of Colombia to visit Punta Gallinas. Shadow drives like a superhero into some really tough terrain, and Maggie and Adam see goats, flamingos, baby sea turtles and more. Showers, of all shapes and sizes, are embraced, and Adam talks about his poo.


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Flamingos, man. Who do they think they are?

 Show NotesAlta Guajira Tours -- Tobias's tour companyMap of this leg, from Riohacha, to Punta Gallinas, to Valledupar History Tours -- Paola & Sergei's tour companyBF Goodrich T/A KO2 -- "the" tiresiOverlander -- great resource for overlanding, with great recommendations.Let's Not Panic on Instagram
10: Welcome Back, Shadow!  

After much turmoil, negotiation, false starts, and bureaucracy woes Shadow is back! We talk camping in the rainforest, monkeys, drama and adjusting to new social norms in this newest episode. Adam talks Zelda. Maggie fake cries. 


Ants! Look at em' work.


Show Notes:

Map of this leg, from Santa Marta to Tayrona to Riohacha Tayrona National ParkLet's Not Panic on Instagram    
9: ¡Goooooooool!  

Ready for some audible sighing? Because the car still hasn't been cleared by customs. Adam and Maggie pout about bureaucracy, but also play some poker, do some CrossFit and study some Spanish in Santa Marta, Colombia. Also, Adam gets pooped on by a pigeon. 


Our sponsor for this episode was MACK WELDON. Use the promo code PANIC for 20% off your order of their smart, stylish and swanky clothes. Get un-stinkable underpants and support Let's Not Panic, all at the same time. 

   Show NotesBear Cave CrossFitAleja's Spanish Tutoring in Santa Marta, ColombiaMack Weldon: Use the code PANIC for 20% off!
8: Project Golden Nethers  

Adam and Maggie may be laying low in Cartagena right now, but that doesn't mean anxiety ain't running high. We talk strange fruit, the upfront costs of this trip--from the car to the camping equipment-- a little bit of Crossfit, and a lot about Adam's butt.


A rare photo of Adam with all his clothes on. 

 Show NotesSpreadsheet: Let's Not Panic Rough Upfront CostsToyota 4Runner ForumRuPaul's Drag Race on InstagramDesk to Glory on InstagramCrossfit Alinea on Instagram   
7: God Damn It Adam  


Adam and Maggie are in Cuba! And Adams got all the poop jokes you could ever need thanks to Maggie's debilitating bout with either a parasite/ the flu/ or food poisoning. Havana hucksters, currency woes, and the political climate in Cuba.

   Show NotesWhat a 45 minute line for wifi looks likeWhat dinner inside an interrogation cell looks like   
Interview: Imaginative Calamitist  

We are joined by Sharon Hall to talk about the risk of adopting children, maintaining a sense of humor towards your significant other, and what to do when your car is submerged underwater in a ravine.

Show NotesThe movie Desperately Seeking SusanThe movie The GameSeatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape ToolSharon Hall on TwitterThe Expanse on Twitter   
6: Scattering, Smattering, Splattering  

Adam is on the Belizian news. Hurricane Earl hits, and everyone's ok, except for that slide at Caribbean Villas. That slide is no more. We discuss anxiety, travel and otherwise, sponges on the beach, and how much chill is required to eat in Caye Caulker. Spoiler: all of it. All the chill. 

Our sponsor for this episode was MACK WELDON. Use the promo code PANIC for 20% off your order of their smart, stylish and swanky clothes. Get un-stinkable underpants and support Let's Not Panic, all at the same time. 


Aftermath of Hurricane Earl on Ambergris Caye


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Let's Not Panic on InstagramLearn more about Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye The Red Rising Trilogy was super fun to read, and a great salve against boredom   
5: ¡Hola!  

Adam and Maggie make it to Belize! It's beautiful here, what with the crystal clear, turquoise waters, the plumeria, the coral reef and all the varied, gorgeous fish. Oh yeah, there's also a tropical storm / maybe hurricane coming. No big deal, right? RIGHT?

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Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening. Photo cred to Adam, LOOK YOU CAN SEE THE LIGHTNING STRIKING THE OCEAN 

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Scuba School and Family Dive Center- we loved our time with them!Bert's Bee's Cuticle Cream- for mustachio'd scuba diversJungle Juice- the only mosquito repellant that's worked for Maggie   
Interview: Red is Not Retired  

We talked quitting your job to go do something impractical and cool, with stand-up comedian and podcaster, Red Scott. You may know Red from his amazing Game of Thrones recap podcast, Boars, Gore and Swords, and if you don't then you should. He's got some solid ideas about a life worth living, and he's also hilarious.


This is Red's face, and his best navy button-down shirt. Photo cred: Hal Bergman 


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Follow Red on Twitter or on Tumblr 
Subscribe to Boars, Gore and Swords, and then follow them on Twitter
Read that article Red talked about 

4: Good Job, Eventually  

Food is very important. Tacos are very important. Barbecue is very important. Anyway, we liked Austin, and by that we mean it was delicious. 


Adam and Maggie eat their way through Austin and now New Orleans. We respond to some listener questions, and talk breakfast tacos. Mostly this episode is about food. Mostly, food is our number one priority anyway, so, there's that. Adam ate 1.5 lbs of meat in a single sitting. 

Show Notes: 

Torchy's TacosTacodeliLambert's BBQFreedman's BBQCommander's Palace   
3: The Imminent Demise of Our Vehicle  

Our friend Steve took this photo! With his hands! On a camera! HOLY SHIT STEVE! 


There are things attached to our 4Runner, including but not limited to: gas cans, a refrigerator, and a rooftop tent. It’s possible for our car to catch fire, and GRRM may or may not be involved with Meow Wolf.

There's an Instagram for our podcast now! Let's panic about it! 
Check it out. 

Show Notes:

Expedition PortalDark Skies Weather AppJoe Wadlington's TwitterTraveling Treehouse Steve Moore's ridiculously good Flickr.    
2: Naked Bacon  

Not even the DMV can ruin Zion and the Rockies. The difference between bunnies and rabbits.

Show Notes

Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Interview: Fixers vs. Minders  

This photo wasn't taken when we did the interview, it was taken at Thanksgiving. Adam doesn't have a mustache anymore, is really the only change though. Oh, and also we don't live in that apartment anymore. 


This episode we have special guest, Richard Hall, for an interview about adventure, surveillance, and what it was like to be one of the first Americans into Vietnam after the war. He's also Maggie's Dad. Maggie is lucky like that. 

Show NotesWatch Death of a Shaman Follow Richard on TwitterRead more about fixers or minders.    
1: The Fan of Damocles  

The adventure begins in earnest. We route a trail through Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, and now Utah. Coyotes don't kill us.

Show NotesAdam's Red Rock Canyon FlyoverGear: AutoHome Columbus Roof Top TentApp: Camp & RV - Tent Camping to RV Parks   
0: Vista Boogers  

We’ve hit the road but we’re doing a family visit circuit through California before starting the adventure in earnest. Our thoughts on leaving San Francisco and the great Death Valley Debate. Adam seeks podcast therapy.

-0.5: Origin  

We haven't left yet. A look back at how we got to where we are now: the origin story for our adventure, how the plan changed over time, and all the excuses we made not to leave.

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