Life in Australia

Life in Australia


From language to culture, food to healthcare, education to transport, everything's different in a new country; there are so many new things to learn and understand. If you've recently moved to Australia as a refugee or someone seeking asylum, then this is the podcast for you. In each episode of Life In Australia, you'll hear the stories from young people who've been in the same situation as you. Living in a new house with new friends, learning in an Australian school or college and keeping a healthy mind and body: our guests share their experiences of coming to live in Australia and offer advice to help you settle in to your new home too.


Keeping a healthy mind:  “In my heart and in my head.”  

Coming to Australia can be really exciting, but it can also be daunting and difficult to adjust to a new country. In this episode, our guests share there experiences of coming to Australia, how it affected them and how they managed to maintain a healthy mind.

Learning in the community: “Thirsty to get knowledge.”  

There are many ways to learn outside of school and college, but where can you find them and what should you do? In this episode, our guests share their experiences of getting education from other parts of the community.

Going to school: “To give you a higher chance tomorrow.”  

Education gives you opportunity but what’s it like to go to school or college in Australia? In this episode, our guests talk about their experiences of going to school and learning in Australia.


Making a home: “To live in a country you need a law, to live in a house you need a law too.”  

You’ve found a place to live but how do you make a house a home? In this episode, our guests share their experiences of house sharing, what it’s like to live with other people and how to make a few rules to make sure everyone can be happy.

Finding a house: “I’m living in my palace.”  

You’ve moved to a new country and now you need a home—but how do you find a place to live? In this episode, our guests talk about their experiences of looking for a house in Australia and share advice on how you can too.


Welcome to the Life in Australia podcast  

You've found the new podcast from Australian Red Cross: Connect, Learn, Share - Life in Australia. Listen on to learn about what a podcast is, how to access it, and what you will learn from young people with asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds about life in Australia.

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