Life Matters - Separate stories podcast

Life Matters - Separate stories podcast


Life Matters delves into what makes humans tick. Life, but not always as you know it.


Don't buy new; just swap it  

The joyous serendipity of the clothes swap movement

Can you really get a sweatshirt guaranteed to last 30 years?  

A 26 y.o. UK fashion designer reckons he makes sweatshirts to last 30 years - in a rejection of 'fast fashion'.

Has this man saved your life?  

An anti-smoking campaigner reflects on decades as a public health advocate and the new health concerns over mobiles and wind farms.

Responding to evidence of domestic violence  

A new campaign to explain how best to respond if you suspect a workmate is affected by domestic or sexual violence.

David Bowie’s golden decade 1970-80, day by day  

A day-by-day chronicle of David Bowie's 'Golden Years' - the decade from 1970-1980

Who's looking at your web browsing history?  

The UK passes controversial new "Snooper's Charter" to collect internet and phone records. How do Australia's privacy laws compare?

Enough of the hoo-ha: what are the sayings you will never forget?  

When you were knee-high to a grass-hopper, were there expressions your family used that nobody else understood?

What you need to know about burns  

What makes an intelligent bushwalker think that the severe burns he sustained on his leg from a campfire he lit would heal themselves 'naturally'?

Daniel Browning’s “A Very Lateral Christmas Song List"  

A Life Matters collection of suggested Christmas songs for your playlist

Champs Elysees - in Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp  

Refugees in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan would love to return home - but until they can, they're making life as normal as possible - including setting up shops.

Glenn Murcutt's mosque  

Australian architect Glenn Murcutt on his most ambitious project yet.

Is work for the dole working?  

Remote indigenous families report financial hardship as they struggle to comply with work for the dole rules.

Ken's quest - an intercultural challenge  

Kens' Quest follows a Chinese man's desperate bid to stay in Australia.

PTSD journo  

Bearing witness: when disasters, war and trauma are your job

Documenting my mother's mental illness through the lens of a camera  

A daughter looks through the lens of her mother's mental illness.

Who Flew First?  Did a German pioneer beat the Wright brothers  into the air?  

Officially, the Wright Brothers flew a powered aircraft first, in 1903. Australian aviation historian and expert John Brown claims that German born Gustave Whitehead (originally Weisskopf) flew in Connecticut in 1901, easily predating the Wrights.

Managing credit card debt  

The festive season often means a big spend on credit cards in December followed by bill shock in January.


When Elly Varrenti's son revealed what he was watching on Youtube, she had to take action.

A job to leave prison behind  

A supported work program aims to make ex-prisoners job-ready for other employers.

The Barber from Budapest  

From war-torn Europe to migrant camps and a Canberra housing estate, the story of a refugee family who became "new Australians'' in the 1960s and beyond.

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