Life Matters - Separate stories podcast

Life Matters - Separate stories podcast


Life Matters delves into what makes humans tick. Life, but not always as you know it.


Blood Mystic George Gittoes  

George Gittoes - artist, part heretic, part mystic, film-maker and agent for change.

Fight corruption to end conflict  

Unless we stop corruption we won't resolve global conflict and terrorism.

Staying up all night  

Staying up all night - RN Producer Joel Werner has done it in the interests of science.

Bringing glamour and dignity to the hospital gown  

What inspires a former Army Sergeant and policeman to take up the tape and scissors to redesign the hospital gown? Bob Beveridge responded to the call after his wife's experience in hospital and her loss of dignity wearing the usual gown.

Man Up: Tears,  silence and why women far prefer sensitive to stoic and  caring  to brave  

Man Up's Gus Worland and Tom Harkin on what women want and why tears are good.

Playgroup connects old and young  

Elderly nursing home residents and young children come together each week to share music, movement and friendship.

Will Brexit open or close doors for Australians?  

How will Brexit affect Australians wanting to live and work in the UK or Europe?

What's on your bucket list?  

When Travel writer Robin Esrock was hit by a car he thought it was time to start writing a bucket list. He quit his job and made the world his oyster. His new book is The Great Global Bucket List.

All for my children: Sally Faulkner on the failed attempt to recover her  children from Lebanon  

Sally Faulkner on her experiences of trying to recover two of her children from Lebanon after their father refused to return them to Australia

Are Ritalin and dexamphetamines getting you through the working day (and night)?  

Medication designed for ADHD is increasingly being used by people without a prescription to help them put in long hours of work, study and partying.

1986: looking back at the year of the Banana Republic  

Were you in the graduating class of 1986? What were you doing...watching...wearing?

Would you let a 10 year old cut or colour your hair?  

Haircuts by Children is a project that gives kids the scissors and the creative licence to cut hair in a professional salon.

The real life damage that internet trolls do - and how best to counter them  

Journalist Ginger Gorman became the target of internet trolls, before deciding to turn the tables on them and investigate who they are and how they operate.

The Secret Life of Children- Your imaginary friends  

We asked about your childhood imaginary friends, and we were blown away by your beautiful and surprising stories.

Victor Trumper and the shot that changed cricket  

Before Bradman there was another Australian cricketing hero whose form was immortalised in a famous photograph from 1905.

Is spending on avocado toast keeping GEN Y out of the housing market?  

Is Gen Y spending too much on their lifestyle to save for a deposit on a house?

Red Bull - a young woman faces her final exam  

Exam stress can do strange things to a student's mind - especially when they're facing the front page of their exam.

Being yourself online  

We say we hate the invasiveness of facebook and google, but despite plenty of efforts and scores of startups, anonymous social media has failed to take off.

Our love affair with meat  

An examination of Australians' love affair with eating meat

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