Life Matters - Separate stories podcast

Life Matters - Separate stories podcast


Life Matters delves into what makes humans tick. Life, but not always as you know it.


The Dancing Doctor  

General practitioner and obstetrician Dr Richard Mayes, also known by his dance name of "mullet-man", fulfilled his dream to be a performer late in life.

The first time I saw me: part 2  

When did you first recognise yourself, see yourself mirrored, in someone outside of your own family? If your family background is not the dominant culture, that's not necessarily so easy.

Burning Question: Does one drink a day damage your health?  

Today's Burning Question comes from Marisa who wants to know whether "one drink a day damages your health?"

Assessing the impact of the child abuse royal commission  

In December 2017 the Royal Commission will wrap up its landmark inquiry into child sexual abuse in Australian schools, churches, the defence forces, sporting bodies and other organisations. What has been achieved and what more needs to be done?

The Moth: Dan Souza  

In today's Moth story, Dan Souza reflects on the time he found himself in a cemetery with his jaw wired shut.

Three Men and a Feeling: Belonging  

Michael Mackenzie, psychologist Andrew Fuller and educator John Hendry discuss the importance of feeling you belong — whether it be to family, friends, or a place.

Healing power of art therapy in the country  

Legally blind artist Jamahl Pollard from Berri, South Australia has channelled his feelings of marginalisation into teaching mentally ill patients at the local hospital, the healing power of art.

How government policies impact the decision to have children  

Government policies have a direct impact on the decision to have children. RMIT University research found 24,000 extra babies were born in Australia during the 10-year period that the baby bonus policy was in place.

How to fall in love with anyone  

Mandy Len Catron's investigation into the nature of romantic love led her to try out the now famous '36 questions' on a date with a male friend. Her article about it for The New York Times was shared millions of times. But does she still believe you can fall in love with anyone?

The first time I saw me  

When was the first time you saw yourself reflected in a television character or your favourite book? If you’re a person of colour in Australia, it can be hard to find childhood fictional heroes that are truly representative.

Same sex couples and adoption in Australia  

How difficult has it been for same sex couples to adopt children in Australia? Although many same sex couples act as foster parents around the country, in a number of states laws were only changed recently to allow them to adopt.

Modern Dilemma: The overly-generous relative, how do you deal with unwanted gifts without causing offence?  

You have a friend or relative who gives extravagant gifts of expensive items of clothing, that often don't fit. How do you address the situation without causing offence and hurt?

How do we talk to children about racism  

Are children really "colour blind" or do they notice racial difference from a young age? We discuss the best ways to talk to children about racism - and why we should all be doing more of it, more often.

Mystery pain: Is it all in our heads?  

Research for some time has pointed to the link between physical pain and our unconscious emotions. So how much of our chronic pain is all in our heads?

What kids think of their parents on smartphones  

There's a whole segment of the population who don't own phones. But their parents do. So how do children view their parents smartphone use?

'I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse' - The psychology of gullibility  

Have you been a victim of a scam, or are you easily wooed into buying a product that promises, but doesn’t always deliver? Then you might be considered gullible.

What happens when you donate your whole body to science  

You may like the idea of donating your body to science after you die, but what does it really involve, and how will your family be affected by the choice?

Baby Lost: how do you survive the death of a baby  

Hannah Robert shares her story of love and grief after her baby died in the womb when she was eight months pregnant.

The Exercise Room: Barefoot exercise  

Sports physiotherapist Kusal Goonewarden takes a broader look at barefoot exercising. What the benefits are and what you should be mindful of if you ditch the shoes.

Nurturing resilience through child-led philanthropy  

Raising money through cake stalls for "worthy causes" is an institution in schools. But what about empowering kids by placing them in the driving seat of philanthropy?

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