Life Matters - Separate stories podcast

Life Matters - Separate stories podcast


Life Matters delves into what makes humans tick. Life, but not always as you know it.


Electro girl: living with epilepsy  

After doing her best to hide her epilepsy for 26 years, Lainie Chait now wants to extinguish the fear and stigma so many people have in relation to the condition.

Burning Question: Removing splinters  

Today's Burning Question comes from Megan who wants to know "what happens if you don't remove a splinter?"

Homotopia audio extra: Simona Castricum  

A Melbourne-based DJ tells her story of coming out in regional Victoria. This is bonus audio not found in the on-air program.

Finding Nevo: coming out as transgender today  

Since Nevo Zisin came out in 2013 as transgender the world has changed dramatically: gender and sexuality are now firmly on the national political agenda.

ABC Open: a maternal presence  

Donny discovers that his mother still watches over their family block of land in Broome.

Three Men and a Feeling: Forgiveness  

Hot on the heels of last week's discussion on trust comes the other side of that same coin: forgiveness. Clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller and educator/resolver John Hendry talk forgiveness between people and in the workplace with Michael Mackenzie.

Being too protective of elderly parents  

'Not at your age Dad'! 82 year old Hedley Taylor showed them all when he made a remarkable recovery after being crushed by a cow, only to walk the Kokoda Track months later.

Listening to children on family violence  

As a society we are attuned more than ever to the issue of family violence and its devastating impact on families, but have we been missing some key perspectives?

ABC Open: Silver on the dance floor  

It's the sixties. Dressed completely in silver, Deidre goes dancing at the Thursday night disco.

'I thought I was the only queer Muslim in Australia'  

Alyena Muhammadally started an online support group for queer Muslim's as a way to help her community connect.

The Great Fatigue Crisis  

Despite the ubiquity of double, triple and even quadruple espressos almost a third of all adults are exhausted on a regular basis.

Tackling the scourge of the drug ice in regional communities  

The drug crystal methamphetamine, or ice, is often described as a 'scourge on the community', having forced regional parents into financial distress as they seek costly support for their children.

Modern Dilemma: Teacher's pet  

A teacher's daughter is transferred into her parent's classroom and goes straight to the top of the class. Talent or preferential treatment?

The Victorian Women's Football League  

Is the "gayest sport in town" in danger of being straightened out?

Broken: Living with paraplegia  

When Kevin Hayley broke his back, Emma White was faced a decision. They weren't married and were living on the opposite side of the world to where she grew up. They packed up their life, returned to Australia and travelled the country to see what their life might look life if they stayed together.

Breaking fast in Ramadan  

For Muslims all over the world, Ramadan is a month of fasting between sun up and sun down. There are rituals in Ramadan surrounding food, family and community.  Life Matters' Michael Mackenzie is welcomed into the Edwars' home, a West Sumatran family.

ABC Open: The wallaroo rescue  

Have you ever rescued wildlife? Sometimes their story doesn’t have a happy ending.

Through the hoops: Latonya Wigginton circus artist  

A degree majoring in hula hoops and trapeze held far greater allure than one in computer science for circus artist Latonya Wigginton

Overcoming social anxiety  

'Party nerves', sweaty palms, fear of talking to strangers - have you experienced social anxiety?

LGBTI elders dance club  

At a special seniors' social night LGBTI elders, ranging in age from 60 to 90, hit the dancefloor.

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