Life Matters - Separate stories podcast

Life Matters - Separate stories podcast


Life Matters delves into what makes humans tick. Life, but not always as you know it.


Modern Dilemma: what do you do if someone mimics your accent?  

A compliment or an insult - Is it okay to mimic another person's accent? And how do you respond if someone parrots yours right back at you?

Building their own home healed this family  

After escaping a violent marriage, Cara Brookins and her four children designed and built their own home from scratch using online video tutorials.

True stories from the morgue  

Stories from a forensic counsellor who spent 20 years amidst mutilated corpses, decomposing bodies, trauma and grief.

Restaurant Regular  

Meet 90 year old Francis Palmer, whose retirement rituals include a weekly meal out at her local restaurant.

Exercise and Injury Part Five  

Having an injury can be debilitating, not to mention painful, but should you try to keep moving? Find out in the final part of our Exercise and Injury series.

Improving literacy through Indigenous stories and songs  

A new book features the songs of the Yakanarra Community in the Kimberley, Western Australia, in the local language of Walmajarri, as part of a wider push to improve Indigenous literacy.

How to manage anxiety around terrorist attacks  

Although it occurred on the other side of the world, the recent incident at Westminster in London may have triggered feelings of stress and worry for both adults and children here in Australia.

The dog ate my homework: and other reasons why homework might be a bad idea  

Would you send your child's teachers a letter saying you refuse to take homework for your children? Parenting Expert Justin Coulson did, citing it is better for all concerned not to have primary school age children subject to the rigours of set homework.

Burning Question: How does diet affect your gut bacteria?  

Today's question comes from Louise, who wants to know how diet affects your gut bacteria.

Keeping aged care at  home  

Aged care services are available for people in the home, but not everyone understands how to access them and what's available.

The Moth: Anne Wheeler  

Has anyone ever convinced you to do something bad? Moth storyteller this week, Anne Wheeler, was lured over to the dark side by her frail, elderly, aunt, Honey.

Amp Camp - a camp for teenagers with limb deficiencies  

Can you ever imagine abseiling without arms? At Amp Camp this, and so much more, happens. Amp Camp is an annual camp for teenagers with limb deficiencies

Choosing the right school for your child  

Is it all about academic results or is school culture more important? Finding the right learning environment for your kid.

Feeding 250 families from half a hectare  

Feeding two hundred and fifty families off not even half a hectare as well as supporting two adults might seem impossible. But it's the bold vision of two South Australian gardeners Tara Lee and Brian Joyce.

Becoming the boss of your relationship break-up  

Tempted to send your ex a nasty text? Now there is phone app that acts as a self-help guide to getting through a relationship break-up.

The Exercise Room: getting kids moving  

Tips from parents who have managed to get their kids off the couch and moving around.

Regional brain drain  

A growing number of regional students are bypassing local universities and heading to school in the big smoke.

Kinky Boots and Reservoir Runners  

When the cast of an award winning international musical turn up a local high school sports carnival to celebrate tolerance and acceptance you know there's something special going on.

Exercise and Injury Part Four  

How do you manage an old injury and how can you be active if you have a chronic condition?

Peter Singer: helping your charity dollar go as far as possible  

The renowned moral philosopher has launched a new organisation that uses the latest research to judge which charities are spending their money most effectively.

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