Lightroom for Digital Photographers

Lightroom for Digital Photographers

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In February 2007 Adobe released a brand new software program that lets digital photographers of all skill levels manage, process, develop, print, and share their work. Although Lightroom is not difficult to use it is very comprehensive. Therefore it's important to clearly understand the tools and workflow of the application in order to effectively use it. Lightroom for Digital Photographers is a podcast that will take you step-by-step through the entire Lightroom application. We'll show you undocumented tips and tricks of the program and guide you through the entire workflow so that you can quickly and easily import, develop, print, and share your images with the rest of the world.


Lightroom 5 beta - Smart Previews  

Would you like to work on your images while your on the road but don't want to drag along your external hard drives? This new feature will let you correct your images even if they are not connected to your computer.

Lightroom 5 Beta - The New Spot Removal Tool  

Big enhancements are headed our way once Adobe releases it's new version of Lightroom. In this tutorial I"ll be showing you the new Spot Removal tool.

The Importance of the Histogram  

In Lightroom you'll find the histogram in two places. In this tutorial we'll show you the importance of the histogram and how to edit images directly in it.

Color Correcting JPEG Images in Lightroom  

Apply local or global color corrections to your images. In this tutorial we'll be showing you several color correction tools that you can use to get the perfect image.

Burning DVD's and CD's From Lightroom  

In this tutorial I"ll be showing you how to directly burn your images to a CD or DVD. There are some specific settings that you will want to know about before creating your disk.

How to balance sky and foregrounds  

In this weeks lesson I'll be showing you a technique on how to adjust your landscape images where you have a bright sky and dark foreground.

How to use film strip filters  

Want to find your images quickly? Set up custom film strip filters to get to specific images with lightening speed.

Deleting Images From Your Catalogs  

There are a couple of ways to delete images from your Lightroom catalogs. One method permanently removes an image from the hard drive the other method just removes it from the Lightroom catalog.

Using A Watermark to Create a Frame  

Did you know that you can use a watermark to a frame around your image? This is a pretty cool technique once you know the secret.

Getting More From Your Megapixels  

With today's DSLR we have the ability to capture more megapixels per image than ever before. Are you maximizing the use of all of these megapixels or are you letting them go to waste?

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