20 Jake Mattera  

Matt welcomes Jake Mattera to the show. After a mishap in the first attempt they still went in with a full head of steam. Listen and find out if Jake has ever done improv.

19 Wes Whitaker  

Matt and Wes sit down to talk before and after appearing on a show together. Things get a little slappy in the best way possible.

18 Abeeku Cobbina  

Abeeku Cobbina makes the trip to Matt's apartment to discuss things they don't know confidently with total confidence, and exactly why Abeeku is worried about DMX.

17 Dan Getz 2  

Matt and Dan give each other internet quizzes.

16 Mike Dialto  

Matt sits down with Mike Dialto in the green room at Puck.

15 Matt, Alone  

Matt recorded his first ever solo episode.

14 Ben Fidler  

Matt sits down in his home with, fellow Lawnboy, Ben Fidler.

13 Alex Grubard  

Matt sits down with, the very talented, Alex Grubard for what may be the fastest paced episode so far. Also, listen for the new intro and music provided by, podcast favorite, Tim Raymus

12 Matt Beck  

Matt sits down with Matt Beck, of Slangwhanger's Comedy, to discuss life and all that. Some technical misfortunes cut this episode short, but there is some great stuff in the part we salvaged. Enjoy!

11 Mike Logan  

Matt and Dan traveled to Mike Logan's house to record this weeks episode. The 3 of them discuss a wide range of topics. Stay tuned towards the end when Matt and Mike play a new game.

10 The TMI Episode  

After some technical difficulties we have an episode of backstage interviews with some of Puck's finest. Featured in this episode are interviews with Ari Fishbein, Lou Misiano, and Tim Raymus.

09 Dan Getz  

Matt sits down with his producer to discuss some things, Matt's budding romance, and who knows what else.

08 Chris Wood  

Matt sits down in his home with Chris Wood to discuss, comedy, documentaries, gambling and a bunch of other topics.

07 Ari Fishbein  

Travelling back to the green room at Puck, Matt sits down with Philadelphia comedian Ari Fishbein.

06 Patrick Graves  

Matt travels to the home of Patrick Graves to discuss life, television, and one Miss Sodomy Amora.

05 Tim Raymus, pt 2  

The exciting conclusion of Matt's conversation with Tim Raymus. Listen in and see exactly why this episode had to be released in two parts. You'll laugh, definitely, you'll cringe, probably, and overall you'll have a really good time.

04 Tim Raymus, pt 1  

Matt invited Tim Raymus into his new recording space and the two talked for a very long time. So long, in fact, that the interview is being released in two parts. Enjoy the conversation, and meet up back here in a week for the exciting conclusion.

03 Chris Dolan  

Matt sat down in the green room at Puck in Doylestown to talk to Chris Dolan about karaoke and things that aren't karaoke.

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