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Listen to Lucy

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Lucy Kellaway, the FT's management columnist, pokes fun at management fads and jargon, and celebrates the ups and downs of office life


Robert Kelly’s children remind us how pompous we are at work  

Viral video of domestic mishap shows the artificiality of the professional self, says Lucy Kellaway

How I help my children navigate their incredible life journeys  

Unlike Angela Ahrendts, I am not ‘on 24/7’, say Lucy Kellaway.

Why do we let Warren Buffett get away with sexism?  

The Sage of Omaha tells old and unfunny jokes without recrimination, says Lucy Kellaway. Picture credit: Chris Tosic

Death can bring your career back to life  

A disrupter of habit, it stops the living in their tracks, says Lucy Kellaway

Should you ever trade on past glories?  

Telling others what you did before can be a sign of mediocrity, says Lucy Kellaway. Illustration by Chris Tosic

Sexy and super bland: the rise of the office uniform  

What people wear to work at investment banks, management consultancies and top law firms is ridiculous. Individualism is to be avoided at all costs, says Lucy Kellaway.

How to ask for what you want — and get it every time  

Start with please and thank you, then spoon on the flattery, says Lucy Kellaway. Image by Chris Tosic

I am a difficult person at work and proud of it  

In the workplace and in life, being troublesome can be useful, says Lucy Kellaway.

Why is work making us miserable?  

Office life is better than ever before, but dissatisfaction is rising, says Lucy Kellaway

Writing clearly turns out to be not so easy after all  

When handing out my annual guff awards last week I said clear language in business was perfectly possible if you tried hard enough. I now find it’s not as simple as that, says Lucy Kellaway.

Lucy Kellaway’s jargon awards: corporate guff scales new heights  

Contenders for 2016’s gong ranged from euphemistic to ‘plain moronic’, says Lucy Kellaway

I’m leaving to become a teacher and I want you to join me  

After 31 years at the Financial Times, Lucy Kellaway is leaving to set up Now Teach

Skip the empathy, Mr Schultz, and focus on the coffee  

Starbucks boss has no business sending a missive to staff to tell them how to be.

My tips for overcoming a fear of public speaking  

Remind yourself how awful most business leaders are: the bar is low, says Lucy Kellaway

Silicon Valley's corporate culture is ageist  

Faddish organisational trends that shut out older workers are in danger of spreading, says Lucy Kellaway

Obama is right: being early has everything going for it  

Time spent waiting is an opportunity to catch up with emails, reading and phone calls, says Lucy Kellaway

Feedback on your dinner party chat will do you good  

Just as with other skills, we benefit from clear and direct views that help us improve, says Lucy Kellaway

Unisex loos are no refuge for a gossip  

The rise of the gender-neutral toilet in the workplace is not an entirely good thing, says Lucy Kellaway

Lessons in clarity from the world’s grumpiest boss  

The Tiger Oil chief’s missives were rude, but his style was perfect, says Lucy Kellaway

The bliss of being 396 miles from my lost smartphone  

The aftermath of leaving my iPhone in a Washington DC taxi was frightening, shaming, then liberating, says Lucy Kellaway

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