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Listen to Lucy

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Lucy Kellaway, the FT's management columnist, pokes fun at management fads and jargon, and celebrates the ups and downs of office life


Feedback on your dinner party chat will do you good  

Just as with other skills, we benefit from clear and direct views that help us improve, says Lucy Kellaway

Unisex loos are no refuge for a gossip  

The rise of the gender-neutral toilet in the workplace is not an entirely good thing, says Lucy Kellaway

Lessons in clarity from the world’s grumpiest boss  

The Tiger Oil chief’s missives were rude, but his style was perfect, says Lucy Kellaway

The bliss of being 396 miles from my lost smartphone  

The aftermath of leaving my iPhone in a Washington DC taxi was frightening, shaming, then liberating, says Lucy Kellaway

Wells Fargo’s wagonload of insincere regrets  

After being taken for a ride, customers should bridle at the guff in the bank's apology advert, says Lucy Kellaway

The plague of compulsory creativity may be dying out  

Forget calling staff "imagineers" or "sandwich artists"; companies need more modest skills to evolve, says Lucy Kellaway

Why it is fine to be ignorant of your company’s profit  

Staff are more likely to be excited by a new vending machine and for good reason, says Lucy Kellaway

Poolside working is no longer a sign of importance  

Not being able to switch off is becoming seen for what it is — a sign of poor time management, says Lucy Kellaway

Millennials ought to ignore career advice from BCG boss  

Rich Lesser risks widening the gap between expectations and reality for twentysomethings, says Lucy Kellaway

Female CEOs are fascinating, as Marissa Mayer knows  

Despite the Yahoo chief’s ire, we will go on being interested until there are more women at the top.

Holidaying CEOs flaunt latest way to brag  

Now it is unacceptable to boast about spending, company bosses are turning to the summer reading list

My ambition to look more like Theresa May in meetings  

To appear exasperated but poised is as good as it gets, says Lucy Kellaway

Say ‘I quit’ with the perfect resignation  

Your departure offers a rare chance to voice what you like while everyone is listening, says Lucy Kellaway

Carry on Post-Brexit, whether calm or not  

The 10 minutes I debated high heels on the radio were the sanest I have had since the referendum, says Lucy Kellaway

Why we are ruder at work than we are in the street  

I did not set out to be uncivil to my colleagues. This is just how office life has become, says Lucy Kellaway

The extraordinary rhetoric of Sir Philip Green  

A hat trick of honesty, ignorance and blame: it is plain, simple — and insidious, says Lucy Kellaway

We need smart products because we are stupid  

Clever technology is bad for our brains, says Lucy Kellaway

The sham democracy of chief executives on Twitter  

A champion tweeter and receiver of thousands of likes may be the opposite of prolific, says Lucy Kellaway

In search of the missing office minority — the over-fifties  

HR departments will soon laugh at the fuss they made over keeping spoilt millennials happy, says Lucy Kellaway.

What the ‘CV of failures’ really reveals about career setbacks  

Not all rejections are equal and those followed by successes stop mattering at once, says Lucy Kellaway.

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