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Listen to Lucy

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Lucy Kellaway, the FT's management columnist, pokes fun at management fads and jargon, and celebrates the ups and downs of office life


Don't listen to prigs: profanity is glorious  

Shock over swear words exposes some misplaced prudery, says Lucy Kellaway

Let's have more 'womanterruption'  

Interruptions help cut short boring discussions. So instead of making men interrupt less, women should be made to do it more, argues Lucy Kellaway.

Why the most successful people just say no  

The main difference between yes and no is that one is easy and the other hard, says Lucy Kellaway

Paul Romer’s ‘and’ quota is a false economy  

It was wrong to punish someone who tried to get his colleagues to write text that people might conceivably want to read, says Lucy Kellaway

You heard it here first: hold fast to your antiques  

The tables are turning on Ikea and the fashion for Skandi tat, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic

Amy the robot wants my job, but she's no match for me  

Voice bot Experimental Amy might represent serious competition if what she produced was halfway decent, but it isn't, says Lucy Kellaway

To say older workers lack energy is ageist and wrong  

Modern fiftysomethings are perky, well-rested and free from domestic ties, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic

There is nothing cute about innumeracy  

Abbott’s difficulty with a simple sum is evidence of a troubling assumption, says Lucy Kellaway

Mondelez serves up 10 business clichés in one sentence  

‘Breakthrough’ is so stale it makes me almost feel sorry for the author, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic

My speech was a car crash because I am too confident  

Good intentions led to a tour de force of clangers, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic

Cheap ways to prevent executive burnout  

Expensive ‘holistic’ leadership programmes do not solve anything, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic

A masterclass in calling bullshit  

Puffed-up nonsense has been deemed worthy of academic study, says Lucy Kellaway.

The dedicated office chatters are being forced out  

Everyone will tell you they are too busy to talk — but it is not true, says Lucy Kellaway. Image credit: Chris Tosic

Codes of conduct breach the principles of common sense  

Like most humans, I am not naturally drawn to small print, says Lucy Kellaway

Robert Kelly’s children remind us how pompous we are at work  

Viral video of domestic mishap shows the artificiality of the professional self, says Lucy Kellaway

How I help my children navigate their incredible life journeys  

Unlike Angela Ahrendts, I am not ‘on 24/7’, say Lucy Kellaway.

Why do we let Warren Buffett get away with sexism?  

The Sage of Omaha tells old and unfunny jokes without recrimination, says Lucy Kellaway. Picture credit: Chris Tosic

Death can bring your career back to life  

A disrupter of habit, it stops the living in their tracks, says Lucy Kellaway

Should you ever trade on past glories?  

Telling others what you did before can be a sign of mediocrity, says Lucy Kellaway. Illustration by Chris Tosic

Sexy and super bland: the rise of the office uniform  

What people wear to work at investment banks, management consultancies and top law firms is ridiculous. Individualism is to be avoided at all costs, says Lucy Kellaway.

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