Lizard People (a Show About Conspiracy Theories)

Lizard People (a Show About Conspiracy Theories)

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What if the government actually did cover something up in Roswell? What if yetis exist and are just really shy? What if super-intelligent lizards are wearing human skin suits, influencing international affairs and recording podcasts? Conspiracy theories are cool because they appeal to our evolved logical human brains and our stupid mammal idiot brains. So join comedian and skeptic Katelyn Hempstead as her brilliant friends try to convince her of these and many other conspiracy theories.


NBA Referees Rigged the 2016 Finals with Naomi Villa  

Basketball is the only sport worth watching. What, is that too hot of a take for you? TOO BAD. Prepare to get fired up about sports minutiae, as our guest Naomi Villa walks us through the conspiracy theory that referees rigged the 2016 NBA championship. Naomi is a comedian and recent b-ball convert, and she has some strong opinions about those seven stressful games between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. We come up with some really great nicknames for the teams and players and managers in this one, feel free to tweet at them and let them know they have a new moniker.

All Celebrities Wear Wigs with Erin Byrne  

Katie Holmes at Pilates? Oprah Winfrey riding in a John Deere tractor for charity? Chris Evans glazing  pottery at a Color Me Mine? If they're a celebrity in public, you better believe they're wearing a wig. At least, according to our illustrious guest Erin Byrne. Erin makes the argument that all famous folks (pretty much) are follicularly deficient from years of tress abuse, and therefore have to toupee up. And along the way we talk about culture, gender, boring ass basic celebs, wig structuring, internalizes misogyny, and our hella awkward teen years. It's heartfelt and it's silly as shit.

HAARP and DARPA with Maggie Monahan  

This HAARP ain't in a philharmonic, that's for sure. Will that be the worst joke this episode? No. This week we get all up into the mysterious  High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, located in glamorous Gakona, Alaska. HAARP is at the heart of numerous conspiracy theories, largely thanks to it's connection with the oh so strange Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, aka DARPA. Our brainy guest Maggie Monahan walks us through the various possibilities of what might be going on up at HAARP. She also tells us about some of DARPA's dumbest projects, the gnarly nuclear nun, several suspicious doctors, and Katelyn's greatest enemy, the University of Tokyo.

Beyonce Killed Joan Rivers with Jesse and Julian  

In a Lizard People first, we have TWO illustrious guests on this episode. And prepare yourself, because it's double the giggles. Julian Gonzales and Jesse Esparza of the Extra Extra Podcast are here to teach us all about one of the most dastardly murders of the 21st century. That's right, the time that Beyonce killed Joan Rivers. At first not very much connects the two celebrities, but once you get into it there's a whole world of mildly convincing numbers and signs. Buckle up for a wild ride through pop culture, high culture, Whitney Houston impressions, Jay Z doppelgangers, meditations on the nature of fandom, and way more. It gets silly as all hell.

Fran Theory Mini Ep. #6 - Beyonce's Fake Pregnancy  

Do we have a treat for you, precious Lizzies! This week's mini episode featured an in-depth conversation about all the Beyonce pregnancy rumors. We tackle the mismatched dates, the weird tummy fold, even that extremely credible story about the armpit c-section. And best of all, our partner in debunkery is best friend of the show Genna Lipari, a doula in training and a deeply funny and smart and empathetic woman. Genna walks us through all the 'evidence' that Bey faked her pregnancy, and all the reasons that those rumors are not only not credible, they're downright insulting. It's a fascinating conversation about gender, placentas, culture, womanhood, and gross squishy babies. Think you're gonna love this one!

The Montreal Screwjob with Jon Mackey  

You like professional wrestling? The thing is, even if you think you don't, you honestly do. From the pageantry to the hella ripped bods to the powerful community that's congealed around it, wrestling has become so much more than just a goofy rigged pseudo-sport. And in this episode our illustrious guest argues that the modern era of wrestling can be traced back to one shocking fight - the infamous Montreal Screwjob. Jon Mackey is a talented writer, director, and comedian, and he's finally going public about his passionate love for the art and sport that is wrestling. He's also addressing the true conspiracy behind the event that changed sports forever.

9/11 Was An Inside Job with (REDACTED)  

Wowie zowie, it's our 50th episode! It's been a blast to take this journey with all of you, and we think it was a blast to record this ep but somehow nobody really remembers doing it? It's weird, we all just sort of have a blank 48 hours in our memories. But it seems like that was when we were recording and editing this? Guess this is what happens when you set out to do a 9/11 episode. Anyway, huge thanks to all the people who apparently lent their talents to this, including: Matt Walsh, Sarah Claspell, Jon Mackey, Ele Woods, Ben Dietzel, Ryan Middledorf, Grant Martz, Sarah De La Isla, Cooper James, Clem, Maude, Michael Dean, and Alexis Preston. They were probably an absolute pleasure to have in the Lizard's Lair. Hope you like it! And... stay safe out there.

Fran Theory Mini Ep. #5 - George Soros  

If you're like us, you're still waiting on your check for protesting from George Soros. What gives, Georgie? Turns ol Soros is at the heart of a lot of contemporary conspiracy theories, including the ones that paint Black Lives Matter as a violent group, and that argue that the Women's March was organized by the shady left. But are any of these true? Are all of them true? Is the New York Times Opinion section basically just The National Enquirer these days? All these questions and more will be answered in this fran-inspired mini-episode.

Secretly LGBTQ+ Politicians with Petey Gibson  

Tap tap. Tap tap. What's that sound? Why it's a gay bathroom scandal a-blowing in! It seems like with every passing year there's another crazy drama wherein a conservative politician who's actively campaigned against LGBTQ rights is discovered soliciting sexy gay sex online or in a men's room. But what's behind all that? Why does it keep turning out that the most hateful people are the very thing they hate? Our hilarious and brilliant guest Petey Gibson addresses that weird pattern in the very best way - by arguing that it's kind of a conspiracy! Petey also has some very wise words about marriage, vaudeville, gender, muffin tops, politics, seals, and which chest binder gives you the most bang for your buck. We have a lot of laughs, and we also do a lot of serious thinking! Take this journey with us, won't ya?

Chemtrails and Contrails with Mike Lane  

Ooh wee, one of the big ones! Folks have been rehashing the chemtrails/contrails controversy since way back in the 90's, and it seems like each new day brings a new Reddit subthread about it. But what exactly are chemtrails? And why do they keep appearing in the form of a Star of David? Our guest, the wildly talented actor and comedian Mike Lane, addresses just these questions. Plus he also tells us all about Chamillionaire, fashion, superbugs, vapor, nude planes, secret technology, big pharma, little effers, depression, and way way more.  But one thing that none of us know about is video games! This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon, so head on over to and enter the code LIZARD for 20% off!

The Digital Television Conspiracy with Sarah Claspell  

Did you know that at one point the US government was just giving out free TV's? And did you know that Siri can totally hear what you're saying at all times? Doesn't that just wig you out??? For some of us, the answer is nah. But according to our illustrious guest, actor and comedian Sarah Claspell, we should all be a little more worried about exactly what data our TV's and smart phones and wise watches are collecting. We also touch on pie thumbs, geometry, bombs, the NSA, nerds, and much much more. This episode also features a WILD cameo from our friend Alexa. Still waiting on those 100 beers.

Pet Microchips with Haley Hepworth  

You're a good pet owner. You feed your fur baby (ew) the more expensive food, you make sure they get exercise and stimulation, you give them lots of nice pats, you microchip them. But what if that little piece of tech isn't there to track your cat? What if it's there... to track you? The hilarious actor and writer and comedian Haley Hepworth rolled through to argue that our pets microchips are just part of a bigger strategy from the government to keep us in line. And it's preeeeetty spooky, if you think about it!! We have a nice chat and get to describe lots of cute animal things. What more could you want?

Fran Theory Mini Ep. #4 - Sandy Was Dead, Grease Is A Dream  

When you make a weird ass movie, people are gonna come up with weird ass theories about it. And there's one weird ass theory about the movie Grease that states that Sandy died before the action of the movie even starts, and the whole film is her dying brain constructing an elaborate dream of what might have been. There's a lot of evidence, from the crazy fantasy sequences to that insane gosh dang flying car. Do those really happen? Or did Sandra Dee say good bye to life? You be the judge, dear fran!

Pearl Harbor with Tiffany Reeves  

If you're looking for the original day that will live in infamy, look no further! America was rocked by the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 and a lot of folks credit them as the reason the US entered WW2. And look, we're for sure not historians. But  you gotta admit, the US did a pretty weird job of preparing for this attack. And our brilliant guest Tiffany Reeves thinks that the failure to defend against the attack was 100% deliberate. Tiff's a real believer, and as such this convo does get a little more serious than our usually silly shit. But it's so interesting and so informative and you wouldn't believe how complicated our feelings for Hirohito are. Soooo complicated.

Skull And Bones and The 2004 Election with Edgar Momplaisir  

Do you believe that grassroots organizing can work and that people are inherently good? Well then you're a freaking doingus. At least, so SOME people would have you believe! Our guest Edgar Momplaisir - ridiculously talented comedian, writer, and actor - makes the argument that John Kerry's premature concession in the 2004 presidential election was a set-up orchestrated by the secret society Skull and Bones. And y'all, it only gets wilder from there. We have a very spirited argument about the value of protest, the nature of power, and whether fraternities and sororities are hella wack. The debate may get spicy, but don't worry, we're still friends in the end.

Fran Theory Mini Ep. #3 - Fidel Castro's Many Conspiracy Theories  

It's the return of the fran theory mini episode! And this one's a five-fer. So Fidel Castro was a pretty bad dude. He started out a footloose and fancy free revolutionary, but then he ruthlessly suppressed freedom of speech and executed just so many people. But! Did you also know that the dude sincerely loved conspiracy theories? Betcha didn't! Here are a few conspiracy theories that Castro believed, a few theories about Castro, and some good ol' fashioned Hempstead rambling. Hope you like! If you didn't, hit us up on the Lizard People Facebook page to yell at us!

Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain with Molly Fite  

Sex. Drugs. Rock n' Roll. Mental Illness. Plaid. The Pacific Northwest. Misogyny. Vocal Fry. There is A LOT going on in this episode! Actor and comedian and puppeteer Molly Fite rolled through the Lizard's Den to talk about the rumor that Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain whacked. Molly is a child of the grunge era, and this one gets right at the heart of fandom and the nature of mental illness. It's not exactly light-hearted but hey, neither were Nirvana and Hole. Everybody's got an opinion about this crazy relationship, and we're not exceptions.

H.H. Holmes and Jack The Ripper with Julia Zimmerman  

It's a steam punk episode! Actor and talented person Julia Fay Zimmerman rolled through to talk about the crimes of the century. HH Holmes was the owner of the infamous Murder Castle in Chicago, and was responsible for the deaths of dozens of unfortunate boarders. Jack The Ripper was the ghoul of White Castle (oops Chapel) who murdered numerous ladies of the night. But there are some out there in this wild old world who believe that they were in fact... the same person!!! Honestly, we were both a little drunk this episode, so it's a loosey goosey one. Also, producer Alexis makes a guest appearance! As does her boyfriend Cooper and her fat cat Maude. The whole gang's here! Except Ryan, he wasn't there.

The Wine Cork Conspiracy with Billy Merritt  

You might think you know what the deal is with corks, but trust. You're about to have your little mind blown. Billy Merritt walks us through the connection between French wine, Portuguese corks, EU-hating terrorists, Long Island beef, and those magical dudes who always manage to find weed no matter where they are in the world. Billy Merritt - actor, comedian, writer, and host of the shows Uncorked - rolls through to tell us all about the greatest conspiracy ever to hit the wide world of wine. And also we talk sandwiches! It's a dang blast. 

Michael Hastings' Death with Kerry O'Neill  

When BuzzFeed is the most reputable news source, and the government can do pretty much whatever it wants to private citizens, who can you trust? Kerry O'Neill, that's who! The wildly talented writer and comedian and dog mom stopped by to tell us the unnerving tale of the death of Michael Hastings. The controversial bad boy of digital journalism died in a fiery crash in 2013 under suspicious circumstances, while investigating the CIA. It's sad and weird at the same time. We discuss his legacy, as well as partisan politics, drugs, mental illness, war, the role of journalism, and the decline of American democracy. But also, we have a fun time and make a lot of goofy jokes! That combo shouldn't work, but baby? It does.

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