Location Indie: Raw And Honest Location Independen

Location Indie: Raw And Honest Location Independen

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Ready for an unfiltered, behind the scenes look at what the location independent and digital nomad lifestyle is really like? In each episode Jason and Trav provide a raw and honest take on: remote work, lifestyle business, lifestyle design, online business, and travel. All jam packed into an easily digestible 30 minutes or less (most of the time!). Give this show a listen to hear the truth behind what it takes to achieve “The Triangle Of TOTAL Freedom”: 1)Location Freedom: The ability to make money from anywhere in the world. 2)Time Freedom: Being able to do what you want when you want. 3)Financial Freedom: F the 9-5! Ditching your job and never having to depend on anyone else to earn a living. Ready to hear the good, bad and the ugly around location independence? Subscribe now and welcome to the revolution! Jason and Trav are the co-founders of Location Indie, a worldwide community of amazing people embracing the location independent path. They also host two top rated travel podcasts: The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast (Trav) and Zero To Travel Podcast (Jason). Want to launch a business so you can live, work and travel anywhere? Get our FREE 4 part video series “How To Start A Location Independent Business In One Weekend” at locationindie.com or text LOCATIONINDIE to 33444


Episode 070:  Our Top 5 Travel Dreams (What Are Yours?)  

What travel experiences do you wanderlust after the most? Dream along with Jason and Trav as they count down their current top 5 travel wishes. And while you're listening why not join in on the fun? Grab a pen and paper so you can plan out the bucket list you'll be crushing with your location independent freedom. You'll finish motivated to rock your business and primed to book your next plane ticket to ??????



Episode 069:  Impostor Syndrome Be Gone  

Ever feel like a flat out phony? Holden Caulfield might agree but we don't! The fact is, when you run your own business, avoiding "impostor syndrome" is next to impossible. Today the guys break down where that dreadful feeling of inadequacy comes from plus discuss faking it until you make it and why nobody knows anything. Along the way you'll hear 5 actionable takeaways for conquering this mind worm.





Episode 068:  Tight Timeframes  

Ever find yourself losing focus, not prioritizing, and falling down the rabbit hole of "anything else but the work I'm supposed to be doing"?

In today's podcast, we throw you some tips and tricks to combat that - and talk about how to have "real world fun" in the process!

An Important Announcement!  

The Location Indie community is open to new members! The fellas share a quick update from the mountains of Colorado.

Episode 066:  F#&! Perfection  

If "perfection is the wall that keeps stopping you dead in your tracks"...here's how to solve that - and fight back against the need to be perfect.  Plus, Trav proves he's not perfect (big surprise!).

Episode 065:  InstaBond  

Find out how 8 strangers instantly bonded over brunch in New York City and how you can get that "buzzy" feeling that comes from really connecting with people without the need of tequila and champagne (although, it never hurts if it's free!).

Episode 064:  Forced Action  

How and why renting a beach house in the middle of winter with no one around forced Jason and Trav to be unstuck...and strategies and tricks you can use to force you to keep putting stuff off.

Episode 063:  The Power of Story  

Learn the keys for wrapping your business in a story, including how, when and where.....and then hear a few incredible examples, including why Jason bought a wallet and how one 20 minute email lead to millions of dollars.

Episode 062:  One Word To Rule Them All  

"Don't let labels define you"...unless they fit perfectly!   Find out the new label that fits Trav and Jason to a T, and one that will help define the next generation - and then help them "sexify" it!

Episode 061: Weddings In Ireland, Siestas in Spain  

How did a wedding in Ireland with other digital nomads help reframe Trav's mindset about success?   And what's the "perfect" day in Spain look like?

Find out on today's show!

Episode 60: Meeting Up IN Person:  It's So Worth It  

Do you get burnt out or feel alone when you are constantly online?  Get out in the world and interact with other human beings.  Tune in to hear all the benefits and what it can truly do for you!


Episode 059:  How To Plan Your Best Damn Year Ever: The Rosebud Method  

Want a simple way to make sure you do everything you want to in business, travel and life in 2017. Listen to this show!








Episode 058: 5 Hot Location Independent Business Trends  

Want to know what opportunities are, like Hansel, "soooo hot right now?" Here are 5 trends in the location independent world that blew up in 2016, and are ripe for the picking in 2017 - including a lesson from a down on his luck Italian from South Philly.

Episode 057: Want to Retire Early?  

Think early retirement is only for Mark Zuckerberg and other dudes making millions (and billions) of dollars? Think again! Jason and Trav give actionable tips and resources on how you can retire early - including the 4% rule - and discuss why travel and location independence go hand in hand with the idea of retiring early.

Episode 056: The Gratitude Attitude  

Having an attitude of gratitude is the one type of attitude you WANT to have. Today, Jason and Trav give you 7 "gratitude hacks" that can help you be more aware of the good things in life, day in and day out. Plus, they welcome you to face off against them this month in the Gratitude Game - can you beat them?

Episode 055: Top 11 Gift Ideas For Location Indies  

It’s tough to buy gifts for us travelers - we don’t want a lot and can’t take much with us! That’s why we put together this practical and brief gift guide for you - tis the season.

Trav’s Gift Guide

Jason’s Hiking Gear List

Jason’s Gift Ideas




Episode 054: Maximizing Minimalism  

Today we're stripping down! The guys discuss the merits of minimalism along with the hidden benefits of the Location Independent lifestyle. 

Jason’s Hiking Gear List

Trav’s Gift Guide

Chad’s Infinity Scarf





Episode 053: Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now  

Should you launch and build a business first then go traveling or should you take off and figure things out on the road? Discover Jason and Trav's answer to this burning question.




Episode 052:  Haters Be Hating  

What should you do when trolls, negative Nellies and haters bash you and your work? The fellas discuss how do deal with haters who be hatin' and why criticism ain't such a bad thing after all.




Episode 051:  The "Sure Thing"  

There are no sure things in life...or are there?

After getting posed the question "If you needed one "sure thing" to becoming location independent, what would you choose", Jason and Trav decided to dive headfirst in to this answer!

They'll reveal the "surest way" to becoming location independent, give you 3 (or 4, or 5) different specific jobs that are the best bets, and even teach you a simple exercise to figuring out what works best for you.




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