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National NBA Podcast hosted by 24 year NBA veteran broadcaster David Locke with his unique insight into the league as a play by play announcer as well as an analytics expert


LOCKED ON NBA - #108 - Ben Golliver on the SI Top 100 list  

David Locke sits down with SI.com Ben Golliver about the SI Top 100 list Should have Durant been over LeBron for #1? Why is Leonard ahead of Harden and Westbrook and why Harden ahead of Westbrook? Who is the next one to break the top 7? What do you do about Draymond Green? Should DeMarcus Cousins be on the list? Who is the biggest snub? #nba #top100 #lebron #durant #westbrook #harden

LOCKED ON NBA - #107 - Western Conference Breakdown with Mavs Voice Chuck Cooperstein  

David Locke sits down with good friend Chuck Cooperstein, the Dallas Mavericks radio voice, and talks all things Western Conference including the over unders on every team. They agree on 5 overs who are they? Which team is most improved? They disagree on only two teams who are they ? Could the Warriors go over 67.5? Also be sure to check out - 30 for 30 podcasts by ESPN https://effotset.com/?a=6076&c=38033&p=c&s1=lockedonNBA

LOCKED ON NBA - #106 - Living thru the Harvey with Locked on Rockets Ben DuBose  

What has living thru Harvey been like for a regular guy in Houston. David Locke sits down with Locked on Rockets host Ben DuBose

LOCKED ON NBA - #105 - Kyrie Traded to Boston- The Coach,  Locked on Cavs and Locked on Celtics  

David Locke talks with the Coach about the Kyrie - Thomas trade and then the local experts covering the biggest stories with Locked on Cavaliers and Locked on Celtics

LOCKED ON NBA - #104 - Biggest Stories Local Experts-  Kyrie in Cleveland, Doc in Clipland, Lonzo and Lebron in LA  

David Locke talks with Locked on Cavaliers, Locked on Clippers and Locked on Lakers about the biggest stories in the NBA with the local experts #kyrie #lebron #lakers #lonzo #clippers

LOCKED ON NBA - #103 - Coach Thorpe on what teams offenses will look like this season  

David Locke talks with Coach David Thorpe about how all the teams with new talent will build their offenses this season plus some Rubio and Gobert talk

LOCKED ON NBA #102 - Biggest stories with the local experts - Kyrie in Cleveland, Melo to OKC and Wizards solid off-season  

David Locke takes 3 stops along the Locked on Podcast Network to cover the biggest stories of the NBA, Kyrie wants out of Cleveland, Could Melo be going to OKC and Wizards sign up John Wall and Otto Porter

LOCKED ON NBA #101 - Biggest Stories, Local Angle - Carmelo from Houston and New York, Lonzomania in LA  

David Locke talks with both the hosts of Locked on Rockets and Locked on Knicks about what happens with Carmelo and with Locked on Lakers host about Lonzomania

LOCKED ON NBA #99 - Local Angle on Big Stories - Blake in LA, Jrue in NO and Paul George  

Locked on NBA host David Locke checks in with Locked on Podcast Network hosts Lucas Haan of Locked on Clippers, Jake Madison of Locked on Pelicans and Fred Katz of Locked on Thunder

LOCKED ON NBA - #98 - Draft Express Mike Schmitz breaks down top 33 players in NBA Draft  

Draft Express Mike Schmitz breaks down the top 33 players in the 2017 NBA Draft

LOCKED ON NBA - #97 - MOCK DRAFT Picks 25-30 including Clips and Jazz trades  

The Locked on Podcast Network Mock Draft wraps up with picks 25-30 plus a look at 2nd rounders and Mike Schmitz draft breakdwons

LOCKED ON NBA #96 - MOCK DRAFT Picks 19-24  

The Locked on Podcast Network Mock Draft continues with picks 19-24 plus the @mike_schmitz breakdown #hawks #Mavericks #Thunder #Nets #Hornets #Jazz

LOCKED ON NBA #95 - MOCK DRAFT #3  Picks 13-18  

The Locked on Podcast Network Mock Draft continues with picks 13-18 from the #Nuggets #Heat #Blazers #Bulls #Bucks #Pacers and the breakdowns of Mike Schmitz

LOCKED ON NBA #94- Draft Greatness Chad Ford  

David Locke sits down with ESPN Chad Ford to talk thru the 2017 NBA Draft. Thanks to Chad for his years of dedication to the NBA Draft and all he has done for us fans. Thank him as well at @chadfordinsider Today's Sponsors are Dollar Shave Club at dollarshaveclub.com/locknba and Seat Geek use the promo code Locked to get $20 rebate after first SeatGeek purchase

LOCKED ON NBA - #93 - MOCK DRAFT Picks 7-12 and 2 trades  

The Locked on Podcast Mock Draft continues with picks 7-12 and 2 trades - #Wolves #Knicks #pistons #Kings #raptors #Mavericks and Mike Schmitz of Draft Express expert breakdowns

LOCKED ON NBA - #92 - NBA Mock Draft Picks 1-6  

The Locked on Podcast Network Mock draft picks 106 #Celtics, #lakers, #76ers #suns #Kings #Magic with draft expert Mike Schmitz commentary and each Locked on hosts making the picks

LOCKED ON NBA - #91 - NBA Draft Coverage - Draft Express Jonathan Givony  

Draft Express founder and expert Jonathan Givony breaks down the 2017 NBA Draft with David Locke

LOCKED ON NBA - #90 - David Thorpe on NBA FInals, Durant,  positions, egos and more hoop talk  

David Thorpe stops by to talk basketball in the always fun manner with focus on the finals and where the league goes next

LOCKED ON NBA - #89 -  The Coach breaks down the NBA Finals  

NBA Coach comes on Locked on NBA and breaks down the #nbafinals #warriors #cavaliers #steph #lebron

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