Locked on NFL

Locked on NFL


Matt Williamson, former NFL scout and longtime football host and expert, host the National daily NFL podcast Locked on NFL part of the Locked On Podcast Network #nfl


LOCKED ON NFL 8-21 Chiefs at Bengals  

Matt Williamson gives you his #Chiefs at #Bengals preseason Week 2 recap

LOCKED ON NFL 8-21 Game Reviews  

Matt talks about #Ravens at #Dolphins & #Falcons at #Steelers

LOCKED ON NFL 8-20 Vikings at Seahawks  

Matt gives his run down of Preseason Week 2 #Vikings at #Seahawks

LOCKED ON NFL 8-18 Bucs at Jags  

Matt Williamson gives you his thoughts on last nights #Buccaneers at #Jaguars game

LOCKED ON NFL SHORT 8-17 Ryan Kelly's Injury  

Matt Williamson discusses what Kelly's injury does to #Colts

LOCKED ON NFL 8-17 Twitter Thursday!  

Matt answers your questions

LOCKED ON NFL 8-15 Coordinators in new places  

Matt Williamson gives his analysis of 3 coordinators in each conference that is with a new team

LOCKED ON NFL 8-14 Preseason Game Reviews  

Matt talks #Ravens at #Redskins, #Steelers at #Giants & #Saints at #Browns

LOCKED ON NFL 8-12 Zeke's Suspension  

Matt Williamson gives his thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension #Cowboys

LOCKED ON NFL 8-11 Instant Analysis on Bills Trades  

Matt gives you instant analysis on #Bills trades with #Rams & #Eagles

LOCKED ON NFL 8-11 Jacksonville at New England  

Matt Williamson gives his take on preseason #Jaguars at #Patriots

LOCKED ON NFL 8-10 Texans at Panthers  

Matt breaks down last night's #Texans at #Panthers preseason matchup

LOCKED ON NFL 8-8 Twitter Tuesday!  

Matt Williamson answers all your Twitter questions

LOCKED ON NFL SHORT 8-7 Boldin to Bills  

Matt's thoughts on #Bills signing of Anquan Boldin

LOCKED ON NFL 8-7 2017 Hall of Fame Class  

Matt gives his take on this most recent Hall of Fame class

LOCKED ON NFL 8-5 Tannehill/Cutler Situation  

Matt Williamson digs into what is going on with #Dolphins QB situation

LOCKED ON NFL 8-4 Fantasy Mock Draft  

Matt Williamson did a mock draft for FootballGuys.com & Recaps it with you

LOCKED ON NFL 8-2 Report from Steelers Camp  

Matt took the family to #Steelers Camp

LOCKED ON NFL SHORT 8-1 Shane Ray's Injury  

Matt weighs in on Shane Ray's wrist injury

LOCKED ON NFL 7-31 Colin Kaepernick  

Matt Williamson's in depth take on the entire Kaepernick situation

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