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Steven Crowder brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show on the web. Guests, rants, sketches, your calls ... it's whatever.


#215 THE ALT-LEFT TRUTH! Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin and RazorFist Guest!  

Talking all things Charlottesville, the "Alt-Left", offensive Confederate statues, "vagina nails", Don Lemon screw ups and more! Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin and RazorFist guest!

#211 SJWs NOW DENY SCIENCE! Stefan Molyneux and Roaming Millennial  

Talking all things Google memo fallout, Affirmative Action, Walmart "back to school" screw ups, FaceApp fails, Chelsea Manning on Vogue and more! Stefan Molyneux and Roaming Millennial guest, Tranny Bane stops by to share his latest grievances with Youtube, and an important announcement on Ben Shapiro's "tumbler" is made. Join #MugClub! LouderWithCrowder.com/MugClub

#207 BYE BYE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Ben Shapiro Dishes on Cenk Uygur  

Talking all things Trump on immigration, affirmative action and Procter and Gamble's 'The Talk' propaganda ad, Protectors of the Planet, white house lawn boys and more! Ben Shapiro stops by to discuss his debate with Cenk Uygur.

#204 TRANS TROOP BAN, OH NO!! Blaire White and Alex Epstein  

Talking all things Trump and his decision on transgenders in the military, the latest Ben and Jerry screw up, The View on ‘the sexual spectrum’, breaking down ‘rights’ vs ‘commodities’ and more! Alex Epstein dismantles Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ sequel and Blaire White stops by to talk trans soldiers, Trump and more.

#200 OMG GAME OF THRONES NEEDS MORE DIVERSITY! Jim Norton and Clint Howard  

Talking all things O.J. Simpson, Lena Dunham on 'American Horror Story', Game of Thrones racism and more! Jim Norton guests to talk Trevor Noah PC idiocy, Owen Benjamin stops by to sing a song and Clint Howard reveals Han Solo film secrets!

#196 IS NET NEUTRALITY GOOD? Ben Shapiro and Cassie Jaye  

Back from Thursday night mega show hiatus talking all things Trump Jr./Russia, Net Neutrality, Afghan robotics teams, dating abortionists and more. Special guests Ben Shapiro and Cassie Jaye of "The Red Pill". Colton Wade makes his debut!

#192 CNN #FAKENEWS APOCALYPSE!! Sargon of Akkad, James O'Keefe and Sally Kohn  

It's the final week of #CulturalAppropriation month! Celebrating and honoring all things Sweden! Talking top news and joined by Sargon of Akkad, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas and CNN commentator, Sally Kohn!


It's the fourth week of #CulturalAppropriation month! We explore the beautiful and storied history of GERMANY! Talking all things healthcare bill, Qatar Airways, Buzzfeed bedbugs, and more! Special guests Mark Levin, my attorney, Bill Richmond!

#185 THE SJW VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC! Dave Cullen and Dave Rubin  

It's the third week of #CulturalAppropriationMonth! In episode 185, we appreciate and appropriate all things India! Join ias we talk Yoko Ono, Sweden drones, NYT's bulls*t and more! Dave Cullen and Dave Rubin stop by along with a few surprise guests!


#181 LIVE FROM IRELAND! by Louder With Crowder

#178 TRUMP PULLS OUT! Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ann McElhinney  

It's week 1 of #CulturalAppropriationWeek! We celebrate all things Japan while talking Trump/Paris Accord, covfefe, Black Lives Matter peace awards, Wonder Woman in Lebanon, sucky socialism and more! Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ann McElhinney guest.

EP15 THE CONCEPTUAL PEN15! | The Morning Grinders  

Enjoy this free episode of The Morning Grinders courtesy of #FreeCrowder week! Join the #MugClub to catch The Morning Grinders EVERY Friday! Talking all things "the conceptual penis", Ben and Jerry's gay ice cream, Mark Zuckerberg and the Monopoly man, dirty needles and more!

#175 TRUMP SCHOOL BUDGET CUTS YAY! Tomi Lahren Guests  

Talking all things Trump education budget cuts, top news and more. Tomi Lahren joins us live IN STUDIO to talk about her recent controversies and play a politically incorrect game. Tranny Bane closes out the saga and Aaron the Intern DIES!

#174 ‘BRING POST MODERNISM TO IT'S KNEES!’ Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Uncut  

Bringing you a very special episode of Louder with Crowder on #FreeCrowder week. Today we sat down for a full hour with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson to discuss post-modernism, SJWs in education, faith, the person of Jesus and more.


It's day 2 of #FreeCrowder week! Talking all things #ManchesterBombing, crappy Islam, bullets that cause duchies and more. Gavin McInnes guests!

#171 OMG TRUMP IMPEACHMENT?!?! Stefan Molyneux Guests  

Talking all things Trump/Russia/Comey saga, one-eyed goats, Joss Whedon's new Planned Parenthood ad and more. Fan favorite Matt Iseman and the highly requested Stefan Molyneux guest. Tranny Bane and Jihadi Bone return!

#167 'LIBERALS' ARE THE EXTREMISTS! Ben Shapiro and Alex Epstein  

Talking all things Trump, Comey, Betsy Devos' commencement speech #BLM circus, Texas "anti-transgender" bills and more! Jones by special guests Ben Shapiro and Alex Epstein!

#163 TRUMP CARE WINS! BILL NYE LOSES! Bas Rutten and Andrew Klavan  

Talking all things Obamacare repeal, Stephen Colbert, Bill Nye's Netflix debacle and more! Special guests Andrew Klavan and former UFC champion, Bas Rutten! Jihadi Bond returns and Tranny Bane makes his debut!

#159 VOX SANCTUARY CITY LIES! Dean Cain and Blaire White  

Talking all things Bill Nye's abysmal show ratings, Berkeley trannies (maybe?), Vox propaganda, sanctuary cities and more. Dean Cain returns and Blaire White stops by to talk transgender politics and more.

#155 EUROPE SUCKS! Gavin McInnes and Clint Howard  

Talking all things crappy Europe, French elections, hilarious North Korea laws, Timmy-the-Transgender bear, Bill O'Reilly's new job and more. Special guests Gavin McInnes and Clint Howard!

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