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Steven Crowder brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show on the web. Guests, rants, sketches, your calls ... it's whatever.


#96 THE ELECTION IS RIGGED! Ben Shapiro and Colion Noir  

Talking all things concerning a "rigged" election and the final presidential debate with thee Ben Shapiro. NRA and Youtube star, Colion Noir stops by to talk guns, the #2A and Hillary. Our own Courtney Kirchoff drops by to dish on Madonna and feminism. We also talk Amy Schumer getting booed after insulting Trump voters and present the Top 5 triggering movies that COULDN'T be made today.

#95 THE EPIC TRUMP DEBATE! Gavin McInnes and Andrew Klavan  

One of the biggest shows to date. An epic showdown between Trump fan Gavin McInnes and reluctant Trump voter, Andrew Klavan. They each make their case and give us their reasons for pulling the lever. Curt Schilling stops by discuss his Fox Business controversy. We play 'Hipster or Hobo' with the funniest man alive, Nick DiPaolo and Dean Cain hits the campaign trail for #Hopper2016.

#94 BILL CLINTON RAPED ME! Juanita Broaddrick and Paul Joseph Watson  

This week we have an exclusive interview with (alleged) Bill Clinton rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick. Paul Joseph Watson stops by to talk all things #SJWs, sucky Europe, Hillary's health and the end of the internet. Also breaking down everything wrong with Laci Green and giving you a behind the scenes look at our undercover Socialist protest video!

#93 TO THE SAFE SPACES! Andrew Bogut and Christopher Titus  

Talking all things Debates, Emma Watson at the UN, Ariel Winter's bewbs, debunking Adam Ruins Everything and the myth that "the wall" won't help and more. Special guests NBA Champion Andrew Bogut, Libertarian Candidate Austin Petersen, Comedian Christopher Titus, and THEE Donald Trump. Also, @NotGayJared gets fired...

#92 #BlackLivesMatter vs. AMERICA: Tommy Sotomayor and Literally Hitler  

Talking everything Charlotte riots and #BlackLivesMatter with Tommy Sotomayor. Chael Sonnen stops in to discuss his return to MMA and gives us an inside medical scoop on Hillary Clinton. Literally Hitler tells us who he's supporting for President and our Courtney Kirchoff drops by to give us an update on her dating woes. @NotGayJared gets AIDS...

#91 HILLARY CLINTON HAS AIDS! Sally Kohn, Andrew Klavan and Anthony Cumia  

Talking all things #HillarysHealth, #DNCLeaks, #TyreeKing, "fair share" economics and more. Special guests Hillary Clinton, Sally Kohn, Anthony Cumia, Andrew Klavan and Bob Ross!

#90 MEN GET PERIODS TOO!! Phil "Advise", Lauren Southern and Larry Elder  

This week we discuss the "anti-science climate deniers" along with the people who say "men get periods too." Epic debate with Phil Scott, host of the "The Advise Show," Larry Elder talks #BlackLivesMatter, and Lauren Southern hates women!

#89 YOUTUBE IS OVER PARTY! IraqVeteran8888, Dave Rubin and Colin Kaepernick  

Talking everything #YoutubeIsOverParty and Trump in Mexico. Eric and Chad of IraqVeteran8888 talk about the Clinton Era AWB and what a Hillary Clinton Presidency and SCOTUS means for the Second Amendment. Dave Rubin stops by to talk his Gary Johnson endorsement, Colin Kaepernick fills us in on this week's controversy, and Courtney Kirchoff tells us her horror stories from hiring professional matchmakers...

#88 #SJW FEMINISTS WITH ILLEGAL DILDOS! Curt Schilling and Ann McElhinney  

Talking everything Trump immigration, dildos at UT, and the rest of the latest #SJW outrage including, but not limited to, Leslie Jones, Hope Solo, and #BlackWomensEqualPay. Special guests Curt Schilling, Ann McElhinney, John Nolte and Olympic hero, Sam Kendricks. @NotGayJared is fired...

#87 OMG CNN CAUGHT LYING!! Dinesh D’Souza and Joey Salads  

This week we are joined by an epic ensemble of guests including thee Dinesh D'Souza talking behind the scenes of his Young Turk/Cenk Uygar debate and 'Hillary's America', Joey Salads stops by to talk Conservatism and Youtube stunts, Sooper Mexican fills us in on Trump's latest hires, and Chad with AIDS talks about gay stuff. Also talking Milwaukee, CNN lies, Amy Schumer, and the latest #SJW outrage...

#86 NEEDS MORE TRUMP! Gavin McInnes and Ben Shapiro  

The epic show you’ve been waiting for: Gavin McInnes represents #Trump2016 while Ben Shapiro is a notorious #NeverTrump guy and both lay out their case. We are also joined by Courtney Kirchoff to talk Olympic sexism. Also, we get in depth on Korryn Gaines and freakin' Clock Boy.

#85 #BlackLivesMatter Demands, OH MY! Glenn Beck and Karen Straughan  

This week Crowder goes over Black Lives Matter’s official new demands. The latest trump pol numbers have everyone going crazy. Special guests Glenn Beck , Karen Straughan, and @ProbablyKacie. @NotGayJared reveals a dark secret. Also, Hopper finally announces his VP selection.

#84 'THE YOUNG TURKS' EXPOSED + DNC PANDERING! Sargon of Akkad and Dean Cain  

Crowder goes off on everything wrong with the DNC, 'The Young Turks' are exposed as the hacks they've always been, Dean Cain plays 'Newest Gender Pronoun', Sargon of Akkad and Liberal Lunacy stop by...

#83 OMG MILO BANNED AND RNC! Christopher Titus and Dana Loesch  

This week we discuss the RNC controversies and Milo getting banned from Twitter. Also, the long awaited, heated debate with Christopher Titus. Dana Loesch stops by to talk her new gig with the NRA and McBrody plays 'Hipster or Hobo.'

#82 SUPPORT NICE, DRAW MUHAMMAD! Nick DiPaolo and AlfonZo Rachel  

In the wake of France, the time for playing nice is over. Islam cannot coexist with Western Civilization and is explained here. Hilarious Nick DiPaolo guests along with the brilliant Alfonzo Rachel. Also, Crowder announces "Golden Ticket" Louder with Crowder hiring sweepstakes. You are not worthy.

#81 BREXIT APOLOCOLYPSE! Lauren Southern, Lierre Keith and Queen @NotGayJared  

This week, Crowder is joined by Lauren Southern, Lierre Keith and a mic problem occurs with bewbs. The final week of #CulturalApproproation month honors Britain and Crowder and Queen #NotGayJared discuss #Brexit.

#80 BLACKFACE MAYBE?! Andrew Klavan, Skagg3 and TalkIslam Rebuttal!  

Cultural Appropriation month continues as we celebrate the continent of Africa! Talking gun control and 2016 election with Andrew Klavan and Skagg3. We also hear a possible Muslim child abduction story from Matt George from Atlanta. Debunking the most common gun control myths and rebutting Talk Islam.

#79 ISLAMAPHOBIA OH NOES!! Dave Rubin, Gerald Morgan and Anni Cyrus  

This week, Crowder is joined by Gerald Morgan to discuss the theology of Islam along with former Islamic child-bride Anni Cyrus. Dave Rubin reasonably discusses gun control, and Bob Ross draws Muhammad. Crowder goes nuclear on Samantha Bee. Enjoy!

#78 OMG CHINESE RACISM! Tommy Robinson and Matt Iseman  

This week #CulturalAppropriation month continues with China! Crowder is joined by "Europe's Most Hated Man" Tommy Robinson, American Ninja Warriors' Matt Iseman and the lovely but deadly Courtney Kirchoff. We talk guns, Hillary, rape culture and Chinese racism.

#77 GAY FIGHT!! Debate with Zack Ford. David Limbaugh, Gavin McInness and Mrs. Crowder  

This week, Crowder is joined by Zack Ford of ThinkProgress.org for a debate over LGBTQAAIP movement and AIDS disclosure laws. David Limbaugh takes a reasoned approach to #NeverTrump, Gavin McInness talks about dumb jocks and Mrs. Crowder tells an odd tale. Also, #FeelTheHopper returns.

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