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Steven Crowder brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show on the web. Guests, rants, sketches, your calls ... it's whatever.


#155 EUROPE SUCKS! Gavin McInnes and Clint Howard  

Talking all things crappy Europe, French elections, hilarious North Korea laws, Timmy-the-Transgender bear, Bill O'Reilly's new job and more. Special guests Gavin McInnes and Clint Howard!

#152 TRUMP VS. KIM JONG! Dennis Prager and Paul Joseph Watson  

Talking all things Syria, MOAB, Kim Jung Un, female badasses and more! Special guests Dennis Prager and Paul Joseph Watson.

#148 OMG NUCLEAR GORSUCH! Dave Rubin and Tim Schmidt  

Talking all things Gorsuch confirmation, "racist" Pepsi ads, "insensitive" Nivea ads, Critical Theory vs. Socratic Method, Bill O'Reilly and more. Special guests Dave Rubin and Tim Schmidt, President and CEO of USCCA.

#145 PENCE TRIGGERS FEMINISTS!! Ben Shapiro and IraqVeteran8888  

Talking all things Mike Pence's and how horribly sexist it is to respect your wife, BuzzFeed going public (lolz) White Privilege in education and more. Special guests Ben Shaprio and hosts of YouTube's biggest gun channel, IraqVeteran8888.

#141 MULTI-CULTURALISM HAS FAILED! Jim Norton and Sargon of Akkad  

Talking all things London attack, just how much CNN sucks (Bullsh*t Man Investigates) skinny Lena Dunham and more! Comedian Jim Norton, Sargon of Akkad and former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani guest!

#137 TRUMP HATES PBS! Sheriff Clarke and Nick DiPaolo Guest  

Talking all things Trump budget, Amy Schumer lifting jokes, Playboy "toxic masculinity" and more. Special guests Sheriff David Clarke and the funniest man alive, Nick DiPaolo.

#134 TRUMP KEEPS WINNING! Georges St-Pierre and Mark Duplass  

Talking all things Samantha Bee and her now infamous "Nazi hair" flub, Ann Hathaway at the UN, and unveiling our undercover #DayWithoutAWoman strike video! Special guests Georges St-Pierre and Mark Duplass.

#131 LEGAL vs. ILLEGAL! Jordan B. Peterson and Owen Benjamin  

Talking all things Trump, Mexico, immigrants, crappy CNN and more! Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and comedian Owen Benjamin guest.

#127 RAPE DEBATE! Michael Ian Black and POGO!!  

Talking all things Trump, trannies, Jews and fat chicks. Also an epic "rape culture" debate with comedian Michael Ian Black. Finally POGO (Nick Bertke)guests! Talking all things music, SJW culture, and more.

#123 WEED FIGHT! Joe Rogan and Joy Villa  

Talking all things pot and our heated debate on 'The Joe Rogan Experience' with Joe Rogan himself. Joy Villa stops by to talk about her Trump dress and Hollywood bullies. Meryl Streep still sucks, #DayWithoutImmigrants is a thing and Not Gay Jared is fired.

#123 WEED FIGHT! Joe Rogan and Joy Villa  

Talking all things pot and our heated discussion on Joe Rogan's podcast with Joe, himself. We also get to talk with Joy Villa about her now famous "Trump dress" from this week's Grammy award show. Meryl Streep is still an obnoxious wind bad, illegal immigrants go on strike and Not Gay Jared is fired.

#122 DEAR WHITE PEOPLE! Ted Cruz and Gavin McInnes Guest  

Talking all things CNN Healthcare debate with special guest Senator Ted Cruz and NY protesters with fan favorite Gavin McInnes! Debunking Samantha Bee lies, talking Wal-Mart math, 'Dear White People' and more. Stop missing content! Join the Mug Club at http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub

#118 CROWDER HIJACKS SHIA! Dean Cain guests  

On a very special on-location episode, we hijack Shia LaBeouf's #HeWillNotDivideUs! Our favorite superman, Dean Cain guests!

#114 FAKE NEWS vs. TRUMP! Tim Kennedy and Ann McElhinney Guest  

We're live! That's right, it's the Thursday night live stream. Coming at you with news of the day, laughs galore and special guests Tim Kennedy and Ann McElhinney. Don't miss it!

#110 Trump Inauguration #SJW Meltdown! Clint Howard Guests  

It's the Thursday night live stream you live for! Live tonight with Clint Howard and our very own Courtney Kirchoff. Talking all things Trump Inauguration #SJW meltdowns, crappy Europe and more. Not Gay Jared get's fired.

#106 FAKE NEWS AND ASIAN MAN! Matt Iseman Guests  

Talking all things "fake news" and Seth Meyers hypocritical remarks. Taking down noted Muslim author and professional #SJW, Dr. Reza Aslan. Matt Iseman of Celebrity Apprentice and American Ninja Warrior guests. And proving why Steve Harvey's "offensive" Asian men joke was actually true!


This is the FULL Christmas telethon including tasing, cricket eating, and arm pit waxing. Special guests include Tim Kennedy, Ben Shapiro, Michelle Malkin, Dave Rubin, Andrew Klavan and Gavin McInnes. Watch. Laugh. Subscribe. Merry Christmas. Take media back and join the Mug Club: http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Use promo codes "student" "veteran" "military" to get daily access for $69/year!

#102 HOLLYWOOD TRUMP TANTRUMS! Alex Jones, Sally Kohn and Cassie Jaye  

Talking all things Trump, cabinet picks, and celebrity tantrums with Alex Jones and Sally Kohn. Cassie Jaye stops by to talk about her documentary "Red Pill" and Not Gay Jared on a Shelf continues to ruin Christmas...

#101 FAT-SHAME BARBIE! Jordan Peterson and Michelle Malkin  

“Talking all things Trump winning Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ and the subsequent #SJW outrage, Amy Schumer’s upcoming ‘Barbie’ movie, fat-shaming Santa and more. Special guests Professor Jordan Peterson, Michelle Malkin, and Gavin McInnes. Not Gay Jared ruins Christmas…

#100 TRUMP SCARES FREELOADERS! Tommy Sotomayor and Dean Cain  

It's here! Episode 100 AND our brand new studio (sans a few missing details and surprises). We have fan favorite Tommy Sotomayor live in studio along with our own Courtney Kirchoff. Dean Cain calls in to talk Trump and Hollywood freak out. We have an exclusive interview with Fidel from Hell and Not Gay Jared is fired.

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