Love That Lasts with Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

Love That Lasts with Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

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Jeff and Alyssa are a married couple with two toddlers running around their home talking about faith, culture, and take listener's questions with a little dash of random sprinkled in.


I Would Rather be Divorced (Anatomy of Marriage Miniseries, Episode #1)  

Alyssa and I introduce our friends Melanie and Seth who take us back in time with our all new audio documentary, Anatomy of Marriage, to investigate their nearly failed marriage and begin the process of uncovering why marriages really succeed and fail.

A New Season: What God has been teaching us, and answering your questions!  

Today Alyssa and I talk about getting back into podcasting, what the Lord has been teaching us over the last year and a half, and answer YOUR listener voicemails!

Creating A Life Giving Home (with Special Guest Sally Clarkson!)  

Alyssa and I are young parents and have been diving deeper into what it means to create a strong marriage, family, and home. On this episode we have a special guest Sally Clarkson who writes amazing books on these exact things. I hope it encourages you guys! We had a blast recording this one.

God's Word, Finding Someone to Date, And Pesto  

In this episode Jeff and Alyssa talk about how to be creative in studying God's word when you feel tired or have no time, as well as how to know if someone is right to date.

The Table, Parenthood, & The College Years  

This episode we talk about the sacredness of the table, how parenthood has changed us, and what advice we'd give to someone in the college years.

Using Your Gifts, ISIS, & How To Pray  

This week Jeff and Alyssa talk about using your gifts, how to support those affected by ISIS, and the discipline of prayer.

Keep Portland Weird, Transitions, & Pre-Marriage Questions  

Jeff and Alyssa talk about their trip to Portland, transiton in 20's and what questions to ask before you get engaged.

Courting vs Dating, On Fleek, & Catching Up  

Jeff and Alyssa catch up after a 2-3 month podcast hiatus while talking about dating vs courting, what "fleek" means, and a host of other things.

Lent, Engagement Advice, & Being a Young Christian  

Jeff and Alyssa pick up where they left off and talk about Lent, a few tips for a newly engaged couple, and how to impact the world for Jesus when you're a young person. 

An Empty House, Our First Kiss, & Dealing With Change  

Jeff and Alyssa chat about what it's like living in a home before their furniture shows up, the awkwardness of their first kiss, and they take listener's questions about dealing with change.

Our Crazy Moving Week, Girl's Lowering Expectations, & Grace Upon Grace  

Jeff and Alyssa chat about their move across the world to Maui, if girls should lower their expectations since there aren't that many guys out there, and what it means to live under grace upon grace.

Living In Fear or Love, Prioritizing Family, & Hardest Part About Following Jesus  

This week Alyssa and Jeff talk about how they got back together after their breakup, how they prioritize family, and how to live by fear instead of love.

Our Breakup, Living In Seasons, & What To Do When You Don't Feel God  

Jeff And Alyssa continue their relationship story from the previous podcast, talking about their breakup before they got back together. Also they talk about living in cycles, and we take listeners questions that include what to do when you don't feel God.

Moving To Maui, Being New Parents, & Struggling With Singleness  

Jeff And Alyssa talk about their upcoming move to Maui in January, why they decided to move and what they are excited for. Also they chat about the joy and struggle of being a new parent as well as taking listener's questions about singleness and some on parenting!

New Year Goals, Dating, & God's Will  

Jeff And Alyssa start off their first podcast ever talking about what word we assign each year, seeing family as a kingdom vehicle, and we then take questions from our listeners that range from God's will to dating!

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