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Hello! Thanks for being curious about the Low Tox Life podcast. I'm Alexx Stuart, your host, and after writing and researching on health and sustainability for many years at lowtoxlife.com, I am thrilled to bring this podcast to you as an extension of the online community. The concept of living a Low Tox Life is one that rejects perfection, black and white notions of there only being one way to 'do it right'. Instead, we take a relaxed and curious approach to better choices to incorporate into our lives as and if they fit. Low Tox therefore instead of 'no tox' which to most of us who aren't on an off grid hippy commune, just isn't achievable. There's nothing more that makes me sad than having people quit before they begin because you feel like a failure. Let's feel awesome about what we can learn and do from today! On this show, we cover lots of low tox topics around sustainability, health, fashion, farming, lowering our toxic load and mind happiness and with the brilliant minds I'm so grateful to chat with, I just know you'll be inspired as I am from each show. Enjoy, subscribe, pop the kettle on and most importantly: Welcome!


Show #22: How to achieve goals with Julia Bickerstaff  

How to pick a good goal.

For the last show of the year, Alexx invites Julia Bickerstaff the queen of effective goal creation and completion, onto the show to discuss why resolutions don’t work, why goals that are for too short or long a time frame don’t work and to pinpoint the things that actually DO work when it comes to achieving the things we really want to.

The Low Tox Life isn’t just about food, health and consumer choices, but about feeling good in the skin we’re in - our whole life’s skin! So when we’re constantly down on ourselves or stressed about what we’re not achieving, this can affect different areas of our life like our health, so it’s important to address the issue of NOT getting stuff done and the unhappiness it brings, and turn our focus to the tools that will help us get stuff done and feel free, accomplished and positive. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Pop through to the show notes here and fill out the listener survey and grab today’s notes. https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 


Show #21: Protect your health and empower your self with psychologist Alison Hill  

Psychological health is a huge factor in our low tox life and this show, we talk to psychologist Alison Hill to look at how we end up drowning in overwhelm, burn out and things we actually aren’t aligned with in both our personal and professional lives.

We explore her awesome new book “Stand Out” and delve into super simple strategies to defining what’s truly important to you in life, to see how easy it is for you to fill your calendar with things to nourish you and we set a brilliant “line down the middle of a paper” challenge to sort through your regular ‘I do’s’ over a cup of tea and make 2017 more fulfilling, joyful and empowering. Who doesn’t want a whole lot more o’ that, right?

For full access to links and resources mentioned in today's episode, head over to Low Tox Life

Show #20: Professor Marc Cohen talks TRUE WELLNESS  

Professor Marc Cohen joins Alexx Stuart this week to discuss his incredible career and breath of study to date, as well as what he’s found to contribute the most to wellness in his study, patient care, research papers and teachings so far.

As well as being a GP, he holds Phd’s in Chinese Medicine, Psychological medicine and physiology and works through from patient care, to research, to teaching, association charing to policy making - Without a doubt on of our brightest minds in the quest for making our people and planet healthier, with this show uncovering some crucial basics to achieving wellness.

Podcast show notes and partner offer can be found on Low Tox Life.

Show #19: Dr Stephen Sinatra on near death and healing  

America’s renowned integrative cardiologist is back on the show. Dr Stephen Sinatra and Alexx talk about Stephen’s book: Health revelations from heaven and earth.

Dr Sinatra’s chance meeting with Tommy Rosa, someone who had a profound near-death experience and came back as a powerful healer. He was fascinated by Tommy’s gift, and had had a few patients on his operating table who’d had near death experiences themselves - including one who was extremely upset to have been ‘rescued’. Together they decided to explore healing and what lessons we can learn from both heaven and earth to produce the most powerful healing possible.

Sinatra shares some incredible stories and principles of healing and how a sense of connectedness is often at the root of great health.

Check out the show notes over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #18: Could Pyrolles be your key to feeling better  

This week, Alexx chats to naturopath Jules Galloway.

Pyrroles disorder is something, it turns out, many of us have. Problem is, we don’t know it and Jules and I connected earlier this year when we were both diagnosed. It has been such a blessing.

Also known as kryptopyrroles or pyrrole disorder, pyroluria is an inherited condition where the body makes too much of a substance known as pyrroles, during the everyday production of haemoglobin. These pyrroles bind to your vitamin B6 and zinc, causing these precious nutrients to become excreted rather than absorbed. Eventually the condition manifests as a long term zinc and B6 deficiency, which can have far-reaching consequences for both physical and mental health.

Jules and I chat about treatment, identifying you’ve got it, symptoms and some of the things you can expect to improve if you do have it. It’s a great show and if you’ve ever experienced any mental health challenges or anxiety or symptoms due to these deficiencies, this is something absolutely worth tuning into.

Check out the show notes over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #17: Anxiety under the microscope with Shalani McCray  

In Show #17 on anxiety Alexx chats to holistic practitioner Shalani McCray who also happens to be an interfaith minister. She brings such soothing and practical wisdom around anxiety - its causes, what you can do to lessen it when experiencing it and what protocols to perhaps follow or areas to explore should you need help. In this chat she suggests we take superfoods off their universal pedestal, bring back what’s thought of often as bad, we talk about food production then move onto the

In this chat she suggests we take superfoods off their universal pedestal, bring back what’s thought of often as bad, we talk about food production then move onto the gut-brain connection, thought patterns, negative self-belief and so much more.

In true Shalani and Alexx style it’s a bumper conversation that spans every facet of the issue at hand, bound to provide a few ahas for anyone and everyone who listens to the show. “You can channel your energy into beating yourself up about something, or you can take your new information and say wow: think about what I could do with this new knowledge”. Don’t forget to check out the partner offer from ETTITUDE organic bedding and show notes over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #16: Hormone School for healthier hormones with Michele Chevelley-Hedge  

In this show, Alexx chats to nutritionist Michele Chevelley-Hedge about hormones.

We go through many of the major hormones - including stress, thyroid and sex hormones, look at what the symptoms of ‘out of whackness’ are, as well as explore tips on how to keep our hormones in check. With the amount of hormone disruptions from food and environmental sources in modern times, there’s never been a more important time to feel confident identifying when something’s not quite right and hormone balancing might be just the ticket!

You can access the show notes https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/.

Show #15 Fungimental - Saving the world with mushrooms  

In Show #15, Alexx has dug up a wonderful start up already amassing incredible impact by saving spent coffee grounds from major locations such as airport terminals, and the using them to grow mushrooms.

Phillip White founded Fungimental with tagline “Gourmet Taste from coffee waste” and aims to break the cycle of wastefulness through sustainable processes that utilize every possible morsel of waste.

Another central purpose of Fungimental is to reconnect people with the origins of the food they eat – showing everyone how easy it is to grow your own food! Yes - check out the show notes to see how you can buy a kit to pop spent coffee grounds from your local cafe into to get a kilo of gorgeous mushrooms in just a few weeks!

Enjoy the show and be prepared to be inspired by Phillip’s simple idea already proceeding incredible results.

Check out the show notes:


Show #14: Kelly Exeter talks a calm end to the year  

In Show #14 Alexx and Kelly both discuss strategies for not letting these typically busy months get the better of us - the buying, the eating, the drinking, the overwhelm...It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to explore setting some strategies to protect yourself from ‘silly season’ overwhelm, then this show will help you make it the ‘smart season’ instead.

Be sure to check out the show notes for further resources. https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #13: Dr Stephen Sinatra on holistic heart health  

In Show #13, Alexx chats to renowned integrative cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra. He’s a nutritional therapist and psychotherapist and a big believer that patients are a doctor’s greatest teachers. They talk about rigidity in the medical profession. Rigidity is the

They talk about rigidity in the medical profession. Rigidity is the Achilles heel of the doctor - believing that whatever we learn in med school then stands still as truth for the rest of their practising years? Well, that just makes no sense!

They also discuss vital nutrients needed for healthy heart function, whether or not butter is GREEN LIGHT, how to have conversations with your doctor around cholesterol and statins, when statins are useful and when they are not, where lifestyle and nutrient therapy would be enough to produce great heart health results, the redefining of the thinking that cholesterol is our enemy, and more that cholesterol is your friend.

Dr Sinatra also talks about the power of crying and laughing and what patients really need to heal successfully. Show notes can be found at

Show notes can be found at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ as can this week’s partner offer for RoseHip Plus skin range at 25% off! Enjoy.

Show #12: How toilet paper is saving the world with Simon Griffiths  

Show #12 and Alexx chats to the founder of social enterprise “Who Gives a Crap” about how he came to realise social entrepreneurship was going to be his business model style, his desire to help out in the clean water space in developing countries and the many things he’s learnt along the way.

This chat is awesome because so often we see these wonder brands online and everything looks perfect and fun and fabulous, but behind them are hard working, honest people with big dreams to change the world in some way and make a positive contribution.

Spending time with such people reminds us so powerfully, that where our dollars are spent is how our world evolves.

Today’s show notes and partner offer can be found on the Low Tox Life website.

Show #11: Self-care with Brodie Welch  

In Show # 11, Alexx chats to Brodie Welch, L.ac, Chinese Medical practitioner and self care strategist - because who doesn’t need a little more self care, right?

They chat about Qi, Jung, Yin, Yang, self-care, foods that stimulate a healthy liver, detoxification in general, energy stagnation and get technical on seasonal eating in relation to Yin and Yang.

It’s such a juicy chat and one that will definitely give you insight into how to bring a sense of balance - both physical and mental, into your life. By the end of this chat you'll be setting yourselves a self care assignment!

Check out the show notes and share your self care assignment promise, over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #10: Buy Me Once with Tara Button  

This week Alexx chats to Tara Button, ex ad exec turned conscious consumer advocate with her pioneering business “Buy Me Once”.

Buy Me Once calls on people to focus on investing in items that will last a lifetime, as opposed to engaging in the current cycle of getting good, cheap deals and constantly buying lesser quality items.

Alexx and Tara talk about some of the tricks employed by advertisers to get us hooked on things we don’t need, the inception of Buy Me Once and her hopes for what it will bring to people.

Launched currently in the USA and the UK and soon to be in Australia and Canada, Tara is a woman on a mission to spread the “buy less, buy better” love.

Enjoy the show and don’t miss your amazing partner offer from Weleda Australia (Australian residents only). Show notes can be found at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/


Show #9: Saving our SKIN - Skin issues and fixes  

Today, Alexx chats to naturopath Liezel Barnard about the major skin disorders - psoriasis, eczema, hives and dermatitis.

They chat about their differences, causes, prevention (1 in 3 people get at least one of these!) and the support we can get both with our own lifestyle changes and what foods we eat, the sun we get and products we use, as well as what to do and when to see a doctor or naturopath when needed.

Strong skin often comes from within, so they discuss gut health AND how to have a super healthy immune system, which is inextricably linked to gut health. As always, you can check out today’s show notes at www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast 


Show #8: Sleep: Be a sleep ninja with Alex Fergus  

Today is Show #8 and Alexx chats to Alex Fergus about setting ourselves up for an awesome night’s sleep.

They talk sleep hacks, blue lights, bedroom conditions, tech-free experiments, establishing routines and - believe it or not - many more things that Alex has studied to produce great sleep for his super busy clients.

With a great night’s sleep we can achieve anything, so listen to the show, see what you can do to tweak what you’re doing in the bedroom, and start experimenting. Better sleep = happier peeps so cheers to that and enjoy the show!

For the show notes head to: http://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast and at the top of the show notes, don’t forget to make the most of our ETTITUDE organic bamboo bed linen offer of 10% off until the end of August when you use the offer code: sleepbetter.

Show #7: Deficiency Detective - What you might be missing!  

Today, Alexx speaks with Dr Leila Masson, a paediatrician she’s invited on the show to discuss deficiencies. And while Dr Masson is a paediatrician, the information she shares is as much for adults as it is for kids - there’s plenty for everyone in this show.

So often we have symptoms that leave us feeling below par, and so often there are simple fixes - whether it’s lifestyle change, supplementation or another little tweak to something going on.

Today’s chat with Leila Mason walks through super common nutrients and their deficiencies - magnesium, zinc, selenium and omega 3s. There are so many symptoms connected to these deficiencies and so many things we can do to correct them - whether by the food we eat, the stress we expose ourselves to, or working with a practitioner to address a bigger need and supplementation required.

Enjoy today’s show and as always you can head to the show notes www.lowtoxlife/podcast for more info and further resources, as well as our very first partner offer - 10% off with Ettitude organic lyocell bamboo bedding via our special link www.ettitude.com/lowtoxlife, and using the offer code: sleepbetter. We spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed, so make it good for you and for the planet, right?

Show # 6: Pasture raised animals - can it be good for the planet? With regenerative farmer, Paul Greive  

In this show - one for the omnivores among us - Alexx chats to 1st generation regenerative farmer Paul Grieve of Primal Pastures, California.

How does a man go from the US Navy to a regenerative farmer? Learn what threw Paul into the deep end and why he now passionately believes that farming animals can be a sustainable, good-for-the-planet thing.

Alexx and Paul also talk about the choices you have to make as a farming business, species appropriate food and its impact, why pasture-raised trumps everything (even more than what the animals eat) and what we can do to afford better quality meats and not have our food bills go through the roof when ‘trading up’.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to head to the show notes http://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast

Show #5: Ethical Fashion and building an ethical fashion brand with Hannah Parris  

In the 5th and final 'launch week' show, Alexx chats to Hannah Parris, an economics Phd turned ethical fashion expert and entrepreneur.

Based in London, Hannah shares what's happening at the forefront of ethical fashion, why we should transition away from fast and untraceable fashion, how to buy less and feel great about it, how much better organic and ethical fashion is for people and planet, GMO vs organic cotton farming, GOTS certification and what it means, building an ethical underwear brand and more - lots more!

You'll leave this episode filled with hope for how many simple things we can do today to create less waste from fashion and help shape a future where ethical fasgion is the norm.  

The show notes for today's episode are invaluable, with a compilation of resources on where to buy organic ethical clothes, associations and apps to follow for trusted information and more.

Head to http://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast and hashtag #lowtoxlife or ping @Alexx_Stuart online to keep the conversation going.

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Tune in for show #6 in a fortnight, with a wonderful regenerative-focused Californian farmer, Paul Griev.

Show #4: Pesticides: What you need to know, with Tabitha McIntosh  

In the 4th Show of the Low Tox Life podcast, Alexx chats to Tabitha McIntosh, clinical nutritionist, naturopath and soon to be author with Hay House publishing.

Pesticides can be scary to delve into, but how can we work on what we refuse to learn about? In this episode Alexx and Tabitha talk about the pesticides of the past and present, how they're affecting our bodies, how they minimise pesticide residue, the top crops to avoid, the ones not to worry too much about, tips for cost friendly organics and detoxing from pesticide residues.

It's a organic jam packed (see what I did there?) talk and today's show notes are super useful resources to continue the conversation and learning over at http://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast.

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Show #3: Your brain: How to sleep to be your cleverest self with Dr Fiona Kerr  

In today's show - Show #3 on the Low Tox Life podcast - Alexx chats to Dr Fiona Kerr, a reknowned expert on all things BRAIN. Together they demystify the complexities of sleep in relation to our brain, covering topics such as;

fostering a really healthy body and brain, and the capacity of our amazing body what’s hindering our sleep today? how to focus on what we can achieve (rather than what we can’t!)   the importance of smell to the brain how to get through the newborn / small children sleep haze stressful periods at work the benefit of naps! and our capacity to constantly build new brain cells – via sleep.

There are ways for every single one of us to improve our quality of sleep! For the Show notes head to http://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast and use our hashtag #lowtoxlife to keep the chats going online.

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