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Hello! Thanks for being curious about the Low Tox Life podcast. I'm Alexx Stuart, your host, and after writing and researching on health and sustainability for many years at lowtoxlife.com, I am thrilled to bring this podcast to you as an extension of the online community. The concept of living a Low Tox Life is one that rejects perfection, black and white notions of there only being one way to 'do it right'. Instead, we take a relaxed and curious approach to better choices to incorporate into our lives as and if they fit. Low Tox therefore instead of 'no tox' which to most of us who aren't on an off grid hippy commune, just isn't achievable. There's nothing more that makes me sad than having people quit before they begin because you feel like a failure. Let's feel awesome about what we can learn and do from today! On this show, we cover lots of low tox topics around sustainability, health, fashion, farming, lowering our toxic load and mind happiness and with the brilliant minds I'm so grateful to chat with, I just know you'll be inspired as I am from each show. Enjoy, subscribe, pop the kettle on and most importantly: Welcome!


Show #45:  Intermittent fasting and the 5:2 Diet with Naturopath Naomi Judge  

There’s a lot of buzz around intermittent fasting and the 5:2 diets over the past couple of year BUT: Are they for everyone?

What do we need to consider before embarking upon either? How do they differ? And are there therapeutic benefits or dangers in either of them? These are the questions and more that Alexx asks Naomi to shed light on today so that if you were to consider giving them a go, you’ve taken your own health factors into account and you know what the signs of either success or them not being the right thing for you right now might be.

Lots of great info and a little curiosity challenge set for us all, too.

Find the show notes and links to Naomi’s amazing resources over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #44: Constipation with Naturopath, Lynda Griparic  

Alexx launched this podcast nearly a year ago, with a passion for bringing you all aspects of the low tox life - toxin reduction information, inspirational eco businesses doing right by people and planet, health topics for the body and mind to help us live our best lives…

The very first show was the infamous “Poopcast” all about poop, and if you thought there was only one show in the topic, you’d be wrong ;-)

This week we talk all about constipation with Lynda who is highly specialised in the the area and what’s brilliant is, it’s a super practical, can-do show to help you and anyone you know, get moving. Our bowels aren’t our only detox point, but they’re an important one, and the ramifications of NOT going, can be many.

Enjoy the show and for the show sponsor offer and notes head to www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast

Show #43: Hygge and the Happiness paradox with Meik Wiking  

This week Alexx your host, chats to the wonderful Meik Wiking - A man with an idea to research happiness who then founded the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark - the happiest country on earth.

In this show they discuss 2 things. Firstly, The Happiness Paradox - what makes Denmark a recurring winner of the title “Happiest country in the world” and why the happiest countries in the world don’t have the lowest suicide rates. Secondly, they go on to chat about Hygge and his New York Times best seller: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living well.

It’s a meaningful chat and one Alexx knows you’ll be able to take on the challenge we set for all listeners this week with gusto.

See the show notes and they show supporter offer over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #42: The many personalities of bacteria with Kirsty Wirth  

Alexx absolutely adores meeting a fellow nerd - someone who passionately digs and digs into all the wonderful areas we can go on various aspects of health and wellbeing.

Like Alexx, Kirsty Wirth came to start her journey of digging due to health challenges - her gut woes and her son’s autism diagnosis. What that diagnosis did was propel her to become an expert on all things related to gut health, including an encyclopaedic knowledge of the role of individual probiotic strains.

In today’s chat Alexx and Kirsty discuss the benefits of certain probiotic strains as well as the hindrance of other certain bacteria strains to feeling your best. They talk dysbiosis, leaky gut, histamine, autism, pathogens, parasite cleansing and SO MUCH MORE.

Enjoy the show and check out the show partner offer and show notes here www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast

Show #41: Oral Myology for children's health  

In this week’s show, Alexx chats to Cole Clayton, who after career searching for much of his 20s, he tuned into his sadness for the state of health of so many kids today and became a health coach, specialising in kids.

His passion for helping kids thrive matches Alexx's own but his approach is different and she found it wonderful to chat to him about his passion for Oral Myology and helping mouth-breathing kids correct the reasons they’re mouth breathing (not having mouth closed as default position) and the impact that sleeping with your mouth closed can have on energy, brain function, behaviour, sinus health and more.

If you’re a parent or simply interested in out of the box therapies and their impact, this is definitely a show you’ll enjoy - not to mention getting to know this easy going, passionate man on a quest for better children’s health.

The show notes can be found here: www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast

Show #40: Master your mean girl with Melissa Ambrosini  

What do you do when you drive yourself to the ground - or in this case, to the hospital bed - amidst a successful acting career, working, partying non-stop and being super unkind to your body? You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and teach all you’ve learnt about rebuilding a healthy life for yourself, to 1000s of women around the world through coaching, motivation, and mean girl mastering.

Melissa exudes health, joy, and an unashamed appreciation for her own self-care, that inspires all who cross her path to ditch the guilt and have the darn massage. If you struggle with finding the space in your life to be kind to yourself and fill up your cup, you absolutely need this chat in your ears while you take a walk in your favourite spot and remind yourself that with your own health and vitality comes the ability to do all the things you want for others.

Check out the show notes to connect with Melissa’s work further https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #39: Indira Naidoo - An accidental gardener!  

This week Alexx chats to a household Australian name - Indira Naidoo. From being the youngest anchor on the ABC to creating the “shonky awards” for CHOICE magazine, targeting false advertisers and crazy claims, to chance meeting that meant becoming a best selling author inspiring 1000s of people to grow food no matter how much or little space you have at home, Indira has plenty of interesting stories to share this week while she gives us a peek inside her life, her why and how we can all be a part of the progress we want to see towards a healthier planet.

Enjoy the show and connect with her work as well as making the most of our show sponsor offer over in the show notes https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #38:  MTHFR and other genes with naturopath Carolyn Ledowsky  

This is a cracker of a jam-packed show where Alexx discusses the relevance of the MTHFR mutation with naturopath Carolyn Ledowsky along with a few other key genes, and why, for people who’ve hit a real road blog in bettering their health, gene testing can be not only useful but essential - especially in the matters of chronic illness and preconception care.

If you know someone who hasn’t had a baby yet or has struggled to fall pregnant - please, Alex implores you to share this show with them. For everyone else? SO MANY HEALTH WISDOM NUGGETS. Enjoy the show and the show notes and show sponsor details from Moonbird can be found here


Show #37: Low Tox Travel Tips with Alexx  

This week Alexx has you guys all to herself. After her recent travels, she has been asked a load of questions over and over again about travelling low tox. So? It’s just her this week and she's sharing her best low tox travel tips when it comes to food you can and can’t take aboard, movement, preventing swelling, indispensable products to take with you and sustainable choices you can make to save on single-use plastics.

By the end of this show, you will be brimming with ideas to make your next travels more sustainable as well as knowing not how to look like a pale grey puffer fish with scaly skin - nobody needs that, right?

Show #36: Fall in love with BEES with Nick Ritar  

In this week’s show, Alexx chats to Nick Ritar after promising to bring him back again to discuss bees. If you were never really interested in bees before, trust us when we say you will well and truly fall in love with them, as well as understanding what you can do to protect them. Nick’s positive attitude and gentle way of helping people

If you were never really interested in bees before, trust us when we say you will well and truly fall in love with them, as well as understanding what you can do to protect them. 

Nick’s positive attitude and gentle way of helping people make shifts in understanding and appreciation of nature, makes us excited to protect our bees, rather than wrapped in all the doom and gloom of “the bees are dying”. Nick shares many ways we can protect these amazing little nature ninjas into the future, starting from our every day. Enjoy this

Enjoy this heartfelt window into what a bee lover sees and you never know - you may well become one yourself!

Check out the show notes over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #35: Alex Fergus PT talks Exercise  

There’s a lot of stress around exercise and there need not be. Alexx has brought Alex Fergus PT & Health coach to top executives back on the show (remember their sleep chat last year?) 

Alex’s down to earth nature and relaxed attitude will have you understanding the importance of exercise, sure, but how little one needs to to to get big returns as well as tips to incorporate movement throughout the day that doesn’t need to be in the form of a ‘focused class’. If you want to learn about

If you want to learn about the effectiveness of exercise and getting bang for your buck, this show will be perfect for you. The show notes can be found here https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #34: Chiropractic and Neuro Emotional Technique  

Dr Gina Martins and Dr Evan Sgamotta are wonderful holistic practitioners that Alexx has invited on the show to discuss not only the field of Chiropractic and to give you a better understanding of its breadth, but also one of its star components - Neuro Emotional Technique.

NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions and the examples they give during our chat will definitely highlight the potential for its power in keeping your emotional / physiological responses in check, clearing tensions and blocks when they build up.

You can find the show notes for today’s episode here https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #33: The connection between your mouth and sleep with Dr Ron Ehrlich  

What do the mouth and sleep have to do with each other? Well, it turns out one heck of a lot.

Dr Ron Ehrlich, a holistic dentist talks us through the many ways that our oral health can affect our sleep. As Ron says, to treat just the mouth is crazy, when it’s attached to a whole body.

Grab a paper and pen to make notes for this amazing show lifting the lid on sleep through the lens of the holistic dental profession. Find the show notes here https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/ 

Show #32: Creating a sustainable hair industry with Paul Frasca  

In this show Alexx chats to Sustainable Salons Australia co-founder Paul Frasca about his incredible, community building business, recycling as much as 95% of the hair salon’s waste and turning it into some seriously useful things.

We talk about just how much wastage there is in the hair industry, what the various waste items can actually be recycled for, how he’s set the business up and where to next.

It’s an inspiring chat with a guy who instead of leaving his industry to ‘do something more sustainable’ decided to stay right where he was and make HIS industry more sustainable. 

Show #31: How the humble seaweed might save the world with marine scientist Pia Weinerg  

Sea vegetables to save the world. In this episode, Alexx chats to Dr Pia Weinberg. Winberg has a PhD in marine ecology from the University of Wollongong. She now heads a company, Venus Shell Systems, which is working to take the science of marine biological systems and apply it commercially by creating a new Australian aquaculture industry: the sustainable growing and farming of seaweed and algae.

They talk about the sustainability potential of responsible sea vegetable farming, the nutritional benefits, the fish industry in general, prawn farming and much, much more.

Show notes can be found at www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast   

Show #30: Let trauma go with TRE and Sharon Mullan  

In this show, Alexx chats to counsellor and TRE therapist Sharon Mullan.

If you’ve not heard of TRE before, basically it’s a series of exercises that enable a tremor to develop in your legs, then onto your upper body and arms. It is proving to be an incredible way for the body to release trauma and tension and in the chat they discuss how it came about, the science behind it as well as the science that continues to emerge, who it can be of help to, and how it can become a tool for the rest of our lives.

Show Notes:

For full access to links and resources mentioned in today's episode, head over to Low Tox Life Continue the conversation on social by using #lowtoxlife Don't forget to subscribe via iTunes, so you never miss an episode!
Show #29: Permaculture - better by design, with Nick from Milkwood Permaculture  

Permaculture is a term that people feel they understand but when we dive right in there, it means so very much more than having a compost and growing veggies with sustainability in mind.

Nick shares with Alexx how he came to found Milkwood permaculture and shares the breadth of what permaculture design actually covers. There are so many little nuggets of wisdom to take away from this chat to help you think about your beautiful life in the context of how we design it and what we can learn to do the best by people and plan that we can.

For the show notes and this month’s show supporter offer, head to https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

Show #28: The Horary Cycle with Brodie Welch L.ac  

In this show, Alexx invites Brodie Welch, Chinese Medicine practitioner and self-care strategist to return on the show and discuss the Horary cycle and the many things we can do to support a healthy cycle with yin and yang energy, optimising digestive fire, liver health, sugar balance and even tackling travel and shift work situations.

It’s a show packed with information to take you deeper in understanding Chinese medicine philosophy for a strong, z body and perfect if you’ve always wanted to know how to optimise the basics like food, elimination, sleep, digestion and Qi life force. Show notes can be found over at www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast 

Show #27: Sprinkling meditation through your day with Paul Von Bergen  

In this heartfelt personal chat, Alexx discovers Billabong Retreat founder Paul Von Bergen’s deeply personal motivations for creating a retreat as well as the rather big learning curves he experienced along his way to a less ‘ego and stuff’ driven life.

Paul, now a meditation and yoga teacher, was once an ad exec attracting children towards smoking. Paul shares beautiful wisdom to help us all, as he calls it, sprinkle meditation throughout our day along with his favourite breathing exercise to generate true calm (it happens to be Alexx’s favourite too!) 

Show #26: Food, movement and optimisation with Steph Lowe  

This week Alexx chats to Steph Lowe, sports nutritionist and avid proponent for a real, wholefoods approach.

What they chat about however, goes beyond the basics and into food for various types of movement goals and habits, ad how best to support your movement with your food choices and vice versa.

Covering carbohydrate levels for activity types as well as for fat loss and sugar balancing, it’s a chat packed with nuggets to help you towards your best energy and results.  

Check out the show notes over at https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

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