Lunch Out Loud Ottawa

Lunch Out Loud Ottawa


We are a podcast that features the people, places, events and music that make Ottawa an incredible city to live in! It is a weekly 30 minute show that features a guest, some music from a local band and events for the upcoming week.


Ep 139- Alain Miguelez & The Stringers  

We meet up with city planner, Alain Miguelez, who just wrote a book called "Transforming Ottawa" about the Jacques Greber city plan that really did transform this city. We talk street cars, Lebreton, the car built city, Union Station and so much more. Such a great book. We did the episode at a Breather in Ottawa and music this week from The Stringers!

Ep 138- Marc Adornato & Iconoclast  

This week we meet up with the very talented artist, Marc Adornato, with whom you have seen his work all over the city. We talk about his incredible Fake-cation to Venezeula, some past art exhibits, time management, his future exhibit and how artists can make money in Ottawa. The music this week is from Iconoclast's great new album, They Were Right About Us.

Ep 137- Running Room's Phil Marsh & Sounds of Stories  

We meet up with Phil Marsh from the Running Room to talk all things winter running, the fun aspects of running with a group, National Health & Fitness day, his work with many charities, parliamentarians, special olympics and olympians of all types! Such a value packed interview. Jenn from @foodiePrints talks about 3 upcoming events and music from the up and coming Sounds of Stories!

Ep 136- Wallack's Art & Mackenzie Rhythm Section  

We meet up with Michael Wallack, the owner of long-time Ottawa staple in the art community, Wallack's Art Supplies this week! We talk about all things art in Ottawa, how the family got started, why go to a professional framer, the other services they offer, the new gallery opening and so much more! Jenn from @foodiePrints lets us know about some great events and the music comes from the kinds of Soul Step, Mackenzie Rhythm Section!

Ep 135- Jason Daley, Albert Wong & Loon Choir  

We meet up with Jason Daley, a mentor/builder/deal maker with the Ottawa entrepreneur community, and Albert Wong, director of Junior Achievement Ottawa/Causeway Work Centre director, to talk all things youth entrepreneurship, Ottawa 2017, and so much more! So interesting! Jenn from @foodiePrints tells us about 3 upcoming events and songs from Loon Choir's new album!

Ep 134- Dylan Black & Wicked Grin  

We meet up with Boom 99.7 host and Daytime Ottawa co-host Dylan Black to talk all things local radio and his hundreds of charities that he gives his time to. He is truly an inspiring man in this city and you should get to know him a little more! Music this week from the awesome blues band, Wicked Grin!

Ep 133- Ottawa Eco District & The Tackies  

We meet up with Don Grant, executive director of the Ottawa Centre Eco District to talk all things about it, how it will benefit all of us, the successes so far, what we can expect and so much more! Sustainable Energy for all! Jenn from @foodiePrints comes on to talk about markets, Food and Wine shows and bakery anniversaries and music this week from The Tackies! Hope you enjoy!

Ep 132- Operation Come Home & Bosveld  

We meet up with Elspeth from Operation Come Home to talk all things about what they do to combat youth homelessness, the Repurpose store, the many social programs available for the youth and how you can help and get involved! Such a great episode! Jenn from @foodiePrints comes on to talk about 3 upcoming beer themed events and music this week from Bosveld!

Ep 131- Ottawa International Film Festival & Old Stereo  

We meet up with Nina Bains, the director of the annual Ottawa International Film Festival to talk all things about the awesome event, their humble beginnings, the state of the industry in Ottawa, the OIFF 72 hour film festival and so much more! @foodiePrints introduces us to a couple upcoming events and music this week is from the amazing Old Stereo!

Ep 130- Rideau Pines Farm & Tariq Anwar  

We meet up with farmer Matt from Rideau Pines Farm to discuss our gleaning with the Parkdale Food Centre, what they produce on the farm, which restaurants use their produce, other events that they host at the farm and much more! A huge support local episode during the support local month! Music this week from the awesome Tariq Anwar!

Ep 129- Ian Capstick & Orienteers  

We meet up with Ian Capstick, founding partner of, to talk about his innovative company and all things politics ahead of the election. He is Ottawa's election guru and we were honoured to have him on! Jenn from @foodiePrints comes on to talk about 4 upcoming events and music this week is from Orienteers! Enjoy!!

Ep 128- Tuan Nguyen & Rory Gardiner  

This week we meet up with Tuan Nguyen who is a business and life leader in Ottawa. He will be the keynote speaker in the upcoming Ottawa Business Summit and started CASCO the Telfer School of Business among many,many other great things in the city that you can learn about in the episode. Jenn from @foodiePrints lets us know about some great events and the music this week is from the amazing Rory Gardiner!

Ep 127- Holland's Cake and Shake & Suits N Toques  

This week we meet up with the pastry overlord, Michael Holland, owner of Holland's Cake and Shake on Armstrong street. He comes up with a new menu of sandwiches and desserts every week and has never intentionally duplicated any of them. One of the most creative restaurants in the city for sure! We had a special guest co-host Shawn Macdonell and music this week was from Suits N' Toques! Of course at halftime Jenn from @foodiePrints came on and told us about 3 events!

Ep 126- Jody Mitic & Alex Silas & the Subterraneans  

Our first 2-time guest! A lot has changed in Jody's life between his first appearance and now so we had to talk to him about being a new author and city councillor! Lots of great insights to writing, doing the media rounds and great info on being a brand new councillor and what it entails. Jenn from @foodiePrints comes on to talk Baconpalooza and Alex Silas & The Subterraneans treat us to some great music!

Ottawa Bluesfest Review Show Part 2!  

Internet went down during Part 1 so here is the recap of the 2015 Bluesfest with our top 5 acts overall and top 3 local acts of the festival. We had Aedan Helmer from Ottawa Sun, Elly Laberge from Eventful Capital and Julie from Couch Assassin!

2015 Ottawa Bluesfest Review Show Part 1  

It's time again for our annual review show! This year we are joined by Aedan from The Ottawa Sun, Elly from Eventful Capital and Julie from Couch Assassin. We review the whole festival, what we liked, some things we might not have and give some top 5 and 3 lists at the end! Hope you enjoy!

Ep 125- Gymtrack & Silvergun & Spleen  

Wow, you are going to want to listen to this one! We meet up with Lee, co-founder of GYMTRACK, to talk about this revolutionary company that will change the athletic training industry forever. We talk about what the product is,how they started up, mentors in Ottawa, their big break in Montreal, their future and so much more! Such an inspirational episode! Music this week from Silvergun & Spleen and of course, Jenn from foodiePrints at half-time!

Ep 124- seoplus+ & Renee Landry  

We meet up with Brock and Krista from the ever growing seoplus+ to talk all things SEO, the future of social media, what they do exactly, how companies in Ottawa can increase sales, their CRM, being a Google Partner and so much more! We love our business episodes! Jen from @foodiePrints lets us know about 3 great events and music this week from Renee Landry who will be at Bluesfest July 19th!

Ep 123- Wesley Clover Farms & Estan  

We meet up with Karen Sparks, the executive directors of Wesley Clover Parks, to talk about all things the Wesley Clover foundation and its goals, the park ground, the future of the location, the Ottawa International Horse Show, Ottawa Horse Day, the upcoming Shania Twain concert and so much more! Jenn from @foodiePrints reviews the new Social restaurant in the market and music this week is from Estan!!

Ottawa Summer Music Festival Preview  

Nick joins Ming Wu from CHUO's No Filter, Julie Cormier-Doiron from Couch Assassin and Peter Simpson from the Ottawa Citizen to talk about all things Ottawa music festivals. The festivals we talk about are Westfest, Dragonboat Festival, Jazz Fest, Ottawa Explosion, Bluesfest, Arboretum festival and City Folk! Jammed packed! If you love music, I hope you love this episode!

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