Lynchland: The Liam Lynch Podcast

Lynchland: The Liam Lynch Podcast

United States

Lynchland is a variety show created and hosted by director, writer, musician Liam Lynch.


Lynchland Episode 25  

The prophecies of soothsayer, Totesdramus are revealed in Lynchland Episode 25. Witness visions of Mankind's future and the end of life itself. 

Lynchland Episode 24  

Liam survives in the wilds of his yard, for 5 days, using only his training and instinct.

Lynchland Episode 23  

After a year long break, Liam Lynch's homemade show, "Lynchland" is back on the air! This crazy Sci Fi episode, has lots ofguests including Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz. Enjoy the chaos!

Lynchland Episode 22  

Experience the strange and mystical world of the paranormal. Ghosts, dimensional portals, and bananas all haunt this weird episode of Lynchland.

Lynchland Episode 21  

All music special! All new songs and videos straight from Lynchland.

Viewer Mail 10  

Liam has a special guest and discusses a cool website, talks about two new music releases, gives a tour of the Lynchland prop room, and of course, answers viewer's emails.

Lynchland Episode 20  

Liam a wakes up in the future. A strange journey through time, memories, alien worlds, music and bunnies. Special Guests.

Viewer Mail 9  

Liam rings in the new year by answering emails and sharing news. Lynchland is Liam's online show, but Viewer Mail is Liam's personal vlog.

Lynchland Episode 19  

Special all music edition of Lynchland. Turn it up!

Viewer Mail 8  

Liam talks about news, answers emails and talks with Jessie Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal.

Lynchland Episode 18  

Liam goes on a wild and mystical quest beyond the gates of Lynchland

Lynchland Episode 17  

Liam searches the caverns of his mind.


Liam gets a job at the Natural History Museum. Songs. Animations. Creatures of the night.

Viewer Mail Episode 7  

Liam updates on news and answers emails.

Lynchland Episode 15  

Liam enjoys some fake nature with a few of Lynchlands animal friends. Animations. Music. Children under three eat for free.

Viewer Mail Episode 6  

Liam answers emails and talks about stuff. Unlike the Lynchland episodes, the Viewer Mail episodes are more like a Vlog than a program.

Lynchland Episode 14  

Liam is kidnapped. Special guest interview. Animations. Sifl and Olly. The incredible digestive system of the turtle.

Lynchland Episode 13  

Liam is paid a visit by his Fairy Godfathers. They never seem to help him, only give him options. Classic performances. Crappy Magic and Talking Socks.

Lynchland Episode 12  

This episode has it all. Action, adventure, a surprise guest, and socks. What else is there?

Viewer Mail Episode 5  

Liam answers your emails. News on Episode 12 and Finnigan Forcefield.

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