Mac Quick Tips

Mac Quick Tips

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Shortcuts and techniques to help you and your business get the most out of Mac OS X, iWork and other Apple products. Brought to you by your local Apple Store and the Apple Business team.


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The Get Info Inspector Panel  

If you’d like to access the Get Info panel for multiple files, we’ll show an easy way to view this information, without launching a window for each file.

Quick Look in Trash  

Have you ever tried to open a file that was located in the Trash? Chances are you’ve seen the prompt which asks you to move the file out of the trash first. In this tip, we’ll show you how to quickly view the contents of fles in your trash, without restoring them.

Email Rules  

Save yourself some time in filing your email by setting up some rules in Mail to do the sorting for you.

Advanced Find  

In this tip, we’ll show you to do an advanced search in a Finder window.

Download Defensively  

When you download an application from the internet, Mac OS X tags the application and informs you the first time it is launched. We’ll show you how to make sure you know the application source, helping to keep your Mac secure.

Open Finder from Spotlight  

When doing a Spotlight search, you may wish to find the location of an item of interest, rather than opening it from the search results. In this tip, we’ll show you how.

Finder Path Bar  

Need to know the path to a file or folder? We’ll show you a few ways to display this information right in the FInder window.

Managing Multiple Windows  

Throughout your workday you’re likely opening several applications, each with several windows. In this tip, we’ll show a few ways to manage all these windows.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts  

Find yourself using a command often, perhaps a command for which there is no keyboard shortcut? In this tip, we’ll show you how to create your very own custom keyboard shortcut.

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