MacBreak (iPod video)

MacBreak (iPod video)

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MacBreak 356: Title: 3D Particle Emitter Tricks  

Mark Spencer and Andy Neil discuss using Motion's particle emitter to design rotating 3D particle clouds.

MacBreak 355: Title: Tangent's iPad Control Surface for Apple's Color  

Don't want to spend thousands on a control surface for Apple's Color? Then use Tangent's free control surface on your iPad. Steve and Taz take this amazing little app for a test drive.

MacBreak 354: Title: Working with Photoshop 3D Objects in After Effects  

Steve demonstrates how to import a 3D-rendered Photoshop file into After Effects and work on it using AE's full compliment of animation tools.

MacBreak 353: Title: Using Aperture to Manage and Edit Time-lapse Images  

Steve shows Brian why Aperture should be part of your workflow when shooting time-lapse images on your DLSR.

MacBreak 352: Title: Creating an Animated 3D Globe in Motion  

LA-based editor and motion graphics artist Andy Neil shows Mark Spencer how to create a animated 3D Globe effect in Motion 4.

MacBreak 351: Title: Colorista II  

Brian and Mark look at Red Giant's powerful color grading plug-in Colorista II for Final Cut Pro.

MacBreak 350: Title: Macworld 2011: Convenience  

Alex Lindsay, Cali Lewis, and iJustine show some items for your convenience.

MacBreak 349: Title: Macworld 2011: Office Utilities  

Alex Lindsay and Cali Lewis demonstrate some utilities to streamline office workflow.

MacBreak 348: Title: Macworld 2011: Fun Tools  

Cali Lewis shows us a projector for the iPod or iPhone that also serves as a charging dock and Brian Gary talks with Joseph Nilo from Hilo media about a new way to manage your Final Cut plugins!

MacBreak 347: Title: Macworld 2011: Fun Apps  

Alex Lindsay and iJustine scout out the coolest apps at Macworld 2011.

MacBreak 346: Title: Macworld 2011: iPad Pt. 2  

Cali Lewis and Brian Gary show off the newest iPad holders.

MacBreak 345: Title: Macworld 2011: iPad  

Cali Lewis and Alex Lindsay show off the newest iPad holders.

MacBreak 344: Title: Macworld 2011: Sound  

Brian Gary and iJustine delve into some cool sound-related programs and devices at Macworld 2011.

MacBreak 343: Title: Macworld 2011: Music Pt 2  

Brian Gary and Alex Lindsay show off some of the newest music gadgets for your Mac.

MacBreak 342: Title: Macworld 2011: Music  

iJustine and Brian Gary show off some of the newest music gadgets for your Mac.

MacBreak 341: Title: Macworld 2011: Cases  

Alex Lindsay and iJustine show off the newest cases at Macworld 2011.

MacBreak 340: Title: Digital Rebellion  

Jon Chappell of Digital Rebellion shows Brian Gary how to keep Final Cut Pro's system neat, tidy and running smoothly using Digital Rebellion's handy toolset.

MacBreak 339: Title: Conduit  

Pixelcorps member Kevin Hansen shows Mark Spencer how to use a nodal compositor inside of Apple's Motion.

MacBreak 338: Title: Camera Scaling  

Brian Gary and Mark Spencer look at what does it mean to scale a camera and why you would want to.

MacBreak 337: Title: Publishing Aperture Images to MobileMe  

Wendi Berman-Gary shows Mark Spencer how to quickly and easily publish and manage a set of images directly from Aperture to MobileMe.

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