Made Of Human with Sofie Hagen

Made Of Human with Sofie Hagen

United Kingdom

Sofie Hagen talks to people she likes or dislikes about being a human being in order to try and become a proper one of them.


16. Dane Baptiste - They’re not goodies, they’re police  

This is a different one. We barely touch upon mental health or weirdnesses or introversion, but instead we have a very important talk about the US election, the fascination with nostalgia, cool mothers, racism, feminism, masculinity, teachers, capitalism, voting, basically, anything worth discussing.



15. Miranda Kane - Have I put several buttplugs into someone’s ass? Yes.  

Sofie talks to Miranda Kane and learns English as they talk about assertiveness, sex work, the forgotten Blue-song, more sex work, cuddling, friendship and mothers.     

14. Susan Calman - Your psychiatric ward or mine? (PART TWO)  

Part two. 

Sofie talks to Susan about not being one of the cool kids and the big D (depression, not dick). TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of suicide, self harm and depression.

13. Susan Calman - Look! There’s a wee lesbian on the telly! (PART ONE)  


Sofie talks to the amazing Susan Calman about wanting to be a movie star, struggles with femininity, going to comedy shows alone, being a weirdo, Thatcher, homophobia, cool women in comedy, being sexy, doing a tv-show together and the topic of school which turns into a much more serious conversation, which will carry on in part two. 

  Correction: The allegations against Mike Pence were found to not be true, but he is still a monster*:   *Sofie's words.   The MohPod is online: Twitter: @podmoh Facebook: Website:   
12. Avery Edison - Can you tessellate the cheese?  

Sofie talks to her good old friend comedian Avery Edison about being aspiring directors, teen shame, hating fruit, beautiful people and suicide and depression. 

11. Sadia Azmat - Listen, Oprah, woman, I ain’t got time for this  

Sofie talks to comedian Sadia Azmat about Bill Hicks sucking on microphones, Ghostbusters, trolling, stereotypes, labels, ISIS, dating and surprisingly… Brangelina.   Facebook Group: Twitter: Website:    

10. Felicity Ward - I had to fuck a bunch of people  

Sofie speak to Felicity Ward about crying, anxiety, toilets, bodies, family, school bullies, feeling like a slut and survival techniques. 

9. Dan Schreiber - I always bring books to nightclubs  

Sofie speaks to the lovely Dan Schreiber (from 'No Such Thing As A Fish') about small villages in horror films, books, beauty and the beast, the war between dorks and geeks, conspiracy theories, nerdy experts and how we love them, antisemitism, squealing after Louis Theroux, about thinking Australia is China and more.



8. Sara Pascoe - But why are you angry with Kim Jong-il?  

Sofie talks to Sara Pascoe about ealousy, friendships, break-ups, all of that political correctness they’re all talking about, inspirational quotes and therapy. 

7. Richard Gadd -  On paper, life is so good  

Sofie speaks to Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Richard Gadd about eye contact, anger black-outs, work ethic, parents and the disappointment of life sometimes.

6. Bisha K Ali - I’m gonna sit in this cave and eat this dirty bowl of chips  

 Bisha K Ali is such a talented stand-up comedian. Sofie talks to her about race, anger, privilege, white devils, the pilgrimage - and Sofie is being a right dick, confusing Aristoteles with Socrates and being coincidentally racist and Bisha keeps her cool and continues to be funny.

5. Katy Brand - You, me, Jesus and Will Smith  

Sofie speaks to Katy Brand about revenge, christianity, psychopaths and grandfathers, hypervigilance and about leaving parties without saying goodbye. 

4. Desiree Burch - In My Bed, Avoiding The Party  

Sofie speaks to the super-cool Desiree Burch about first blowjobs, being fat, feeling betrayed by fatphobic stand-up comedians, finding clothes and about privilege.

3. Chris Gethard - If George Clooney Punched Me In The Face  

Sofie speaks to Chris Gethard about therapists, not turning down free food, finding your audience of misfits and loners and about boundaries. 

2. Jordan Raskopoulos - That Girl Is Me!  

Sofie talks to Jordan Raskopoulos about smelling flowers for the first time, gender, transitioning and (not) being best friends.

1. Josie Long - Momma's Got Her Groove Back  

Josie and Sofie talk about a car crash, internet abuse, non-dieting and being cool. 


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Sunglasses and a stampede - a teaser episode  

This is the Made Of Human Podcast. The MohPod! I can't wait for you to listen to it. This is a little teaser. Get ready for it.

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