Mailtime: The Laziest Hour of Your Day

Mailtime: The Laziest Hour of Your Day

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Featuring all of the regular Barstool personalities, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious and sometimes raunchy Barstool Network flagship show are released every Friday.


Dave Chappelle: Sometimes Ya Gotta Race  

Featuring clips and audio segments from his stand-ups, his TV show, and interviews, Sometimes Ya Gotta Race chronicles Dave Chappelle's life and career from his meteoric rise through his strange disappearance from Hollywood.

The Garden Is Burning: Fire James Dolan  

How James Dolan, the worst owner in all of sports, perhaps the worst human on earth, ruined the once-proud New York Knicks. From Isiah Thomas to Charles Oakley, this is how James Dolan has burned The Garden to the ground.

Jeahrial: The Ryan Lochte Story  

A corrupt police force. A braindead swimmer. A stupid catchphrase. A gas station with piss on the floor. Somehow all of these elements have conspired to create a legitimate international incident and one of the biggest news stories of the past month. But what truly happened in Rio, Brazil the past week with Olympian Ryan Lochte? We decided to investigate. From KFC Radio and Barstool Sports, this is Jeahrial.

Kissing The Mirror: The Enigma of A-Rod  

Alex Rodriguez. Fascinating. Controversial. Talented. Insecure. Best ever. You can use many adjectives to describe the man who served as the preeminent lightning rod for baseball, America's past time, the past 20 years. As his career comes to a close this Friday, we look back on and try to make sense of the man who changed baseball forever.

KFCRadio: Sad John, Drunk John  

Feitelberg tells a story so sad it literally makes Asa Akira cry in the studio. Then KFC reads emails that Feits sent himself while he got drunk alone. Also we cast the Hitler Movie, we debut #AsaThinks, how many people has Donald Trump had sex with? Who would kidnap Glenny Balls? Is the judicial system flawed? Hatchimals. And more! Follow us on twitter, instagram and snapchat: @KFCradio

KFCRadio: Voicemails  

Go subscribe to the KFC Radio feed! All episodes will be posted over there starting soon! Voicemails are back! But first, KFC, Feits and Asa Akira discuss going to see the tree, the "consent" version of Baby It's Cold Outside, chicks shoplifting, and the Pope and poop. VOICEMAILS start at 45 mins mark: Girls shaving their asshole The definition of "whipped" Boyfriend does babytalk How long to spend in a sperm bank Ass tattoos Nipple piercing girl follow-up Know all the answers to conspiracy theories or not Shitting out a window

Making Superman: The Fable of Derek Jeter  

With the Yankees announcing that Derek Jeter's number will be officially retired last year, the immortalization of one of baseball's most iconic stars has begun. As one of the winningest, most prolific careers ever takes it's place in the annals of baseball history, we look back on the iconic career of Derek Jeter. Jeter was undoubtedly the most iconic player of his generation for reasons that go well beyond his play on the field, becoming as much of a myth as a person.

KFCRadio: Weird and Weirder  

Did Feits get laid at Couch By Couchwest? Asa getting picked up at a strip club, KFC tell a story about virtual kidnapping THEN a story even weirder than virtual kidnapping, #AllAroundTheWorld, KFC slanders donating money to starving children because of his cold black heart, rat burgers, which race of people would taste the best, more one-armed stoolies, Asa ranks the Asians, everyone hates on the outdoors, Barstool DVR: Westworld, Goliath, #AskAsa

#MAILTIME: Rating System and Rude Jude  

In this weeks Mailtime, Kevin, Asa and Feitelberg talk about whether it's best to be honest or tell your wife what she wants to hear, sleeping in different beds, what having a rating system for everyone in the world would be like and Conor McGregor. Then Kevin has on Rude Jude from Shade 45 on SiriusXM to talk about Mark Wahlberg making his book into a TV show, how he found and made peace with his identity, knowing his fanbase and much more.

#MAILTIME: Election  

Kevin, Asa Akira and Feitelberg vote between the worst things in the world, celebrities who said they were going to leave for Canada, Lena Dunham and how much it sucks to be Hillary Clinton. Also two big announcements and a State of the Union on Mailtime moving forward.

#MAILTIME: Jay Z and Timeflies  

In this weeks Mailtime, Kevin defends Jay Z for dressing with in a Barbie and Ken couples costume for Halloween, explaining the plight of being emasculated with the couples costume on Halloween. Then he talks the Great Reed/Red Read Receipt Debate then an interview with rap group Timeflies.

#MAILTIME: SE Cupp and Quarter-Life Crises  

CNN's SE Cupp comes onto the show to talk to Kevin and Feitelberg about covering the 2016 election on TV, her background, her favorite sports teams, why glasses companies won't sponsor her and more. But first, Kevin revisits his quarter-life crisis and ends the episode with Around The World.

#MAILTIME: Asa Returns  

Adult film superstar Asa Akira returns to Mailtime this week to talk about everything from strip club etiquette, guys with pearls in their dicks, dick size, flaccid dicks (lotta dick talk), aliens to her fascination with twins. Then Kevin delves into the "get in that ass" text saga, the most important inventions in human history and how sexting all comes down to science.

#MAILTIME: Can I Kick It  

Jerry Ferrara stops by Barstool HQ to talk kicks with KFC plus the Ken Bone phenomenon/conspiracy and Mailman of the Year

#MAILTIME: Can I Kick It  

Jerry Ferrara stops by Barstool HQ to talk kicks with KFC plus the Ken Bone phenomenon/conspiracy and Mailman of the Year

#MAILTIME: The Kardashian Hoax  

Kelly Keegs joins Kevin and BC on this weeks Mailtime to talk about the Kim Kardashian jewel heist AKA Kim Kardashian jewel hoax. They also get into if Hocus Pocus is still hot in the streets in October, some TV shows that are ruining their lives, clowns and then Around The World.

#MAILTIME: Chaps and Manish  

This week on Mailtime, Kevin is joined by Uncle Chaps to discuss blacking out during the Presidential Debate in front of over 100k people, his new military-themed podcast, their upcoming show on fatherhood and coming to terms with his purple heart and his identity as a veteran. Then, Kevin interviews Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the most notorious New York Jets columnist in the world to talk about his job and hash out some of their differences.

#MAILTIME: The Ballad of Raw Hot Dog Guy  

In today's episode of Mailtime, Super Producer BC is back for a second consecutive week to talk about Kevin's bachelor party weekend, Brad and Angelina splitting up, a story about a man who eats raw hot dogs in his office, the recent New York bombing, a new segment called Around The World and more.

#MAILTIME : Cube Survival Guide 2.0  

Brendan Clancy returns for an old-school style Mailtime. The guys update the Cube Survival Guide from 2013 and bring back all the old favorite segments from One Minute Man, Science Says and Daily Mail.

#MAILTIME : Back to the Cubes  

With the opening of the Barstool office, it's back to the cubes for KFC after seven years of living the blog life. Feitelberg joins him on the show this week to talk about them going to a Kanye concert, all the fallout from that and what being in the office will be like. At the end, there's a bonus clip of Kevin trying to convince his wife to change the date of their daughter's birthday.

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