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Makers Radio

The Netherlands

Makers Radio is a show about art, craft, and design. Through dialogues and interviews, we ask the question, "what makes us make?" Hosted by Leonard Reese-a digital designer in New York-and Tyler Jones-a carpenter in Texas.


Showing Everything Dark  

Ali Chitsaz is a satirical painter from a land where satire is illegal. His absurd paintings criticise religious dogma, war, and the cliches of contemporary painting itself. Now a displaced artist based in New York City, Ali continues to struggle to prove himself to a Western audience and to sustain a serious daily practice.

Tyler Moves to Dallas  

Tyler has spent the last several years living in a tranquil setting in east Texas, operating his private furniture making practice. Starting this summer he has picked up and moved to the design district of Dallas, working in a large interior production company. We hear the trials of switching gears. Also Leonard and Tyler discuss the difficulties of working with interior designers, and keeping large projects within budget.

Miri Park  

Miri Park is a self-described creative coder who developed Bunny++, an experimental visual-based computer language. She explains what this means, and how the environment is changing for hybrid designer developers. Also, Tyler and Leonard wrap up the show with the first ever Unsolicited Feedback.

Fear of Space  

The term horror vacui means 'fear of space.' What is this urge to fill every inch with content, and why does that usually make for crappy design? Leonard and Tyler investigate.

Proportion and Balance in Visual Design  

Tyler video-conferences from Texas to present a lecture on proportion. He and Leonard present to a room of computer developers and graphic designers how fundamentals of design can be applied to modern UI and front-end development. Part of AppPartner lecture series at their offices in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Making It  

Tyler and Leonard discuss the design events happening in New York City, talk about making a career in creative fields, and drop some important news about the show.

Color | Pt. 2  

The gripping conclusion. Tyler and Leonard discuss the social aspects of color, and Tyler breaks down a piece he has in the works.

Color | Pt. 1  

Tyler and Leonard discuss how color, light, and the eye influence their work. Installment one of a two-parter.

What Being a Designer is Really Like  

What being a designer is really like (hint: it's a job).

Leonard Hates Parrot ZIK Headphones  

Tyler and Leonard talk noise about headphone fads. What are the design goals of wearable speakers, and where is the culture going with this?

Noah Builds a Boat  

Noah and Rachel take on the mother of all DIY projects--building a boat in their West Village apartment.

Starting a Podcast  

Visual designer Leonard and carpenter Tyler find common ground in their professions.

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