The Potcast #223 - Day 1 at the LA High Times Cannabis Cup  

Day one was filled with a lot of excitement and energy. A plethora of Weedlebrity guests made cameos and a moment in the making finally happened on this great live recorded session of the PotCast. Check it out!

The Potcast #222  

Live From Cool Calm Collective, The PotCast, does a session with all the Hydro-Pure Botanical Lab flowers nearby and PotCats surrounding us. A fun filled smoke session full of dabs and laughs.

The Potcast #221  

Jay from Holistic Nursery joins the session to get super medicated with us and discuss seeds, extracts, and the future of the PotCast. Last show from THCScientific.com Studios. Love to Delta9Vapes and all the Family.

The Potcast #220  

Manny and Adam talk about the evolution of glass… kinda. Lots of THC is consumed while Kevin with Champs joins the session and discusses the games and the history of glass and cannabis. It all goes back to the Grateful dead.

The Potcast #219  

Johnny B, creator of the Digger One Hitter, joins this epic session of the PotCast as we get to the bottom of a lot of Canna-spiracies that are happening with his propaganja in the cannabis community. Swerve Calls in from Amsterdam to put rumors to rest. Kevin With CHAMPS, breaks down some rules to the glass games. G, with THCscientific, chimes in about metals. P.A.T. goes Metal with a 10,000 bar freestyle. A Must Listen Cool Calm Collective for Meds. Holistic Nursery for genetics. Get it!

The Circle Radio E029-073012 - All over the Map  

Rela8one and 'Nsaniac get their feet wet doing a pilot episode for The Circle Radio.  The guys say hello to Paul the Producer.

The Circle Radio E030-080612 - More Us  

More fun. More laughs. More us.

The Circle Radio E028-072312 - Mass Murder and Psychedelics  

Funny and serious talk. We get into the theatre shootings in aurora for a bit. Fret not, there are some laughs nonetheless. Ya gotta laugh at life sometimes.

The Circle Radio E027-071612 - Sex Doll  

More funny. The guys go off again onthe topic of sex dolls. Nsaniac vows to buy one for Paul when he makes the bigtime. We were joined by Chuck in studio.

Marijuana Radio 2.0 - Cory Allen the Comedian  

Pretty interesting conversation. Paul and Dick were joined by Cory Allen for a great chat. Nsaniac from Circle Radio called in. This is another one of those vulgar shows.

The Circle Radio E026-070912 - Dubstep and Gay Talk  

Fun and funny times tonight. The guys talk about dub step. Also, Dent says hi. Then later on another colorful conversation about being gay.

Marijuana Radio 2.0 - TJ from 1st Place  

Dick and Paul have some pretty darn good conversation tonight. Later on the guys say hi to TJ from 1st Place. Then Paul gets way deep on the state of the American Republic.

The Circle Radio E025-070212 - F*ck your Mondays!  

Funny ass stuff. Dick Black says hello and we talk to another group of talented guys. Freestyle moments at the end!

Marijuana Radio 2.0 - Purple Chick Deborah Schultz  

Tonight was a long one and more serious than usual. Early on, Paul talked about his interesting day observing the trial of a friend for possession and intent to distribute. We were later joined by Deborah Schultz for some great on air conversation.

The Circle Radio E024-062512  

Silly as per usual, the guys get a call from our anonymous listener from the mexicano down under.

Marijuana Radio 2.0 - Miss High Times Sarah Newton  

Paul and Dick have a fun time tonight talking to former MIss High Times Sarah Newton. Lots more. We had a good time. Listen!

The Circle Radio E023-061812  

This was some funny sh*t. Weekend after Pridefest. Started the show off high.

Marijuana Radio 2.0 - The Dirtball  

Fun show tonight. Early on, Paul starts talking about hooking up. Later we were joined by Sub Noize phenom The Dirtball for a fun conversation.

The Circle Radio E022-061112  

Some funny stuff. The guys talk honestly about gay stuff. Then later on they get busy doing some freestyle goofing around. Nice time.

Marijuana Radio 2.0 - Dick, Paul and 'Nsaniac  

Pretty funny night. Cannibalism? Crazy shit. Vulgar as can be. Funny though. Timid ears beware.

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