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Mark My Words Podcast

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Investing, business, finance &economics - Mark Homer has the experience to help you with many of your questions & challenges. Mark My Words is a successful, eccentric & introverted businessman’s experience of 20 years with no waffle, ads, bravado or big pitches. Mark will interview the worlds most successful business, finance & money experts as well as impart his knowledge in a factual, direct manner. Mark runs & owns multiple businesses & property portfolios so teaches you what he does on a daily basis. A contrarian investor & capitalist, Mark will help you raise more finance, make more money & grow your business empire.


#007 Mark Interviews Angel den Founder Ray McLennan  

Ray McLennan shares his experience with dealing with businesses. He talks about saving money as an entrepreneur, the importance of investing on yourself, business models and trusting the media. He also talks about his successes and failures, his free time and gives some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

#06 Mark Interview Progressive Co-Founder & Business Partner Rob Moore  

Mark's business partner, Rob Moore, is talking about investing on watches. What are the upsides and downsides of investing on watches, how to start, what you need to know about brands, materials, paperwork, prices and much more.

#05 Mark Interviews Best Selling Author, Personal Development Guru Dr John Demartini  

John Demartini talks about our values in life. Why it is important to find out our values and identify our priorities. How to deal with other people taking care of their values. He also talks about his way of learning and researching, his career, and he gives advice to people who want to start with their business.

#04 Proven Economics & Investing Strategies with Mark Homer Part 2  

On this second part, Mark goes on talking about mortgages in different currencies, getting loans from banks and building trust with your bank. Why it is important to specialize in one type of property and then move to another niche, what factors you need to take into consideration before you invest, how to diversify your portfolio and why this can give you stability.

#03 Proven Economics & Investing Strategies with Mark Homer Part 1  

On this episode, Mark talks about mortgage, the return on capital invested, cash in versus cash out, and gives us some ways to protect ourselves against interest rate rises.

#02 Mark Interviews Founder of Kiddicare, Multi-Millionaire & Entrepreneur Neville Wright  

Neville Wright talks about his property and trading business. What are the mistakes he has made throughout his career, his worst and best experiences and future goals. Why you need to know the reason of what you are doing, why to put yourself in your customer's shoes and the importance of learning new things all the time.

#01 Mark Interviews Founder of Ratners & Sereal Entrepreneur Gerald Ratner  

Gerald Ratner, talks about his career, how he grew his business from 13 million to 2 billion, how he went down a long way but finally recovered, his personal habits, goals and ambitions. He also shares his thoughts about the business environment in UK and America, how to deal with agents and media as an entrepreuner and long-term investing strategies.

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