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There's a whole lot of stuff out there to buy. We're talking about all the things you eat, drink, wear and even smoke. Every other week we're going to take a look at one part of the universe of consumable stuff. We'll delve into why we spend our money on these things, the people behind the products -- and why it matters.


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Jenny and Lindsey are taking a vacation.

To Win the Grocery Wars, Wal-Mart Is Making Designer Melons  

In our last episode, Jenny and guest host Craig Giammona explored how technology could shape the grocery industry's future. This week, Jenny and Lindsey look at what the biggest grocers are doing to stay on top -- and discover it has a lot to do with produce. As part of its plan to fight off competition, Wal-Mart, the world's biggest grocer, joined forces with an agriculture giant to design a new, sweeter cantaloupe. If the new melon is a success, it could set the stage for a makeover of the crucial produce aisle across the industry.

The Tech Industry Wants To Revolutionize How You Shop For Groceries  

For decades, the experience of buying groceries has remained much the same — and stayed largely immune to tech disruption. But that may be about to change. Amazon's bid for Whole Foods shows that it's determined to revolutionize the way Americans buy their groceries. Jenny and guest host Craig Giammona talk with grocery experts about how stores are already changing — and the challenge that Amazon faces in charting a new future for the industry.

Barbie’s Torrid Rise, Awkward Fall and -- Maybe! -- Surprise Comeback  

She's been called a role model -- but also creepy and superficial. So who is the real Barbie? Matt Townsend looked into an 58-year-old toy that's become much, much more than a mere plaything. He and Lindsey trace the life and times of this 11-and-a-half inch doll -- from her Eisenhower-era debut  her stumbles (who knew she struggled to compete with Britney Spears?) and what Mattel is doing now to revive her.

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