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Melissa Trippy and Allie Wesenberg here talking about whatever the hell you guys want!


MEAL Uncensored EP 54: We Are On A Panel  

Holy Cow! We are on a Panel at a playlist for our Podcast MEAL UNCENSORED!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!


This episode we talk about toxic relationships and how to approach them and deal with them.

MEAL Uncensored EP 52: Blonde Moments  

So Mel and I blab back and forth while making fools of ourselves today. Have the stuff we say never makes sense but just makes things that much more funny.

MEAL Uncensored EP. 51: WHAT'S GOING ON?  

This episode talks a little bit about what's going on with Melissa and Phil and why they choose to discuss whats going on in their relationship. Remember to please be respectful of both of them and their decisions is all we can ask.

We also answer your questions this week. Have a rad weekend! Love you guys!

MEAL Uncensored EP 50: I GOT ENGAGED!  

So today is all about the special event that happened in the two weeks! How it went down! The emotions! All the positive and negative comments that came with the engagement and more. 


Please remember that this podcast is fun and in no way are we attacking anyone. Thank you guys! We love you!

MEAL Uncensored Ep. 49: I'm going to AUSTRALIA!  

So guys I am off to Australia and couldn't be more excited. Can't wait to share all about it next week. Thank you and have an amazing week!

MEAL Uncensored: EP 48 Moving on and Moving out  

Answering your questions this weeks episode!

MEAL Uncensored EP: 47 Sometimes We Hate Each Other  

What is up MEAL Listeners. So this week is about being annoyed, "get away from me's", and sometimes you "drive me CRAZY" moments with the special individual in your life. Mel and I discuss the ups and downs in a relationship and how is totally natural to go through those things. 

MEAL Uncensored EP. 46: That Hallmark Holiday  

So good ole' "I LOVE YOU" day is just around the corner. On this episode Mel and I discuss ideas on what to do for your significant other, what NOT to do's and a few little Valentine ideas we did on our own. Happy Love day everybody!

MEAL Uncensored EP. 45 The SISTER Podcast!  

So this episode my rad little sister sat in Melissa's place and we talked about Marriage (as she just hit her two year anniversary) and all that comes with it. Before and after. Arguments, great times, whats annoys you, etc. 

It was great having my little sister to join in this week and I hope you all enjoyed hearing what she had to say!

MEAL Uncensored EP 44: All that Plastic Surgery  

This episode we touch base on the good, the bad, and the why would you do that to yourself when it comes to plastic surgery! (Please remember this is merely just our opinions)


Answering a few of your voicemails and emails this week. Keep sending them in. Love you guys and have  fabulous weekend!

MEAL Uncensored EP 42: She's a BABE!  

Step dad Phil joins us on this episode where we discuss what makes a person a babe? Whats "A Total Fox"? And what makes you think a person is "Sexy"? It's a good one so listen in!

MEAL Uncensored EP 41: BF/GF interview  

Step dad Phil and Charles join us this week as we have a few little questions we ask each couple about what they like and dislike about one another. You will never believe what we all say. 


Sorry for the late podcast/ Love you guys!

MEAL Uncensored EP 40: HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

Happy New Year everyone! So it seems as though social media is flooding with engagements and baby announcements. This episode we talk about what's been going on and how social media announcements may not be the best idea. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and a Happy New Year!


MEAL Uncensored EP 39: I never know what to get them!  

HELLLLLOOOOO! So the infamous christmas day is fast approaching and the act of giving will be everywhere. This episode we talk about how difficult that can be and how it can definitely make you lose your mind! Updates and a cool thing we did last night we be announced as well!



Hey Guys! So new episode will officially be going out every FRIDAY at noon so get excited we are finally getting our crap together!

This episode we talk a lot about our parents and how they feel about our relationships, choices, decisions, etc. How sometimes people in our lives don't always approve of our choices and how we either rise from them our let them bring us down. It's definitely something difficult to deal with if the people doing this is our family. This is a good one guys and hopefully can help a few of you out there going through this issue now.

MEAL Uncensored EP. 37: Holiday Traditions  

Hey Guys! Sorry about last week. We were slacking due to the holidays and the overload of tryptophan! But we are back for a little fun conversation about some of our favorite holiday traditions, but you know of course we will ramble on and get completely off track and have a discussion that has nothing to do with that. Its a weird one for sure this time! Hope you enjoy!

MEAL Uncensored EP. 36: WE'RE BACK!!!  

Hey we are back and ready to talk with you guys again! We have missed you! Just want to let you know we had a little bit of technical difficulties when it came to one of the mic's so please be forgiving on our first day back. Just a little rough around the edges but will be back to normal next week.

We wanted to update you guys on what's been going on so we hope you enjoy. Don't forget to send your emails and leave your voice mails!

MEAL Uncensored EP 35: The BULLY Podcast  

Hey guys! So this episode is definitely a little more serious than most but its something we have been wanting to discuss for sometime. A lot of you reach out to us through emails, voice mails, tweets, etc with the very common subject of "Bully's" or about "Being Bullied". Often Mel and I are lost for words with the information you provide to us on this subject and it really tears us apart as all we want to do is provide the best information possible.

We felt the best way to approach this subject was to bring in a professional (Dr. Kim O'Reilly) who has a background in this particular area. 

We hope your questions will be answered and that this Episode can provide help to those of you who need it. Thank you for always listening. 

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