Learn med by osmosis.


Mitral regurgitation  

Davor and Bec regurgitate everything they know about MR.


  Another breathtaking pedagogical podcast from the MedConvos team as we wheeze our way through an approach to asthma.     Link dump: Asthma handbook - all you need to know (especially good for management) (The quizlet will be with you shortly)


Frequently thought of, infrequently seen. Have a listen so you too can chip in with "could it be sarcoid?" at roughly appropriate times.

Parkinson’s disease  

Movement disorders - one of the last bastions of medicine where clinician is king. Listen to this podcast and learn how to make this important diagnosis equipped with little more than a keen eye Here's the quizlet

Medication management in acute kidney injury  

This one's a shout out to the new interns, the soon-to-be interns and anyone who needs a refresher. But mostly it's for the pharmacists, who are worried about using up the national stocks of purple ink.   Quiz yourself here


Ah, the rich tapestry of the great imitator. Here we talk about 15th century nationalism, disgustingly unethical experiments and Nietzsche. And syphilis. Revision quizlet is here. Also, speaking of spread the word on MedConversations and shoot us a review on iTunes if you like us and can tolerate dubious segways like this one.


Today we discuss swiss traditional dress. High-waisted skirt, embroidered blouse, shawl, and a nice kropfband to show off that shapely toxic thyroid adenoma. You'll hear there's a new voice joining us for this one - meet Scott, our delightful physician-in-training friend with a keen eye for historical factoids and dulcet tones that will ease the transfer of medical knowledge into your auditory canals. Quiz yo'self

Facial droop  

Does neuro ring your bell? Bell's Palsy vs stroke vs other. The facial droop standoff. Please do join us.


Benjamin Franklin once wrote a play. The two main characters were himself, and gout, and most of the dialogue is along the lines of "eh! oh! eh!". If you want to learn about gout, probably just read that. But here's a podcast episode to supplement your learnings.   Excerpt from Dialogue Between Franklin and the Gout Benjamin Franklin, midnight, 22nd October, 1780   FRANKLIN. Eh! Oh! Eh! What have I done to merit these cruel sufferings? GOUT. Many things; you have ate and drank too freely, and too much indulged those legs of yours in their indolence. FRANKLIN. Who is it that accuses me? GOUT. It is I, even I, the Gout. FRANKLIN. What! my enemy in person? GOUT. No, not your enemy. FRANKLIN. I repeat it; my enemy; for you would not only torment my body to death, but ruin my good name; you reproach me as a glutton and a tippler; now all the world, that knows me, will allow that I am neither the one nor the other. GOUT. The world may think as it pleases; it is always very complaisant to itself, and sometimes to its friends; but I very well know that the quantity of meat and drink proper for a man who takes a reasonable degree of exercise, would be too much for another, who never takes any.   Read the rest of Franklin's gout play script here

Atrial Fibrillation  

Join your irregularly irregular boys for a chat about atrial fibrillation. It's sweet AF.


How to recognise the Captain of Death and show him the door. *Oldmonia will be discussed in a separate episode

Aortic stenosis  

What to do when the aortic valve starts murmuring sweet nothings in your ear...

Pulmonary Embolism  

Not as fun as dodgeball but slightly better than the beep test, the letters PE have taken on a different meaning since we started medicine.

Approach to syncope  

Come and listen to our podcast on syncope...unless listening to amazing podcasts makes you vagal out   Quiz yourself here

Rheumatoid arthritis  

Make a z-line for this articular episode before you start your rheumatology rotation.

The Drug Deal: ACE inhibitors (and ARBs)  

Sure is an ace way to decrease blood pressure Quizlet

The Drug Deal: Metformin  

The first episode of our series on commonly prescribed drugs has arrived! Join Bec as she talks about this miracle cure for wrinkles in worms, and some of its offshoot effects on blood sugar.

Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia  

Make like John Howard and get to the patient quickly to reach this diagnosis of the most treatable leukaemias but has disastrous consequences if your tracksuit doesn't get you there in time.

Approach to jaundice  

Why are the Simpsons yellow? Listen to this episode and you'll find the answer to other similar questions, but not that one. Sorry.   (But if you're you go)

Diabetes management  

Management of diabetes with venomous lizard saliva and a glitterzone. Please join us. Oh, and you can quiz yourself right here

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