Learn med by osmosis.


Atrial Fibrillation  

Join your irregularly irregular boys for a chat about atrial fibrillation. It's sweet AF.


How to recognise the Captain of Death and show him the door. *Oldmonia will be discussed in a separate episode

Aortic stenosis  

What to do when the aortic valve starts murmuring sweet nothings in your ear...

Pulmonary Embolism  

Not as fun as dodgeball but slightly better than the beep test, the letters PE have taken on a different meaning since we started medicine.

Approach to syncope  

Come and listen to our podcast on syncope...unless listening to amazing podcasts makes you vagal out   Quiz yourself here

Rheumatoid arthritis  

Make a z-line for this articular episode before you start your rheumatology rotation.

ACE inhibitors (and ARBs)  

Sure is an ace way to decrease blood pressure Quizlet

The Drug Deal: Metformin  

The first episode of our series on commonly prescribed drugs has arrived! Join Bec as she talks about this miracle cure for wrinkles in worms, and some of its offshoot effects on blood sugar.

Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia  

Make like John Howard and get to the patient quickly to reach this diagnosis of the most treatable leukaemias but has disastrous consequences if your tracksuit doesn't get you there in time.

Approach to jaundice  

Why are the Simpsons yellow? Listen to this episode and you'll find the answer to other similar questions, but not that one. Sorry.   (But if you're you go)

Diabetes management  

Management of diabetes with venomous lizard saliva and a glitterzone. Please join us. Oh, and you can quiz yourself right here


We spend half an hour talking about the shifty, drifty flu. Here's the quizlet!

DKA and types of diabetes mellitus  

Unclear if glucose result from jam or blood? Davor steps us through an approach to DKA and gives an overview of the types of diabetes.

Urinary tract infection  

Cast away those home remedies and learn some evidence based medicine Check out the quizlet here.

Acute coronary syndrome  

We talk through what the plumbers of the medical world deal with every day. Here's the quizlet

Fever in a returned traveller  

Bec tells us how to fight the winged scourge and why tonic water tastes so darn bitter Here's the quizlet

Hodgkin lymphoma  

Oh no there's a lump! What I do?! Relax, sit back and have a listen as Davor and Bec walk you through lymphadenopathy   Quizlet over here  


Learn about exploding cars and intracellular cations. Rahul brings us a great case and teaches us the intricacies of this often neglected electrolyte.


Learn about why Mr T is the gold standard human being. Here is the quizlet

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy  

Listen as proclaimed "cardiology lord" Rahul takes us through this surprisingly common and dangerous disease. Go through the quizlet at when you're done.

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