Media Watch - Ep 43, 2016  

2016 - best in show

Media Watch - Ep 42, 2016  

Trump and media in the post election world

Media Watch - Ep 41, 2016  

Trump v the media: what will happen next?; A Catalyst for change; More news that's just paid PR

Media Watch - Ep 40, 2016  

Lessons in how not to handle a crisis; Border Force on air matters; Mystery solved! But not for long

Media Watch - Ep 39, 2016  

Children forgotten again; The Oz defends right to offend; StalkerSpace not a serious source

Media Watch - Ep 38, 2016  

From NALPLAN to FATPLAN; Unreliable translation predicts world war; Rise of the copyclowns

Media Watch - Ep 37, 2016  

Trump feels the media heat; Thrill of the spill; TV's gambling addiction; Return of the budgie smugglers

Media Watch - Ep 36, 2016  

Can the media trump Trump?

Media Watch - Ep 35, 2016  

The day love died; NEET or not?; Mounting media pressure on Baird's ban; A great moment in history, that wasn't

Media Watch - Ep 34, 2016  

Fringe conversation goes mainstream; Nine News can't heal your pain; O'Brien v The ABC

Media Watch - Ep 33, 2016  

60 Minutes story is a ratings winner for Seven; Jounos plugging products on Instagram; Drinks study gets a boost

Media Watch - Ep 32, 2016  

Purple puff; From commercial radio to just commercials; Snapping Senate snoozers; Buzz is back

Media Watch - Ep 31, 2016  

Syria image tugs on heartstrings; rip, reproduce and regret; Has Phil buzzed off?

Media Watch - Ep 30, 2016  

Free publicity for Party for Freedom; 4 Corners bias allegations; Sex sells in Rio

Media Watch - Ep 29, 2016  

Mack caused hack attack?; Turning a blind eye; Gerard's Grandstand gold

Media Watch - Ep 28, 2016  

Beach bum bonanza on Sunrise; Fear, loathing and the right to offend; Catching Pokemon stories; Awkward alert

Media Watch - Ep 27, 2016  

Instagram effect; power of pictures; Turkey press crackdown; Karl's humble pie

Media Watch - Ep 26, 2016  

Beating up a ban; Leading us to war; Womb watching at the women's mags

Media Watch - Ep 25, 2016  

Press freedom post coup; Hoax, lies and videotape; Muddying the waters on the Great Barrier Reef; Pinching an idea about pinching ideas

Media Watch - Ep 24, 2016  

Press play the Pauline game; Catalyst cops more criticism; Rip and reproduce

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