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Join host Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton for short, guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence in 15 minutes or less! Please Note: The meditations presented in this series are from a wide variety of sources and do not subscribe to any particular religious ideology. Every effort is made to present the meditation imagery and topics in a non-dogmatic, non-religious based way. Please do not listen to this meditation podcast or any other meditations while doing something that requires your complete attention like driving your car. Stay safe - thanks! For more information and meditations visit:


88 Garden of Your Life Meditation  

The results of our lives bloom from the environment we create. In this guided meditation we visit, plan, tend, and create the garden of our lives. What do you want to grow? To learn more about the Discovery and Breakthrough workshops I attended this summer, AND have dinner with me - write me at Photo by Aaron Brunhofer on Unsplash

87 Pausing Practice: Respond Not React  

Responding to people and events in life is much more empowering that reacting to everything. In this episode we will "dance" our way through a pausing practice that will help you step out of reactions, and into responses. This episode is brought to you by Beachbody On Demand. To claim your free trial membership just text [Mini] to 303030, and get full access to their platform for FREE!

86 Flight - Anxiety to Ease  

Do you get uncomfortable when flying? If so, this is the episode for you. Practice going from anxiety to ease and the next time you fly you might even find yourself falling asleep! This episode is brought to you by RXBar. To get 25% off your order visit and use the PROMO CODE: minis My friend Scooter over at the Sleep With Me Podcast also released a show recently which you may find useful for flight anxiety. Listen now at #calmclearnow #meditation Photo by Vincent Versluis on Unsplash

85 Loving Kindness - Others Practice  

Cultivating compassion for others is one of the cornerstones of nearly every spiritual practice. In this loving kindness meditation we will practice seeing ourselves more clearly in others. This episode is brought to you by Honest Tea. Learn more about Honest Tea's dedication to authenticity and others - visit Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

84 Summer's Day Meditation for Relaxation  

Get relaxed on a lazy summer's day with the birds and cicadas singing in this guided meditation. Sooth away stress and anxiety with this wonderful little break in your day. This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron. To get your first THREE MEALS (and shipping!) FREE visit: #calmclearnow #meditation #meditationminis Photo by Alberto Restifo on Unsplash

83 Two Choices Clarity  

This meditation leads your subconscious mind into a relaxing path to help you make choices more effectively. In this guided meditation we actually explore two ways of "knowing" while at the same time encouraging new possibilities, and ease in making choices. This episode is brought to you Casper. To get $50 off your Capser Mattress purchase visit and use PROMO CODE: chel Photo by Peter Gabas on Unsplash #calmclearnow

82 Creating a Powerful Positive State  

The ability to quickly change our emotional state from a disempowering one to a happier, calmer, more empowering state is a total game changer for life. Do this meditation practice a couple of times and you will quickly find yourself able to use this practice in an "eyes open" way throughout your day. Powerful positive states - created by you, on purpose, when you need it the most. This episode is brought to you by BarkBox. To get a free premium toy added to your BarkBox each month visit and select “Yes, Please!” when asked “Have a playful pup?” #calmclearnow #meditation #guidedmeditation #howtobehappier

81 Loving Kindness - Nature Practice  

Having a difficult time loving yourself, or others? Starting with a simple but powerful "nature focused" loving kindness practice can help move you forward in gentle way to greater calm, connection, and love. This practice works even if you live in the city. You can use it with a tree, the sky, a bird - even a tiny houseplant can help connect you to a state of calm loving kindness. This episode is brought to you by Wag. To get your FREE Wag! walk TEXT "MINI" to 25324 photo by: Chris Barbalis

80 Loving Kindness - Self Practice  

Being less critical and more forgiving of our own mistakes and shortcomings comes before our ability to extend forgiveness to others for theirs. This Loving Kindness guided meditation will help lead you from dislike of self to love, from self-shame and blame to gentle forgiveness. It's not about forgetting the past, but learning from our mistakes and moving forward that makes us stronger and better. This episode is brought to you by To get your FREE 11-14 canvas photo art visit and use the CODE: MINIS in the checkout cart. photo: Ander Burdain

79 Overcoming Chronic Resentment and Anger  

This guided meditation is about letting go of your anger and resentment towards others, and embracing more "play" in your life instead. This episode is brought to you by Le Tote. Get 50% off your first box.. for to and use the CODE: MINIS at check out.

78 How to Get Over Someone  

How do you get over someone more gracefully and with greater ease without repressing feelings? The mental practice shared in this meditation can help with that. "How to get over someone" is one of the most requested questions I get in my hypnotherapy practice and this meditation will help you with that. This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron. To get your first 3 meals for FREE (plus free shipping) visit today! Blue Apron - a better way to cook. photo: Megan Lewis ( music: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License #CalmClearNow #meditation #MeditationMinis #getrelaxed

77 Patience and Openness Practice  

Flowers aren't frantic. They are patient and open to the sun and breeze and butterflies and bees. This guided meditation helps you practice the beauty of being more like a wildflower in life. This episode is brought to you by Canvas People. To get your FREE 11x14 photo canvas artwork use the code: MINIS during checkout photo by Quinsey Sablan (

76 Vacation in Every Day  

What if you could create a life you didn't feel you needed to take a vacation from so much of the time? You can! In this meditation you can re-experience the relaxation and happiness of being on vacation, while at the same time coming up with ways to bring more of that feeling into your "regular" life. This episode is brought to you by To get $20 off your StoryWorth experience visit Want your minis "ad and announcement free?" Become a monthly Minis Subscriber now at and support the show directly. photo by Joe Pizzio -

75 Waterfall Pool of a New You  

Relax into transformation with this meditation. Let the forest, waterfall, and a relaxing pool of water help you release stress and doubts. It even helps with transforming your body to let go of excess weight. Emerge renewed as a new you with this week's guided meditation. This episode of the Meditation Minis podcast is brought to you by To get your FREE 11x14 photo-to-canvas art today use code: MINIS Looking for more guided meditation visualization, and affirmation podcasts? Check our Josie and Ashlie's shows at photo: Jakob Owens #meditation #meditationminis #calmclearnow #guidedmeditation #relaxation #transformation #stressbreak

74 Five Breath Meditation Practice  

There are many types of "counting and breathing" meditations. This "5 Count" practice is the one I tend to use the most. Try it in this guided format, and feel free to give a 3 count or a 4 count a go on your own later one. This episode is brought to you by Le Tote. To get 50% off you first month of Le Tote's fabulous style box service go to and use the CODE: MINIS Support the Meditation Minis Podcast directly when you get Chel's "Mental Chill" album of longer meditations for relaxation at (Thanks! XOXQ - Chel) #CalmClearNow #meditation #MeditationMinis #getrelaxed photo by Biel Morro instagram @asodiuesdiari

73 "Hmmm Mind" Meditation  

You know that quiet place we get to inside sometimes when our mind really does just sound like it's gently whirring in a hmmmm...? That's what this episode is focused on helping you achieve with greater ease. This is a great technique for letting go of tension and irritation. I should know, I have been using it all week! :-) This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron. A better way to cook! To get 3 free meals, including shipping, go to #CalmClearNow #meditation #MeditationMinis #getrelaxed photo by: Teddy Kelley (Instagram @Simpler.Times )

72 Meditation for Confidence  

This episode is both relaxing and energizing as you step into a new, more confident you. A "you" able to handle those situation that in the past have been a problem for you in a calmer, more confidently relaxed way for the future. This episode is brought to you by To get $20 off, while supporting this podcast, please visit #CalmClearNow #meditation #MeditationMinis #getrelaxed photo by: Eli DeFaria of music by: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

71 Gentle Meditation for Anxiety and Relaxation  

This episode of the Meditation Minis Podcast is a gentle meditation to help you soothe away stress and anxiety. Use it to JUST get relaxed OR ALSO to increase your energy before coming out of trance - all with a simple change in focus with your breath. Want to SEE Chel as she shares how you can banish bad habits and break through sticking points to achieve your goals? Check out her video interview from the Women's Strength Summit 2016 with Steph of Harder To Kill Radio here: This episode is brought to you by Le Tote! Get 50% off your first month with the CODE:MINIS when you sign up today at music credit: Fluidscape Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License photo credit: Rodion Kutsaev

70 Get Centered Quick: The Meditation Minute  

Living in a state of calm clarity is key for making a successful life. This episode guides you in an easy yet powerful meditation practice you can use in little "pockets" of your day to get centered, or re-centered quickly. For many modern busy people the idea of sitting 20 minutes a day in meditation just seems too overwhelming to commit to. By practicing like "Meditation Minutes" throughout your day you will train your body and mind to go to this more centered calm place when you need it the most. This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron. To get your first 3 meals free visit #freeguidedmeditation #meditationforanxiety #calmclearnow #oneminutemeditation #howtomeditate

69 Reducing Overwhelm - The Rule of Five  

Too many clothes in your closet? Too much "stuff" to keep organized in your life? Time to get spring cleaning? Check out the "Rule of Five" in this week's Meditation Mini. Both the pre-chat and guided meditation will lead you through a process of using the "Rule of Five" to help cut through the overwhelm of "stuff" in your life - starting with your closet! This episode of the Meditation Minis podcast is sponsored by Use the CODE: MEDITATION to get 50% off your first order. #freeguidedmeditation #springcleaning #meditationforanxiety #minimalism #howtobeminimalist Photo by: I'm Priscilla -

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