Meditation Minis Podcast

Meditation Minis Podcast


Join host Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton for mind-shifting mini meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more - in 10 minutes or less! Please Note: The meditations presented in this series are from a wide variety of sources and do not subscribe to any particular religious ideology. Every effort is made to present the meditation techniques in this podcast series in a non-dogmatic, non-religious based way. Please do not listen to this meditation podcast or any other meditations while doing something that requires your complete attention... like driving your car. Stay safe - thanks! For more information or to book your personal coaching + custom recorded meditation sessions with Chel visit:


41 Eyes Open Meditation for Anxiety and Stress  

Waiting at the doctor's office, driving your car, sitting at a dinner party - these are all situations that can create anxiety and stress for many people. For those times when you want to relax but can't close your eyes - this is a great technique to use. This "Eyes Open" meditation uses the environment around you to help you relax into what "is" in the moment with nothing else required. It is also great for just getting more focused on the present moment in life.

40 Energizing Meditation By The Sea  

An energizing meditation that takes you to your favorite oceanside spot to create a sense of clarity and energy. Useful for a general clear, calm, and energized outlook on your day - as well as to visualize yourself motivated to accomplish a specific task. #guidedmeditation #energy #focus #clarity #meditation

39 How To Do Affirmations That Work  

Personally I used to think affirmations were silly and never worked. That was until I learned how to word them in a way that helps them truly slip past our inner B.S. detectors and straight into our subconscious mind. In this affirmation meditation I share , from a subconscious mind perspective, two ways that people often get "affirmations" wrong - and what to do instead.

38 How To Get Through Anything  

...without losing your dignity or grace! This week's meditation is on 2 "watchwords" you can use to get your through the craziest, most triggering of all and any situations in life. I know because they transformed my life too! Use them and you life, and your reaction to it, will be forever lighter, freer, clearer, and more relaxed.

37 Drama Busting Meditation  

This week's meditation was inspired by the conversation I had a couple of weeks ago with Melissa, host of the Blended Family Podcast. In it you will experience a tool to help you "bust up" dramas - whether in your family system, work place, or even school. No longer taking the drama personally will set you free from the triggers so you can be more of who you want to be in the world.

36 Bridge To Future Possibilities  

While the start of the year is a perfect time to envision our future life this episode can be used any time you are feeling unsure of your path ahead. There is nothing set "in stone" here. Only a path of playful opportunities lies within. What you decide to create is for you alone. Enjoy! XOXQ - Chel

35 Holiday De-Stressing Meditation  

This week brings a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about the upcoming FREE "Transformation Series" of meditations I am releasing over this holiday week. Let's take back this time of year from the stress and expectations of what other's think you should be, and re-focus on what these last weeks of the year are really about - reflection and TRANSFORMATION into the year ahead! Join me in these next 5 very special (free!) Transformational Journeys - and join the Meditation Minis Facebook Group too! I am looking forward to seeing you there soon! XOXQ - Chel

34 A Banquet of Mindful Eating  

Mindful eating is one of the keys to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and energized life. This meditation takes you on a journey of choices and reminds you how good it can feel to "eat for energy and vitality." Anytime you get off track around food this meditation mini is one to use to get you feeling focused again on the healthy choices YOU choose. #meditation #mindfulness #mindfuleating

33 Mindfulness Meditation: Naming Practice  

If you are looking for a science-supported meditation practice to help you quickly move out of triggered feeling states into a calmer, more dignified you - this week's episode is the ticket! The mindful meditation practice of "naming" emotions as they come up has been shown in functional MRI experiments to literally rewire your brain activity from the emotionally reactive parts of the brain to the more detached ones. #mindfulness #meditation #meditationminis

32 Pure Warmth of Relaxation Meditation  

Relaxing, unwinding and melting away stress, cares and worries is the focus of this episode of the Meditation Minis Podcast. Join hypnotist Chel Hamilton for short yet relaxingly effective guided meditation. To learn more about how you can work one on one with Chel, or to take her "Overcoming Insomnia" course online visit today! #meditation #stress #relax

16.2 REBOOT Unpacking Stress, Anxiety, and Negative Feelings  

Episode 16 - Rebooted. By "unpacking" the stress, anxiety, and negative feelings from your body and mind you will be able to access a greater, more lasting sense of strength, peace, and confidence to help you move you forward in your life. Enjoy!

31 Increasing Creative Flow  

Creativity, flow, being "in the zone." This week's (by request) meditation will help you train your body and mind to step into that creative flow space more easily and powerfully whenever you choose. Get ready to energize your zone with this Increasing Creative Flow Meditation. For more information about Chel and to schedule personal phone sessions with her visit  - Have a great week!

30 Rainy Day For Depression Help  

The week's meditation is great to use any time you feel sad, blue, or stuck in depressive thinking and feelings. When we are stuck in a cycle or pattern of being we often begin to identify the "who of what we are" with that feeling or state. This meditation softly begins to move the listener from states of identification with the feelings to states of quiet observation of them instead. It is truly better to not fight feelings, but to dance with them, whatever they may be, instead. I hope you enjoy this week's meditation mini! XOXQ - Chel

29.5 BONUS: A Meditation For The Heart  

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Because of your support the Meditation Minis Podcast has reached OVER 200,000 downloads! This week's "Bonus" meditation is my gift to you for this amazing gift you have given me. THANK YOU! You are awesome and I think you are really going to enjoy this bonus meditation. It's a great one for creating a greater sense of connection with the world, yourself, and others. Any time I do this one I always feel a deep sense of calm, connection, and LOVE for all that is, and all that is yet to come. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading in the reviews how YOU have been using the Meditation Minis Podcast in your life! XOXQ - Chel

29 Lake of Calm Clarity  

In this week's guided meditation we will travel lakeside to find a place of deep calm in the clear, still waters. The imagery in this meditation has stuck in my subconscious mind since the first time I experienced it nearly 10 years years ago and my clients have found it just as powerful and helpful too. Also in this week's meditation episode I share a bit about the Health Coach Mastery Event I will be speaking at in November. The keynotes for this event will be Gabby Bernstein, Penny Shelton,  and Kris Carr! I hope you will be able to join me for 5 days and 4 nights at this all-inclusive Club Med Event! To find out more visit and click on the "Events" tab in the top navigation on the site. I can't wait to meet you in person!

26 Increasing Happiness And Joy  

This week's meditation will help you practice your ability to get in touch with, and increase, your capacity for feeling happiness, playfulness, and gratitude... which all increase our enjoyment of life! Thank you to everyone who's shared the Meditation Mini Podcast with their friends, family, and on social media. Every time you share you are helping new people find this free resource, so thank you again for that! You can find me on Facebook at And for those who want to listen to the other 3 parts of the 4 part series on The Four Agreements you can find them at  Enjoy, and have a great week! XOXQ - Chel

25 The Four Agreements Meditation Part 1  

This week's meditation is on Part One of the 4 Agreements: Be Impeccable With Your Word. "The 4 Agreements" is a book by Don Miguel Ruiz and is the book I most often recommend to clients. You can find it on Amazon. Enjoy! XOXQ - Chel

24 Releasing Anger and Irritation  

This week's meditation is useful for learning how you can quickly shift from feelings of anger, irritation, upset and resentment into a place of calmer detachment. If you have issues with people at work or home who upset you, or experience things like road rage, then this would be a great meditation mindshifting episode for you. For more information and download your copy of my little "ReWire It!" ebook visit  Enjoy! XOXQ! - Chel

23 Finding Balance Meditation  

"I want to be more balanced" is something I hear my clients request often. This week's Meditation Minis Podcast gently guides you to finding a state of balance for yourself that is based in the motion of life rather than a static point. For more information or to download your (free!) copy of Chel's ebook: "ReWire It! How to Overcome Mental Blocks, Stop Negative Thoughts, and Increase Your Confidence in 3 Simple Steps" visit today. XOXQ! - Chel

22 Overcoming Insomnia Practice  

Do you struggle with insomnia? This meditation for sleep will help with both the "difficulty falling asleep" kind of insomnia as well as the "difficulty staying asleep" kind. Enjoy!

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