Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

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Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh eat snacks and talk about it!


Episode 97 - Bagel Chips  

What will Mike and Tom eat this week?!

Episode 96 - Grapes  

The one and only Mike and Tom are back with a new snack!

Episode 95 - Rice Cakes  

A new episode with a new snack from Mike and Tom!

Episode 94- Crunch 'n Munch  

The one and only Mike and Tom get together for a special snack!

Episode 93- Snapea Crisps  

Mike and Tom have gotten together again to bring you, the viewer, a snack!

Episode 92- Twizzlers  

Mike and Tom are back this week with a new snack!

Episode 91- Chips Ahoy  

A new snack for a new episode!

Episode 90- Welch's Fruit Snacks  

Mike and Tom share their thoughts on a new snack with, you, the viewers!

Episode 89- Preminum Saltine Crackers  

What snack will Mike and Tom love (or hate) this week?!

Episode 88- Barnum's Animals Crackers  

Mike and Tom are back with a new snack! And at a new time...

Episode 87- Nilla Wafers  

Mike and Tom decide to give a certain company another chance with a new snack...

Episode 86- Kind and Strong Bars  

Mike and Tom get sent a special snack. Will they like it?!

Episode 85- M&M's  

Tom sings the theme song for MATES and then Mike and Tom eat a brand new snack!

Episode 84- Ginger Snaps  

Will Mike and Tom like this week's snack? Guess you will have to find out!

Episode 83- Digestives  

Get ready for another snack, viewers! Mike and Tom have a new treat this week. Will it top last week's? Will it get a good rating? You'll find out!

Episode 82- Hard Boiled Eggs  

Mike and Tom are finally back! And they eat a special treat just for your viewing pleasure!

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