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Mike Cernovich, author of Gorilla Mindset, has helped millions of people change how they think and feel through his mindset techniques. His podcast is the most-popular mindset podcast in the world. To learn more about Mike Cernovich, whose writing has been covered in the Washington Post, MSNBC, and other outlets, check out his website, Danger And Play: http://www.dangerandplay.com/new-start-here/


Start Living Your Life Vision  

Are you living your life vision? If not, why not? In the latest Mike Cernovich podcast, I walk you through the barriers you've imposed on yourself.

Mindset is your identity  

The terms you use to define yourself will limit or increase your odds of success. Scott Adams told me during my interview of him, "I define myself as an entrepreneur. This is the broadest definition of self and thus doesn't put any limits on me or what I can do." Find out more about your own definition of self in the latest Mike Cernovich podcast.

The Power of Human Connection  

There is power in human connection. How can you crate deeper connection, and discover this charismatic power? Find out in the latest Mike Cernovich podcast.

What I Learned at a Five Day Mindset Seminar  

"You were twitching last night, what was that about?" The mindset seminar, Mastery In Transformational Training, had a strict no-cell phone policy. I learned about my cell phone addiction, a new way to treat social media, and how to improve my friends. I even started a new business based on some of the techniques I learned.

Proof that Gorilla Mindset Will Work for You  

A recent New Yorker article about Mike Cernovich appeared. The article proved that Cernovich lives his book, Gorilla Mindset, and that Gorilla Mindset will work for you. Read Gorilla Mindset on Amazon or listen to it on Audible.

Online Branding Master Class  

Your hottest questions on online business, marketing, and personal branding are answered in Part 1 of what might be a multi-part series. Find out more at DangerAndPlay.com

My Trump book is finally available!  

MAGA Mindset is finally available. This is a book for everyone, regardless of your politics, as it will help you understand the world and yourself on a deeper level. Find it on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/MAGA-Mindset-Making-America-Great-ebook/dp/B01M8K6BG8/

How to Live a Life Without Regret by Mike Cernovich  

Your life will change in five years, almost beyond recognition. Here is what that means for you. I also talk about how my own views have changed over the past five years.

Baby Gorillas - How I am using Gorilla Mindset for my first child  

Gorilla Mindset is applicable to all areas of life, even planning a family. Here's how I am using the methods you all know for an entirely new era of my life. Find out more: http://amzn.to/2d9TWW6

It Never Gets Easier, but it Does Get Better  

To get what you want you must do what others won't do, and that is never easy. But you'll find that your hard work eventually is rewarded. Life never gets easier, but it does get way better. Find out more in the latest Mike Cernovich Podcast

How To Have More Energy  

You already have more than enough energy. The issue is how you are using it. Find out how to have all the energy you need and then some in the latest Mike Cernovich podcast. Then go to DangerAndPlay.com

Think Bigger, Better, Bolder, and More Audaciously  

You can take your life to the next level. You will take you life to the next level. How? The answers are right around you. Listen to the full podcast to discovery why. www.DangerAndPlay.com

The Skinny on Business Success  

Mike Cernovich talks to entrepreneurs Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick on what it takes to truly succeed. Lauryn runs a highly successful and massive health, fitness and lifestyle website, and Michael is a business owner and marketer. Listen when they tell you what it really takes to succeed.

Why Today is the Greatest Time in History to Be Alive  

Forget the headlines. Today is the greatest time in the history of the world to be alive. Listen to my latest podcast to find out why.

The Biggest Business Mistake People Make  

What is the biggest business mistake people make, and how can you avoid it? I also discuss knowledge, wisdom, and why you shouldn't argue with people once you're over 30.

Why Do People Support Donald Trump?  

Are people who support Donald Trump illogical, bigoted, or simply insane, or are there good reasons for supporting Donald Trump for President? Find out more in the latest Mike Cernovich podcast.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Your Biggest Career Mistake)  

The biggest career mistake people make is not thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs. Find out how to avoid that mistake at DangerAndPlay.com

How to Start Thinking Big  

Most people do not think big but instead have a bush league mindset. Listen in to the latest Mike Cernovich podcast to learn how to stop thinking like a major player. www.DangerAndPlay.com

How to Choose Yourself (James Altucher Interview)  

The jobs are all gone. If you’re lucky enough to have a job, your boss hates you and is trying to outsource your position or downside you. No one is going to save you and no one is going to find you and give you your big break. There’s no point in crying about any of this stuff. The only existential question that matters is, “Now what?” The answer many people have found, including me, is that you must choose yourself. How can you choose yourself? Find out in my interview with multiple best-selling author James Altucher.

The Entrepreneur Podcast  

The jobs are all gone. Now what? Find out what you can do in the latest Mike Cernovich podcast. Read more at www.DangerAndPlay.com

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