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Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic break down the top news, games and drama throughout the sports world.


NBA Draft Reaction: 6/23/17  

Greeny & Dan Dakich react to the NBA Draft, including the Bulls trading Jimmy Butler. Plus they talked with Ryen Russillo, Joe Dumars, Bryan Colangelo & Jeff Goodman

Hour 4: NBA : 6/23/17  

Greeny & Dan Dakich talked with Ryen Russillo, Tom Thibodeau & Josh Duhamel

Hour 3: Bryan Colangelo & Joe Dumars: 6/23/17  

Greeny and Dan chat with Bryan Colangelo and Joe Dumars to continue to break down all the aspects of the NBA Draft.

Hour 2: Jeff Goodman & Tim Legler: 6/23/17  

Greeny and Dan continue to break down the NBA Draft and the Jimmy Butler trade with the help of Jeff Goodman and Tim Legler.

Hour 1: Jimmy Butler Traded: 6/23/17  

Dan Dakich in for Golic today. The guys react to the NBA draft and discuss the big trade between the Bulls and Timberwolves involving Jimmy Butler.

Somoene Needs a Haircut: 6/22/17  

Greeny & Dan Dakich talked about the NBA Draft including what the Knicks, Bulls and Pacers might do. And what's going on in Cleveland. Plus, Ryen Russillo & Stephen A. Smith

Hour 4: NBA Draft: 6/22/17  

Greeny and Dan Dakich talk about the NBA Draft

Hour 3: Marc Stein & Jay Bilas: 6/22/17  

Greeny and Dan continue to break down the NBA Draft with the help of Marc Stein and Jay Bilas and the audience takes some shots at Dan's haircut today...

Hour 2: NBA Draft: 6/22/17  

Greeny and Dan break down all the aspects of the NBA Draft and then chat with Jeff Goodman to find out what else could happen at the NBA Draft tonight.

Hour 1: Trouble In Cleveland?: 6/22/17  

Dan Dakich in for Golic. The guys talk about the reorganization in Cleveland and whether there is trouble for the Cavs and could the Knicks really trade Kristaps Porzingis?

Are the Knicks Serious?: 6/21/17  

Greeny & Golic discuss the latest trades in the NBA and possible trade rumors as we near the Draft and Padres decide to not hit Rizzo. Plus, Chad Ford & Michael Vick

Hour 4: Mike Vick: 6/21/17  

Greeny & Golic talked with Mike Vick about the American Flag Football League and player safety in the NFL. Plus, NBA Draft talk

Hour 3: Will Cain: 6/21/17  

ESPN's Will Cain joins the guys to discuss Phil Jackson and the Knicks, among other things. Plus, why is one season-ticket holder suing the Bears?

Hour 2: Chad Ford, Bomani Jones: 6/21/17  

ESPN NBA Draft Expert Chad Ford breaks down the top prospects. Plus, The Right Time's Bomani Jones talks LeBron James, Kristaps Porzingis, and more.

Hour 1: Frank Isola: 6/21/17  

NY Daily News Knicks Reporter Frank Isola discusses trade rumors surrounding Kristaps Porzingis. Would Phil Jackson and the Knicks really trade him?

Chaos in Cleveland: 6/20/17  

Greeny & Golic discussed David Griffin and the Cavs going separate ways, the NBA Draft & Golic's Eagle's defense. Plus, Coach K on the state of basketball

Hour 4: Coach K: 6/20/17  

Greeny & Golic talked with Coach K and Brian Kenny

Hour 2: Seth Greenberg, Brian Windhorst: 6/20/17  

ESPN College Basketball Analyst Seth Greenberg shares his thoughts on the NBA Draft prospects. Plus, ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst weighs in on the Cavs' GM situation.

Hour 1: Chaos in Cleveland: 6/20/17  

Greeny and Golic react to the news that the Cavs and GM David Griffin are parting ways. Plus, Michael Phelps is going to race a shark.

To trade or sit still: 6/19/17  

Greeny & Golic talk about the NBA Draft, Paul George and the US Open. Plus, Bob Arum and De'Aaron Fox

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