Mindful Strength

Mindful Strength


With over a decade of teaching experience I am passionate about helping people of all ages feel more capable and confident in their bodies. My method of practice blends together mindfulness with strength training, yoga, movement and mobility for a well rounded embodied experience. I teach workshops and teacher training all over the world and own a small studio in Ontario, Canada. For information on my teacher training program, international workshops, blog and more visit kathrynbruniyoung.com


Handstands with Kathryn and Linda  

In this episode Linda Eamer interviews Kathryn on everything related to handstands. Perfect timing given Kathryn's online course is now available! Topics include the benefits of handstand training, what can sometimes go wrong, the biggest mistakes people make, and fun facts about handstands.

Introduction to the Podcast  

Welcome to the Mindful Strength podcast! I'm Kathryn Bruni-Young and I'm very excited to be sharing information on movement, getting strong, staying mindful, and much more.

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