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The Mindhouse Podcast: good people and funny voices with host Josh Ruben. Theme song by Rachael Yamagata.


Meredith Adelaide  

Josh & Meredith Adelaide (photographer) talk anxiety, nude photography, selfie stigmas, and her new secret video project, "Fractal." Listen to this interview for clues on how to watch! Check her out: @meredithadelaide

Brian Grosz  

Josh & Brian Grosz (author, "SQUALOR") talks his new book, the diminishing voice over industry, and starting over in Austin, TX. Get "SQUALOR" here: www.briangrosz.com/squalor This episode is sponsored by SquareSpace!

Frank Garcia-Hejl  

Josh & Frank Garcia-Hejl (Broadway Video's “Mas Mejor”) talk teaching at Upright Citizens Brigade and the value of not overthinking comedy. Also, he does a killer John C. Reilly. Check Frank out on Dana Carvey's “First Impressions” coming to USA May 10! And follow him on Twitter @frankgarciahejl! This episode is brought to you by Tidal and SoCo 100!

Jake & Amir (talk "Lonely & Horny")  

Josh & Jake & Amir talk brand new web series, "Lonely & Horny" on Vimeo! Check out the VIDEO of this very special episode right here! youtu.be/US79rpAT2qk?a This episode is sponsored by SoCo!

Joel Green (LIVE at SXSW!)  

Josh & Joel Green (legit astronomer) take audience questions about aliens, time travel, and the dark side of the moon! This episode is sponsored by SoCo! Follow Joel Green on Twitter! (@groorg1)

Patrick Wilson  

Josh & Golden Globe nominee Patrick Wilson (FX's "Fargo") talks his first film jaunt in Mike Nichols' "Angels In America", the genius of James Wan, Ed and Lorraine Warren's actual "artifact room" & putting family before work!

Dagmara Dominczyk  

Josh & Dagmara Dominczyk ("Night is a Room") talk the acting/writing/parenthood balance, going toe to toe with the brilliant Ann Dowd in her new play, & the evolution of her novel, "The Lullaby of Polish Girls"!

Noah Kalina  

Josh & Noah Kalina (Photographer) talk his OG viral “Everyday” video, the photographer/retoucher relationship, & his new book, “CABIN PORN” - the perfect holiday gift! This episode is sponsored by Throwboy!

Michael Cassidy  

Josh & Michael Cassidy (“Men at Work”) talk the acting/fatherhood balance, screen-testing as Superman, and the day-to-day schedule of a sitcom star!

Scott Rogowsky  

Josh & Scott Rogowsky ("Running Late w/ Scott Rogowsky") talk Scott's amazing live show, insane guests, and his co-host dad! This episode sponsored by Throwboy!

Rob Michael Hugel  

Josh & Rob Michael Hugel ("I Hate Being Single") discuss his hit web series, 90's Fox shows, and his cameo in Fort Tilden! This episode brought to you by Blue Apron!

Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan  

Shockwave (“Freestyle Love Supreme”) talks his new podcast “SHOCK & AWESOME” now on Headgum, praises the brilliant Bridget Everett & gives Josh a beatbox lesson! This episode sponsored by Throwboy!

Aparna Nancherla  

Josh & Aparna Nancherla (host of "Whiplash") talk brain farts, clean comedy, and the mechanics of her brilliant joke cadence! This episode is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club!

Kevin Barnett  

Josh & Kevin Barnett ("Friends of the People") talk the origins of #FOTP, navigating the writers room as a first timer, and race on-camera and on the stand-up stage. The episode is sponsored by Throwboy!

Jason Saenz  

Josh & Jason ("Saenz Signs") talk about taking initiative and creating Saenz Signs, funny fake flyers that led to a speaking engagement at The New York Times, a write-up in the Hollywood Reporter and way more! This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron!

Todd Strauss-Schulson  

Josh & director Todd Strauss-Schulson talk "THE FINAL GIRLS", his most ambitious project to date; an emotional fright flick starring Taissa Farmiga, Thomas Middleditch, Nina Dobrev, and Malin Akerman! Also, Todd scolds Josh for checking his phone! This episode is brought to you by SquareSpace!

Thomas Moffett  

Josh & Thomas Moffett (screenwriter, "Shrink" & "The Last International Playboy") talk screenwriting routines, playing straight man to Robin Williams and Kevin Spacey, and why he wears a tie. This episode brought to you by Dollar Shave Club!

Dawn Luebbe  

Josh & Dawn Luebbe (author, “My 1992 Diary”) talk the leap from blog to book deal, writing a book treatment, and the awkward caresses of an 11 year old! Get the book! It’s hilarious! http://www.my1992diary.com

Rosa Salazar  

Josh & Rosa Salazar (“Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”) talk tough times making Insurgent, Rosa's killer Jennifer Tilly impression, and geeking over Batman: The Animated Series! This episode is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club!

Celia Rowlson-Hall  

Josh & Celia Rowlson-Hall (writer/director/star, "MA") talk choreographing HBO's "Girls", the growing pains of making short films, and the harrowing experience making her first feature. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace & MeUndies!

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