Minecraft Me – SD Video

Minecraft Me – SD Video

United Kingdom

The show that is all about Minecraft, the popular game! – Video Feed – By: GeekGamer.TV


192: Pizza Spleef!  

The show is finally back and since we are hungry for some Minecraft and Pizza, we decide to do a Pizza Spleef with the community!

191: Rollercoaster Challenge!  

We challenged you to come up with an awesome Rollercoaster Creation in Minecraft and YOU DELIVERED! We show them off this week!

190: Diversity 2 – Puzzle Branch  

In our never ending quest to complete Diversity 2, we head to the Puzzle Branch!

189: Diversity 2 – Parkour Branch – Part 3  

Parkour is not our strong point, but we push on and try to complete this branch in Diversity 2 this week!

188: Diversity 2 – Parkour Branch – Part 2  

There is much more Diversity 2 to do! This week, we head back to the frustrating Parkour Branch!

187: Return to the End!  

The latest Snapshot is here and while there are always changes, this time some MAJOR changes can be found in the END! This week we check them out!

186: Diversity 2 – Arena Completion!  

Heading back to the world of Diversity 2 and we decided to take our last attempt in 2015 and complete the Arena Mode!

185: Christmas Build Special 2015  

We are back! This is a non-stop build episode showing off the awesome Christmas and Holiday creations built by members of our community in our server!

184: Patreon Survivor Games!  

For you who support us...the Patreon's! This week we head back to the friendly confines of AT&T Park for another round of the Survivor Games! We also make a special announcement on the short term future of the show! So please take a listen and enjoy!

183: Double Dare – Server Challenge  

On your mark, get set, GO! On this episode of Minecraft Me, we ask you to create an awesome Double Dare style obstacle course! (and yes, we ran it!). We also talk about PAX Prime 2015 and our interview with Telltale Games about Minecraft: Story Mode.

182: Diversity 2 – Arena  

We can't get away! Back to the halls of Diveristy 2 and this week we finish the Escape Mode and then head into the Arena!

181: Diversity 2 – Parkour / Escape  

Back to the halls of Diversity 2 and this time we attempt (and fail) at Parkour and Escape modes!

180: Diversity 2 – Trivia Branch  

Adventure Time! This week, we head back to the world of Diversity 2 and tackle the trivia branch with some surprising results!

179: Disney Minecraft Challenge  

We love old Disney cartoons from the 80's and 90's and now we see if you all can live up to the challenge in building them! We also cover the latest Snapshot 15w31c!

178: Patreon Games: Fishing Derby!  

This week it's all about you who support us....the Patreons! This is our first ever Fishing Derby! We also take your questions! This and much more on Minecraft Me!

177: Zombie Grinders!  

Have you ever come across a Zombie Spawner and don't know what to do with it? This week on the show, we show you how to make a Zombie Grinder!

176: Ocean Monuments  

One of the new things to explore in 1.8 are Ocean Monuments! We take a look!

175: Season 3 Finale! – Part 2  

This is it! The FINAL of the Season 3 Map! Showcases from some of the awesome members of our community!

174: Season 3 Finale! – Part 1  

We begin to say goodbye to the awesome Season 3 Map by seeing what our moderators and admins picked for Showcases! We also cover the questions as well in this packed episode of Minecraft Me!

173: Patreon Games – Find The Ore II  

You voted...we delivered! Another Find The Ore edition of the Patreon Games! This week you need to find the materials and craft an anvil!

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