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Danny Lobell learns Philosophy despite his poor academic skills, each week he is joined by comedians ( Lewis Black, Maria Bamford, Bill Burr, Aisha Tyler, Artie Lange, Carl Reiner, Marc Maron, Todd Glass, Colin Quinn etc. ) they tackle all the big and small questions and try to gain a deeper understanding of life.


Season 3: Ep.25: Marc Maron and Baruch Spinoza  

Marc Maron invites Danny into his legendary garage for this week’s episode and even lets him sit in his chair which may or may not possess magical comedy powers. The two discuss Baruch Spinoza and the idea of God and Nature vs. the more traditional idea of an interpersonal creator.

Other topics covered are faith, being comfortable with yourself and figuring out how to best contribute to the world.

It’s Maron folks so…yea! go listen!


S7: Ep.83: Ryan Conner and John Donne  

Ryan Conner comes by to tell Danny about his very unique upbringing in Virginia proper, his love for Mozart and how he works himself to the bone writing comedy. We discuss philosophy from John Donne about isolation. 


S7: Ep.82: Mayim Bialik and Karl Popper  

Mayim Bialik sits down withDanny Lobell, star of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom, was trained as a neuroscience. That's why Alex picked philosopher Karl Popper to discuss with her. They talk medical school, religion, faith and science and whether or not they agree with Popper's writings. 

S7: Ep.81: Al Lubel and Thomas Szasz  

Al Lubel comes over to discuss philosophy from Thomas Szasz but what happens is an incident from 17 years ago resurfaces that has kept the two apart all these years without Danny even remembering it happened. It's a great talk with one of the all time great comedy minds. 

Happy Holidays & Enjoy!

S7: Ep.80: Kurt Braunohler and Harry Frankfurt  

Kurt Braunohler comes by to discuss Harry Frankfurt in this "Lost" and now found episode. We are so lost on this one that we even call Alex for clues.



S7: Ep.79: Gad Elmaleh and Roland Barthes  

Gad Elmaleh, the great Moroccan French comedian joins Danny this episode in the Chateau Marmont Hotel to discuss everything from Yom Kippur in Moroccan Synagogue to the philosophy of Roland Barthes and so much more. Special thanks to WTF and Marc Maron for plugging this episode! Sponsored by Stand Up! Records.



S7: Ep.78: Cash Peters and Albert Schweitzer  

Cash Peters is an author a journalist and an avid listener of this show. He came by to talk Albert Schweitzer with Danny and about his life and relationship to spirituality and his family.

Great talk with an interesting guy.


S7: Ep.77: Tom Rhodes and Seneca the Younger  

Tom Rhodes comes by to talk with Danny Lobell about travel, Seneca, Florida and family. Great episode, great talk with a very funny guy.




S7: Ep.76: Pat Cooper and Marcus Aurelius  
Pat Cooper and I sat down and caught up after years of not seeing each other. Pat told stories of his childhood and as always spoke his mind about everyone in Show biz. He told old show biz stories about the mob, roasting Richard Pryor and Martin Scorsese. They also discuss getting old. Enjoy the show.

S7: Ep.75: Dan Schlissel  and E.H. Carr  

Dan Schlissel and Danny Lobell sit and talk outside in the Palm trees in Akumal Mexico at the Akumal Comedy Festival. They discuss topics ranging from the Holocaust to how history is written and how Dan picks who he wants on his comedy record label.





S7: Ep.74: Christian Finnegan and William of Champeaux  

Christian Finnegan has Danny over his Queens apartment to discuss William of Champeaux. The conversation covers religion, early childhood development and dealing with jerks. It's a great talk.




Season 7: Ep.73: Doug Stanhope and Plotinus  

Doug Stanhope has Danny over his place in Bisbee Arizona to talk about everything from his childhood, to his mom, to drinking, drugs the dessert vs LA, old times in New York and the meaning of life. The two also try to understand something from Plotinus but mostly can't. 

It's a fun one and its brought to you by Stand Up! Records and Comic Bento.




SEASON SIX WRAP UP SHOW with Danny and Alex Fossella  

Alex Fossella and Danny discuss the season highlights for season six, what thoughts really stuck with them and some dream guests for upcoming shows.




S6: Ep.72: Brian Regan and Paul Feyerabend  

Brian Regan and Danny Lobell sit down and discuss philosophy from Paul Feyerabend. Because Brian has a history of going against the grain of the world. He is clean in an industry that is known for being dirty. He dropped out of college and completed it later. He released a special completely live. All things not many people can do, Alex picked a philosopher who talked about thinking outside the box in science.

The conversation also covers comedy talk and Brian's life outside of showbiz. This episode is brought to you by Stand Up! Records.

S6: Ep.71: Darryl Lenox and Thomas More  

Darryl Lenox and Danny Lobell sit down at the Stand Up! Records Akumal Comedy Festival to discuss philosophy from Tomas More. Darryl also tells stories of being a con man, growing up with a pimp for a father and working with Chris Rock! 

This episode is brought to you by Stand Up! Records.




S6: Ep.70: "Professor" Irwin Corey and Mahatma Gandhi  

"Professor" Irwin Corey is 102 years old. He welcomes Danny into his House in Manhattan - Yes HOUSE in Manhattan! They talk about everything from the Professor's childhood, to Nazis to the early days of stand up comedy with Lord Buckley, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce. They also discuss some philosophy from Mahatma Gandhi.




S6: Ep.69: Liz Miele and Samuel Taylor Coleridge  

Liz Miele visits Danny this week to discuss everything from her parents to relationships, holding on to your inner child, managing your inner crazy and Magic! 

It's a great talk and in it Danny and Liz go from longtime co-workers to legit friends!


S6: Ep.68: Jason Zumwalt and Augustine of Hippo  

Jason Zumwalt visits Danny Lobell to discuss Augustine of Hippo. They talk about why Jason left Stand up, grand theft auto, and having jokes stolen. It's a great talk and filled with impressions and some really great moments.

This episode is brought to you by Stand Up! Records.




S6: Ep.67: Henry Phillips and Marquis de Sade  

Henry Phillips came by Danny Lobell's studio and discusses everything from Metal bands to nipple clamps and the Marquis de Sade in this hilarious episode of Modern Day Philosophers. Brought to you by Stand Up! Records. Enjoy!

S6: Ep.66: JT Habersaat and William of Ockham  

JT Habersaat and Danny meet for the first time on this epsiode of Modern Day Philosophers. The two really hit it off and figure out while discussing William of Ockham and his famous razor that they really have a lot in common. This episode is sponsored by Stand Up! Records.


S6: Ep.65: Jessie Beth Kahnweiler and Nassim Nicholas Taleb  

Jessie Beth Kahnweiler joins Danny at his house to discuss Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The two talk about everything from rape to bulimia to Mel Brooks, more Mel Brooks, and how Jessie's mom will feel about the episode when she inevitably listens to it. Jessie is a very talented comedian and filmmaker and this episode is hilarious. It's sponsored by Stand Up! Records.


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