MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 6 'Towering Alan'  


Fire! Fire! The fair's on fire! In the last episode of the series, Alan's been at the tavern for 182 days, Clifton's back on the boddle and (the actor) Kevin Eldon is laughing at literally everything. We talk country fair disasters, pimping Lynn out and play a live round of Partridge or Madeley. Plus we reveal whether we've been given a second series. 


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MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 5 - 'To Kill A Mocking Alan'  
Episode 5 'To Kill A Mocking Alan' 


Sue Cook's pulled out, Sophie and Ben are 'at it' and there's a mentalist on the loose in episode 5.

We cover real-life encounters with Bill Oddie, concealed nipples, and our hunt for the real Jed Maxwell (spoiler alert: It doesn't end well). Plus! Our hosts are put through the Partridge Mastermind challenge.


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MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 4 - 'Basic Alan'  

Episode 4 'Basic Alan'

We talk graveyard shift radio, sliding standards at the Travel Tavern and briefly consider buying Alan's car whilst dismantling this episode like a Corby Trouser Press.

Also: Michael's career trajectory, letters from listeners, and why the real Bill Carr has us worried.

MONKEY TENNIS // EPISODE 3 - 'Watership Alan'  

Episode 3 'Watership Alan'


What does a Ladyboy (the drink) taste like? Which role did Simon Pegg actually want? Who invented the skip? 


All these questions are answered in episode 3 of Monkey Tennis. We also discuss our Alan origins, this episode's many cameos, Alan's three (fake) wives, and play a pivotal round of Cards Against Alanity.


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MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 2 - 'Alan Attraction'  

It's Valentines Day and love is in the air for the second episode of Monkey Tennis. We look at the battle between Jill and Lynn for Alan's attention, there's a bit of a misunderstanding about Alan's big plate, and we talk to a genuine 'man of Norwich' about the impact of pedestrianisation (and Alan). 


Plus, there's a blow by blow account of THAT sex scene, the real Longstanton Spice Museum, Cards Against Alanity and a LOT of chocolate.

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 1  - 'A Room With An Alan'  


Join four dalendless shids as they celebrate and discuss I'm Alan Partridge's first episode, in search of answers to the big questions: Who's been vandalising Alan's car? What's the deal with Sue Cook? And just what IS in Alan's drawer?


Plus: revelations about Jet from Gladiators, fierce debate over defunct high street clothing chains, and the first ever game of Cards Against Alanity.


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