Monocle 24: The Menu

Monocle 24: The Menu

United States

Our guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, The Menu serves up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table.


Top of the chops  

Author Tim Hayward has written a book focusing on the world’s greatest knives, from extravagantly expensive Japanese sushi blades to the humble bread knife. Also on the show: Dutch chef Sergio Herman’s new potato-related project and why home-brewing is easier than ever before.

Food Neighbourhoods #12: Melbourne, Victoria Street  

We take a tour of Melbourne’s Victoria Street, locally known as Little Saigon, with Monocle correspondent Adrian Craddock.

Pierre Koffmann’s 50 years in the kitchen  

Influential French chef Pierre Koffmann on what defines his cooking, an Australian take on gin and why the world could learn a lesson or two from the Swiss slow-food movement.

Food Neighbourhoods #11: Athens, Exarchia  

With a reputation as a stronghold for anarchists, students and intellectuals, the district of Exarchia in downtown Athens is going through the gradual process of gentrification. It is not famous for its food – yet. But that is bound to change thanks to the area’s many hidden gems.

The best cheese in the world  

We visit the World Cheese Awards in San Sebastián and check out the cookbooks that top chefs love. Plus: the week’s headlines from Toronto and what front-of-house staff can learn from an employee-exchange programme.

Food neighbourhoods #10: Bangkok, Banglamphu  

Bangkok’s old quarter of Banglamphu has long been a top culinary destination for Thais, with its street-food sellers and shophouse restaurants serving sought-after specialities. Our guide is author Chawadee Nualkhair.

What makes a great restaurant menu?  

Restaurant critic and author Nicholas Lander on what makes a great restaurant menu, the first single-malt whiskey in North America and an interview with Richard Geoffrey, custodian of Dom Pérignon champagne.

Food Neighbourhoods #9: Rio de Janeiro, Largo do Machado  

A district that reflects Brazil’s waves of immigration, Largo do Machado is a gem that has remained undiscovered by international tourism. Our guide is Tom Le Mesurier of Eat Rio.

The skills  

Top chef Monica Galetti discusses the skills that separate professional chefs from others and we get a taste for Canadian comfort food with an aboriginal twist. Plus what to expect from London’s own version of New York’s famed restaurant Aquavit.

Food Neighbourhoods #8: Toronto, Kensington Market  

Originally a Jewish neighbourhood, Toronto's Kensingston Market has experienced an influx of immigrants from the Azores to the Caribbean. Our guide is Corey Mintz, food columnist for ‘The Globe and Mail’.

Gooseneck barnacles and the best Brazilian wines  

The tricky business of harvesting gooseneck barnacles in the Pacific and why Brazilian wine businesses are worth keeping an eye on. Plus: award-winning food writer and broadcaster Ravinder Bhogal’s first London restaurant.

Food Neighbourhoods #7: Istanbul, Kumkapi district  

A neighbourhood on the coastal European side of Istanbul, Kumkapi is a melting pot of migrants and wholesalers from Africa, the Caucasus and central Asia. We get a taste for the city’s rare cosmopolitan culinary mix.

Ten restaurants that changed the US  

Author Paul Freedman lists the American restaurants that have had the biggest impact on the country, patissier Pierre Hermé explains how much you can do with chocolate and we visit a groundbreaking wine business in Portland, Oregon.

Food neighbourhoods #6: Singapore, Katong district  

Off the beaten tourist track, Katong is a vibrant area home to a number of Singapore's varied ethnic groups. Our guide to the neighbourhood's food-and-drink outposts is Debbie Yong, digital editor for the Michelin Guide Singapore.

Spanish made simple  

Chef Omar Allibhoy proves than cooking Spanish food doesn’t need to be complicated. Meanwhile, we are in Melbourne to visit a business that is helping the city’s residents to make their own wine and we hear why a new fondue product is upsetting the Swiss.

Food neighbourhoods #5: Zürich, Kreis 4  

Once a seedy neighbourhood, Zürich’s Kreis 4 has gradually become popular among the city’s creatives. While retaining some of its original character, it is now a thriving hub for new restaurants, bars and cafés.

The pastry master  

We meet world-famous pastry chef Dominique Ansel, who shot to international fame with the invention of the cronut, and hear how his playful ideas have helped his business expand from New York to Tokyo – and now London. Meanwhile, we talk to Giuseppe Lavazza about the new phase of his coffee empire and discover Donna Hay’s favourite recipe. Plus: the week’s US industry news from our friends at Food Republic.

Food neighbourhoods #4: Tsukiji fish market  

Now in the midst of a relocation row, Tsukiji market has showcased some of the world’s most desirable seafood for 80 years. Our guide Ted Bestor, author of ‘Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World’ shows us around.

The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining  

This special edition of ‘The Menu’ is all about our new book. Learn how to launch a restaurant, explore the best food and drink packaging and discover how to host great parties. Plus: Martha Stewart’s “last meal”.

Food neighbourhoods #3: Lower East Side, New York  

An area in flux, the once grungy Lower Manhattan neighbourhood is quickly becoming the best place to eat, drink and be merry in New York. Richard Martin, editorial director of ‘Food Republic’, guides us around the neighbourhood.

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