Monocle 24: The Menu

Monocle 24: The Menu

United States

Our guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, The Menu serves up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table.


Breaking boundaries  

How UK bartender Tony Conigliaro turns inspiration into carefully crafted cocktails, Scott Hallsworth’s successful take on Japanese food and what makes Amsterdam’s breweries worthy of special attention.

Food Neighbourhoods 30: Borough Market, London  

Restaurant consultant and publisher Adam Hyman shows us around this world-famous destination with an astonishing range of produce, right in the middle of the British capital.

Secrets of the wine business  

Bianca Bosker, author of the new book ‘Cork Dork’, tells us how she taught herself. Plus: the Swedish restaurant introducing Nordic food to Milanese diners and how to create the perfect Irish pub.

Food Neighbourhoods 29: Manchester, Altrincham Market  

Nick Johnson, Altrincham local and co-director of the 700-year-old market, takes us on a tour and explains why northern England’s best produce is enjoying a resurgence.

An Australian take  

The success of Australia’s Four Pillars gin, the potential of the Indian wine market and the week’s top news stories from the US.

Food Neighbourhoods 28: Downtown Johannesburg  

Restaurateur and tour guide Sifiso Ntuli shows us some of the highlights of the ethnically diverse downtown Johannesburg, hitherto overshadowed by some of the city’s smarter suburbs.

Italian improved  

Italian chef Alessandro Borghese explains why Italian grandmothers are still the ultimate authority in cooking. Also, we avoid food waste in Amsterdam and author Catherine Phipps discusses citrus’s versatility.

Food Neighbourhoods 27: Barcelona, Raval  

Chef Alfredo Marcus and Monocle’s Kati Krause head to the Raval area, which has transformed from a red-light district into a culinary hub in the past 15 years.

Health through eating  

We meet the founders of Mindful Chef recipe boxes who have released a book to explain their cooking philosophy. Plus: what connects Melania Trump and sausages, and the week’s headlines from Australia.

Food Neighbourhoods 26: Rome, Testaccio  

Monocle’s David Plaisant takes us to the neighbourhood of Testaccio, a delicious antidote to the chaotic central Rome.

Pitti Taste: the best of Italian produce  

We get the highlights from the Pitti Taste food fair in Florence and find out how restaurateur Kurt Zdesar always knows what the next big thing for hospitality is. Plus: the week’s top headlines from Istanbul.

Food Neighbourhoods 25: Chicago, Irving Park Road  

Monocle contributor Alison Cuddy and local food lover Coyote DeGroot tour Chicago’s historic Irving Park Road.

Pay what you want  

The success of a pay-what-you-want concept at a Rio de Janeiro café, British meat guru Richard Turner’s top tips and why Chicago has become a force to be reckoned with on the US culinary scene.

Food Neighbourhoods 24: Berlin, Savignyplatz  

Monocle's Kati Krause tours Berlin's Savignyplatz with Daliah Hoffman, food editor of ‘Mit Vergnügen’ magazine.

Fuss-free cooking  

Thomasina Miers’ fuss-free approach in the kitchen, Seoul’s trouble with fried-chicken joints and Madrid’s new speciality saffron shop.

Food Neighbourhoods 23: Lisbon, Alcantara  

Monocle’s Syma Tariq and urban researcher and travel guide Francesca Savoldi tour the Lisbon neighbourhood of Alcantara.

Is London’s food scene broken?  

In a special edition live from Monocle HQ, Grace Dent, Nicholas Lander, Martin Morales and Jonathan Downey discuss what needs fixing in the capital’s restaurants – and what they can teach the rest of the world.

Food Neighbourhoods 22: Florentin, Tel Aviv  

Monocle’s Mary Pelletier and Inbal Baum of the culinary tour company Delicious Israel visit the Tel Aviv’s fastest-growing food destination.

Making way for the new  

The Austrian restaurateur fighting conventions and the wine-subscription service getting customers out of their comfort zones. Plus: why saffron is not just for risotto, buns and biryanis.

Food Neighbourhoods 21: Amsterdam, Javastraat  

Monocle’s Venetia Rainey and performer Maureen de Jong tour Amsterdam’s eastern neighbourhoods.

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