Monocle 24: The Menu

Monocle 24: The Menu

United States

Our guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, The Menu serves up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table.


Food Neighbourhoods 51: London, Brixton  

Brixton has established itself as a food destination to be reckoned with. Monocle 24's Holly Fisher is a local and explores the places that have put the area on the culinary map.

From Mexico with love  

What Mexican chef Martha Ortiz wants to make the world understand about her country’s food, what the greatest dining institutions in São Paulo have in common, plus a Portuguese wine region that deserves more attention.

Food Neighbourhoods 50: Taipei, Da’an and Songshan  

A tour around two districts in Taipei, Asia’s mecca for street food and night markets.

The makings of a top chef  

What it takes to cook without recipes, a chef who wants to turn Russian food into a hit and Mathias Dahlgren’s vegetarian venture in Stockholm.

Food Neighbourhoods 49: Athens, Petralona  

Central but off the beaten track, the neighbourhood of Petralona is proving that the Greek capital’s culinary offerings reach far beyond Greek cuisine.

Treats from Myanmar  

Delicacies from Myanmar, Italy’s prized culatello ham, plus a cocktail recommendation from Rich Hunt, one of the UK’s top bartenders.

Food Neighbourhoods 48: Buenos Aires, Villa Crespo  

In recent years, the Argentinian capital has upped its game as a gastronomic destination. Monocle’s Frederick Bernas and food writer Allie Lazar tour the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Villa Crespo.

The Finnish way  

Why Finland may challenge its Scandi neighbours on Nordic fare, what makes the best butter in the world, plus the top food and drink news headlines from the US.

Food Neighbourhoods 47: New York, Harlem  

Monocle’s New York bureau chief Ed Stocker tours some of Harlem’s best brunch joints with Herb Karlitz, co-founder of the Harlem EatUp! food festival.

Cooking from the Caucasus  

New recipes from the Caucasus region, the revival of Jewish food in Berlin and a new high-end mixer brand taking over Europe.

Food Neighbourhoods 46: Edmonton’s downtown   

Despite having been overshadowed by metropolitan hubs such as Toronto and Montreal, Edmonton has rapidly grown into a food destination diverse enough to please all pallets.

Supporting the locals  

We discover how to create a beloved neighbourhood restaurant and visit a Venice restaurant championing local ingredients. Plus: a Berlin initiative connecting food innovators and industry.

Food Neighbourhoods 45: Cairo's downtown  

We explore an area of the Egyptian capital where historic restaurants have been serving some of the best food in the city for decades.

Varied tastes  

A visit to the Canadian Food Championships in Edmonton and London’s new west-Africa-inspired restaurant Ikoyi, plus the week’s top headlines from Italy.

Food Neighbourhoods 44: Moscow, Patriarch’s Ponds  

A tour of a neighbourhood closely linked to Russian history and literature, which in recent years has become a hub for food and drink.

The Monocle Restaurant Awards  

The winners of this year’s Monocle Restaurant Awards. Plus, the Mexican food-tour boom and the week’s top headlines from Hong Kong.

Food Neighbourhoods 43: São Paulo, Centro  

A tour around the district that hosts some of the best restaurants in the Brazilian megalopolis.

Treats from Lisbon  

Why Lisbon food deserves more attention, the oldest Arabic ice-cream parlour in Ramallah, plus top-notch wine from Ecuador.

Food Neighbourhoods 42: Malta, Valletta  

A tour through one of the smallest capital cities in Europe that's been a melting pot of Middle Eastern and European influences for centuries.

The best of Stockholm  

We’re in Stockholm to meet some of the most ambitious, innovative and clever entrepreneurs shaking up the Swedish capital’s food-and-drink scene.

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