Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Monocle 24: The Urbanist

United Kingdom

With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.


Tall Stories 73: Toll houses  

Above the hustle and bustle of London’s city life you’ll find a little toll house, which back in the 1700s marked the entrance to the Bishop of London’s estate. We profile these little bastions of resistance.

After Harvey  

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, no one could have predicted the level of destruction it caused. As floodwaters retreat and rubble is lifted, we shine the spotlight on this city and the way urban areas can start to heal after the grieving is done.

Tall Stories 72: Luma Arles  

We visit the Luma Arles creative-arts hub. Made up of former railway warehouses, the site will soon welcome a new architectural feature – a 56-metre tall tower designed by architect Frank Gehry. We check out the view.


On what side of the law does your city stand? There are still a few fugitives around, allowing what many other metropolises banned a long time ago: from public nudity to smoking indoors and even a little afternoon dip to cool off – in public that is.

Tall Stories 71: London’s lidos  

London boasts almost 20 outdoor swimming pools, mostly built around the 1930s. This week we hear the story of London’s famed lidos.

By the water  

The sea conquers the land: we hear how politics around the Suez Canal has propelled Egypt to the world stage, how Vienna solved its flood problem with the help of engineering and examine the heritage of fascism along the Adriatic coast.

Tall Stories 70: Vienna’s house names  

In the Austrian capital buildings don’t just have addresses but names too – but do you ever hear people use them? This week we examine the great tradition of the Viennese house name.

Land reclamation and prizes  

What are the logistical aspects of creating land? We discover the Netherlands’ approach to land reclamation and examine the rise and fall of London’s Garden Bridge. Plus: in Austria even terrible, awful, unplanned architecture gets rewarded.

Tall Stories 69: Bijlmerbajes  

The Bijlmerbajes in south Amsterdam was designed as a humane prison when it opened in 1978 but in recent years it has taken on a new life: it is now a creative hub for locals and refugees alike.

River crossing  

Bridges are meant to make our cities better connected but sometimes they highlight existing divides. We explore two very different examples in Lisbon and Budapest. Plus: a special report exploring the outskirts of London.

Tall Stories 68: Montreal’s Olympic Stadium  

Following the news that Montreal’s Olympic Stadium is to be transformed into a welcome centre for asylum seekers, our Toronto bureau chief Tomos Lewis tells the story of one of the city’s most famed structures.

Urban Resilience Summit  

Highlights and insights from this year’s Urban Resilience Summit by the 100 Resilient Cities network, which assembled more than 500 urban leaders, practitioners and city activists in New York.

Tall Stories 67: the Alberta Legislature  

This government building that sits just across the river downtown is a postcard for the city. Monocle​’s Sheena Rossiter takes us on a trip to learn​ ​the history behind the iconic building and what it means to her as a native​ ​Edmontonian.


On this week’s episode we look at how religion has shaped our cities: be it how communities gather, influencing popular culture or impacting the levels of pollution.

Tall Stories 66: Santa Maria dello Spasimo  

Construction of this church began in 1509 – and is yet to be completed. The structure is still missing a roof but that’s not necessarily a bad thing: come night-time it is an architectural feature that makes it all the more fascinating.

Participatory urbanism  

Join us! A city can only evolve in the right way when citizens and communities are engaged in how changes should take place.

Tall Stories 65: Moscow’s fluff  

Moscow has been hit by such unseasonable weather this summer that people won’t be surprised if it starts snowing tomorrow. But amid all this chaos there’s one thing that’s reassuringly consistent: poplar fluff.

Gardens, integration and pollution  

Making a concrete jungle greener in Brazil, using a new library to promote integration in Toronto and how a bike can suck in air pollution and pump out clean air.

Tall Stories 64: Cycling through Amsterdam  

Monocle’s Joleen Goffin hops on her bicycle and takes control of the road as she tells us about the joys of cycling in Amsterdam.


We hear all about the new temporary parliament in Vienna, discover how a temporary pavilion can improve public life and create a community, and ask if pop-up retail spaces can change the way we shop.

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