Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Monocle 24: The Urbanist

United Kingdom

With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.


Tall Stories 44: Pirelli Tower  

We explore the 32-storey skyscraper that is one of Milan’s most influential pieces of modern architecture.

Not so easy  

City-building is tough – we try to imagine how tough it is in a secluded country such as North Korea. Meanwhile, Cairo plans to build a new administrative capital in the desert. Plus: what do fashion houses do for our cities?

Tall Stories 43: Hong Kong’s street names  

Our Hong Kong bureau chief James Chambers gives us a snapshot of how the city’s historical ties with the UK can be seen all across its streets – and what that means for residents.

What's in a name?  

A name can be a very powerful thing for a city: it’s not only how people identify locations and buildings but one of the most important branding tools too. But what happens when a name simply stops working?

Tall Stories 42: London’s gas-lit lamps  

This week we go on a stroll around London where about 1,500 gas-powered lamps, some more than 200 years old, still burn brightly.

Sanctuary cities  

During this past week the term “sanctuary city” has resurfaced – in great part thanks to Donald Trump. We unpack what a sanctuary city means, look at Europe for an example of integration and ask what should be done differently too.

Tall Stories 41: Ellis Island  

For more than 60 years Ellis Island was the busiest immigrant inspection station in the US. We look at the space where more than 12 million immigrants got the opportunity to begin a new life.

Desafio Carioca, Hong Kong and Milan  

Almost a month after the new South Island Line was inaugurated, we examine the impact that it had in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we find out how a plan to build down instead of up could create a new open-air amphitheatre in Milan’s historical centre. Plus: we play a real-life board game in which players roll the dice to roam around Rio de Janeiro.

Tall Stories 40: Redecorating the White House  

As Donald Trumps settles in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, our New York bureau chief Ed Stocker looks at the changes (aesthetically speaking) that he might make within.

Out of the box  

This week we look at those slightly unusual structures that make you ask: how did that get built and what does it say about the city that hosts it? We cover some very obvious eyesores, peculiar street furniture and divisive buildings challenging all architectural norms and models. Is it time for us to embrace them?

Tall Stories 39: The Peninsula Hotel  

This week we visit the hotel that earned the nickname the “Grand Dame of the Far East”. Our Hong Kong bureau chief James Chambers takes us through the city’s Peninsula Hotel.

New year, new city?  

It's a brand new year and with it comes change and resolutions – not just for us but for our cities too. We meet Rio de Janeiro’s new mayor, find out why it took nearly 100 years for a new subway extension to be added in New York and see how Vienna is using 2017 to abolish a very unusual tax.

Tall Stories 38: Casa dos Bicos  

This week we visit one of the most peculiar structures in Lisbon: a building covered with 1,125 diamond-shapes stones.

Should a city host a design week?  

With more than 100 design weeks around the world, design worshippers are hard-pressed to visit them all. Yet new cities are always being added. So why are so many municipalities trying to link their names with ‘Design’ and what can being a host bring to a city?

Tall Stories 37: Zürich’s transport triumph  

Switzerland’s largest city has some of the best transport infrastructure in the world. But what makes it so good and can other cities replicate it? Henry Rees-Sheridan investigates.

The Urbanist: best of 2016  

We bring you some of the best moments on ‘The Urbanist’ this year, including reports from Rio de Janeiro, Moscow and Seattle – and even a chat from the top of a tree.

Tall Stories: best of 2016  

We bring you highlights from 2016’s ‘Tall Stories’, including a tale of the river Thames, the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial and Singapore’s Cavenagh Bridge.

Jane Jacobs  

In a special episode of ‘The Urbanist’, we look at the life and legacy of Jane Jacobs, one of the most influential urban thinkers and city activists of our time.

Tall Stories 36: RKO Pictures  

The RKO Pictures logo once conjured up feelings of anticipation among cinemagoers around the world but today its history is largely relegated to the pages of history books. However, as Monocle’s Ben Rylan learns there are still a few clues left for eager Los Angeles sidewalk explorers to discover as they stroll along Melrose Avenue.

Come together  

This week we report from the C40 conference where mayors gathered to discuss how to implement positive change in the world. Hop on a boat in Lisbon to talk about how collective action and architecture come together and we unpack the emerging trend of building over transit lines.

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