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Monsters in the Morning

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You wanted the best...You got the BEST! The hottest talk show in the mornings! Russ, Dirty Jim, Angel & Carlos get Central Florida moving every day with their unique blend of humor, talk, and relating to what is going on in the Orlando area.


Who's All Working Today  

11.23.2016 Monster song traditions. Working on Thanksgiving eve. Devon Siebold in studio. RRR - Most popular MCD in the world outside of USA. Listener emails. Savannah Swamp Girl. BOTW

Take your shot  

11.18.2016 Carlos back from special project!! Jimmy lies Russ finds a new show. RRR - The Cost of Thanksgiving. Angel on the 1s and 2s. Ralphie May in studio. Swamp Girl Savannah. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports with Angel. BOTW - TOMOKA Brewing company.

You have 2 years left...  

11.16.2016 You find out you have two years to live. Russ movie night. RRR - Under 30 Celebs. Han Solo affair. The Rock. Labron James. National Fast Food Day. Zika. Nerdy News. Monster Sports. Chris Moneymaker calls in the show.


11.09.2016 The Day after the 2016 Election.


11.08.2016 All about the 2016 elections.

PSA about dreams.  

10.28.2016 Angel is back from his trip to Atlanta. What to do when you girlfriend/wife says "I had a dream about you. RRR-Food that helps with stress. Flying Cheap. Vine Closing down. Stand-Up comic Dom Irrera in studio. Joe Phillips from Shallow Grave in studio. Angel on 1s and 2s. Sexy Sawmp Girl Savannah in studio with her snake. Monster Sports with Angel. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. To The Top with Carlos. BOTW - Motorworks Brewing.

Crunchy cookies.  

10.24.2016 WE catch up on the weekend. Russ playing cupid. The results of Angel at Bachelors For Boobies. Bob Dylan. RRR - Women do this live loner. Spot blowen. Rodney the Gator Hunter. Blogging Molly Dating Game. Yoga pants protest. Steven Kramer in studio. Blogging Molly Dating Game. Monster Sports. To The Top with Carlos.

Oh that crazy letter Q.  

10.12.2016 Hard work and success. The time swing was popular. Stealing chickens. Learning about your credit. RRR - Icon laying low til after halloween. Dr. Butch in studio. Stress. Russ asks "Is This Racist". Jeff Howell in studio. Swamp Girl Savannah in studio. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. Jeffery Kaufman in studio. Monster Sports with Angel. For the love of cars.



Debate shmate.  

09.27.2016 Monster reaction to the first Presidential Debate. RRR - Do this save your relationship. Shereen Kasaam in studio after her first date. Angel and Bachelors for Boobies. Blogging Molly dating game. Listener email. To The Top With Carlos. Kids at your Wedding. Monster Sports with Angel.

Warm-up mouth exercise.  

09.23.2016 Dad days when raising kids. Donuts! Putt Putt golf vs. Bowling. Jimmy starts kickball league. RRR - Highest paid TV Male actor. Would you have sex with someone who looks like you. Native American Day. From the Improv Carlos Mencia in studio. Angel on 1s and 2s. What is one piece of confetti called. Savannah Swamp Girl in studio. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports with Angel. BOTW.

Bar fights and machetes.  

09.16.2016 Judy Garland's diet at 16. Bar fights. The story of Correa Cotto. Where you gonna hid that weed? What shows were you not allowed to watch as a kid. RRR - squares. When your friends change and you judge them. HHN. Buying something expensive or frivolous. Savannah Swamp girl in studio. Angel on the 1s and 2s. Swamp girl adventures. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports. BOTW - CENTRAL 28 Beer Company.

His name is Ashton.  

08.19.2016 Allergies and Allergy test. Live show at Rosen Plaza. We debut the new Metallica. Promo for live show. New Green Day. Ryan Lochte meanwhile Ashton Eaton wins gold in men's decathlon. RRR - Which Olympic athletes have the most sex? Monster Comic of the year Miguel Colon in studio. Guy code. Mo'nique and Tone X in studio. Angel on the 1s and 2s. Swamp Girl Savannah in studio. MOnster sports. BOTW - Florida Ale and Brew Bus Brewing.

Jeff is doing what?  

08.17.2016 Jeff Howell wants to make a major announcement on the show. RRR - Who is coming back to the MTV music awards. Dr.Butch. Russ asks is this racist. Jeff makes his announcement. Chef Ed in studio. Nerdy news with Blogging Molly. Monster Sports.

Monster Hand Ball Team?  

08.16.2016 So the guys question and bust on different Olympic sports. Monster Olympic handball team? modern day trolling. RRR - Men are lacking in what? Comic Shereen Kassam in studio. Dating in Orlando. Henry in studio with Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center. Meetings suck. Carlos To The Top. Monster Sports


08.11.2016 Kicks For Guns. Guy scales Trump Tower. Olympic gymnast gets kicked off team. RRR - Country Music Icon daughter. Det. Barb in studio. Phone calls and more on Kicks For Guns.

Little Tiny Tiny Balls  

08.09.2016 Rio Olympics and and do you have gold in your system. Is cupping a real thing? RRR - SNL comic who did album covers. Comic Shereen Kassam in studio. Can we find Shereen a man. Preds Coach Keefe in studio. Orange County Sheriff Demings in studio. Chief Chitwood from Daytona Beach calls in. Rowdy Gains calls in from Rio Olympics. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports with Angel.

I like it when it rains.  

PT 2 08.08.2016 Kissimmee helicopter gets arrested. Shadow families. Steven Kramer in studio. To The Top with Carlos box office review. Monster Sports with Angel.

I like it when it rains.  

PT 1 08.08.2016 A-Rod announce his retirement. The Olympics and Tonga Guy. Jimmy visits the panhandle. The guys recap the Preds game. Mark Mero in studio.

King Kongey Bongey  

08.01.2016 The recap of the guys going to the Guns N Roses. The guys loved it!! Jimmy digs the show and uses UBER for the first time. RRR - Blog Wars Russ Vs. Angel. To The Top with Carlos Box office recap. Miss Teen Voge slurs. Monster Sports - Gabrielle Reece interview.

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