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Monsters in the Morning

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You wanted the best...You got the BEST! The hottest talk show in the mornings! Russ, Dirty Jim, Angel & Carlos get Central Florida moving every day with their unique blend of humor, talk, and relating to what is going on in the Orlando area.


Cotton swabs and 4D  

03.16.2017 Russ crossfit maybe Genealogy. Non- St. Patrick's Day traditions. RRR - Stressful times of your life. Savannah Defender of Gators in studio. Bad Ass tories. Catlos goes 4D.

Someone loves plaid  

03.15.2017 Weather. Country Concerts. RRR. Bad Ass. Trivia. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. To The Top. Flat Track racers.


03.13.2017 Deputy Sheriff saves the day. Spring blizzard. Weekend recap. RRR-Passed Out. Rodney The Gator Hunter. Bad Ass - Don't steal my beer. Logan Miller and Carl Makinen call the show.

DAYTONA 500 2017  

02.24.2017 Monsters at Daytona International Speedway. Ty Dillon, Danica Patrick and more.

Letting it rip  

02.23.2017 Team Space vs. Team Ocean. Controversial t-shirt. The Oscars. RRR -Taxes. Katherine the shark. Where You At Muck City Florida. Savannah the defender of gators. FARTS. Trivia - Dogs. Meat of the Week with Jimmy. To The Top With Carlos -TV shows. Monster Sports. BOTW - Ciders.

Presidents and wasabi.  

02.20.2017 What is and were does wasabi come from Local football players pick up a truck. Movies over the weekend. RRR - Wrestlers who died. David Cassidy. Presidents day trivia. Rodney The Gator Hunter in studio. Expiration dates and food. Steven Kramer in studio. Trivia - Lindsey. Monster Comic of the Year - Devin Siebold in studio. To The Top with Carlos - Throwing kids and pools. Monster Sports with Angel - NBA All-Star Weekend.

Call me milky stout  

02.17.2017 Dirty Jim and the cards. New Oreo. NSYNC reunion RRR - New Monopoly pieces. Day without woman march. Comic Ryan Hamilton in studio. Kid Rock Vs. Ted Nugent. Angel on the 1s and 2s. Top global companies. Savannah Defender of Gators. To The Top with Carlos - Time Machine with TonY Tigerson. Monster Sports with Angel. BOTW - ELSIAN Brewing.

On the luv luv.  

02.14.2017 Happy Valentines Day. Bad VDAY stories with Russ. RRR - single people better life Sheeren Kassam in studio. Breaking up on VDay. Det Barb in studio.

A chicken pizza thing  

02.09.2017 Crystal meth R.V. in Daytona. Driving your dream car. Movie weekend. RRR - new parody movie. Beatles on TV. Where you at Zephyrhills. Apples new campus. Bloodline. How guys ruin sex. Trivia - JT. Debra Roberts news update. Petty's Meat of the Week. To The Top. Monsters Sports. RRR Bar - Black Berry bourbon.

Losers and  

02.08.2017 Car break-ins in the Orlando area.Over served. Coach pep-talk. RRR - Largest tire manufacture in the world. Dr. Butch in studio. Cars for the Cure. Angel drives Audi R8.

Gus Gus running wild  

02.06.2017 Superbowl recap. Why do you hate Tom Brady RRR - The commercials from Superbowl 51. Rodney The Gator Hunter in studio. Russ and Bo get scammed on the turnpike. Steven Kramer in studio. Travis Tritt calls in. To The Top with Carlos - Gus Gus. Monsters Sports with Angel.

Who gives a HOOTS  

02.02.2017 Groundhog day. Budweiser commercial. Remakes of iconic movies. RRR - Veggies. Mispronounced words. Comic Lunnell in studio. New concept from Hooters. Trivia. Debra Roberts in studio. Meat of the Week with Pettys and Jimmy. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports with Angel. RRR Bar with Michael Ring - Sidecar.

Trying to make you cry  

02.01.2017 Sad songs while making dinner. Russ sees The Founder. Pastor gets caught cheating. RRR - Who said it first. Dr. Butch in studio. Bad lunch habits. Emilio Rivera calls the show from S.O.A.

Neo vs. Dalton  

01.26.2017 Recap of Jimmy's PTK event. Mary Tyler Moore passes. Oreo beer RRR - NFL fans love Gaga then their team. Where You At? San Marco FL. Keanu Reeves VS. Patrick Swayze. National Spouse Day. Trivia - Steak N Shake and Maxim magazine. Meat of the week. To The Top with Carlos - Trends. Monster Sports with Angel.

Positive Kit Kat  

01.24.2017 Jimmy finds a barbershop. Russ gets into cooking. National can beer day. RRR- Fast food. Try to go to bed positive. Red Velvet Kit Kat. Prop bets. Det. Barb calls in. Ricky and Jordan from Wayne Taylor racing in studio.

And They Caught Him!!  

01.18.2017 He is caught!! Reaction to ML being arrested. RRR. Dr.Butch in studio. National Anthem search for Monster Truck show. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. TO The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports

Keep'em in the kitchen.  

01.11.2016 Angels Mom thinks he know Bruno Mars. Office stuff. On the hunt. RRR - First Female millionaire. Dr. Butch. Drones. Miguel Colon. Nerdy News. To The Top. Monster Sports. Lisa Lampanelli.

I hear in accents.  

01.10.2017 Angel wins another bet. Trying to make some sense of shooting. RRR - CR-V. National Championship Game. singing lessons. Are your kids worth the money Det. Barb calls in. Trivia.

Smalls balls  

01.09.2017 Carlos is back from bed rest. Golden Globes. RRR - What is a chunk stuff Sleeping naked. Rodney The Gator Hunter. Steven Kramer in studio. To The Top with Carlos and Monster Sports.

Smalls balls  

01.09.2017 Carlos is back from bed rest. Golden Globes. RRR - What is a chunk stuff Sleeping naked. Rodney The Gator Hunter. Steven Kramer in studio. To The Top with Carlos and Monster Sports.

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