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Monsters in the Morning

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You wanted the best...You got the BEST! The hottest talk show in the mornings! Russ, Dirty Jim, Angel & Carlos get Central Florida moving every day with their unique blend of humor, talk, and relating to what is going on in the Orlando area.


Chicken in Space.  

06.22.2017 Zinger in space. Carlos and extra pizza. Sharing food etiquette. RRR - Best Metal Bands. Pets at work. Where You At Live Oak FL Jimmy Hart calls in. Angel on the 1s & 2s. Rowdy Gaines calls in. Debra Roberts News. Meat Of The Week with Pettys. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports. .BOTW - MotorWorks Brewing.

Speedos and flip turns  

06.14.2017 Flag Day. Etiquette for Flag Day. Carlos swimming challenge. RRR - most sex toy searches. Technology. Metal show in the windy city. Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart calls in. Virgina. Bad Ass - Run Over by Bo. Trivia - Roos. Blogging Molly. To The The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports.

This is how we deal.  

06.12.2017 What we did on the weekend. Recap of the Brew Bus Tour. RRR - The Three Stooges. Being typecast in Hollywood. Concerts and vibe. BadASS - Moses nude. Dwight Bain in studio. Trivia. Steven Kramer. Donna Roberts. To The Top - Box office review. Monster Sports. Bette Midler.


06.07.2017 The secret gate. Mom Lets snake bite child. What do you remember as a child. RRR - Hugs. Cher on Broadway. Whoregate revisited. Rauce Padgett in studio. Triva-Zima. Nerdy News. Savannah defender of Gators. Monster Sports.

Who Ate It Better.  

06.01.2017 Going to the OCS match. Fans. Buying your wife. Potbelly Pig on the loose. Shopping online goes out of control. RRR - The King could have sang this song. DNA Test. Where You At? Ormond Beach. BAD ASS - Dez Bombing Parking Lots. Savannah goes to Cuba. Trivia - New Comedy Wing. Meat of The Week with Pettys. Preacher Lawson calls in from America's Got Talent.

Let's Talk About.  

05.23.2017 Terror Attack in Manchester England. How do you deal with these tragedies RRR - When I grow up. Russ and Runway To Hope. Norbert Leo Butz from Bloodline calls show. Trivia - Steely Dan. Det Barb from Crimeline. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports. Russ spits.

When Friday Comes  

05.19.2017 Carlos back from shoot in the ATL. More about Chris Cornell passing. RRR - Bikes. Comic Sean PAtton in studio. Angel on the 1s and 2s. Trivia. To The Top with Carlos. Savannah defender of gators. Monster Sports. BOTW - Sweetwater

Whats in a name?  

05.17.2017 Savannah tagline. Found dog. Wrestling movie. Bill Finger and Batman. RRR - Show coming back. DNA test. Rauce Padget in studio. Trivia - Prenups. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly.

Because It has a stick  

05.11.2017 It's getting hot. How to stay cool. Winesicles. Rib cages. What would your dog do RRR - Lipstick and shades. Where you at Center Hill Florida. Bad Ass - Threesome. Credit score.

Cinco de fidget toys.  

05.05.2017 It's Cinco. snake bites kid at school. Flight attendants vs. passengers. RRR - Fidget Toys. Comic Anjelah Johnson in studio. Bad Ass - shoots pinky toe off. Angel on the 1s and 2s. Trivia - Food Court. To The Top with Savannah the defender of Gators. Monster Sports - Jay Kornegah calls in from West Gate Sports Book - Kentucky Derby. BOTW - Landshark

That is my watch now.  

05.02.2017 Russ can't wind his fancy watch. Texas flood video. Carlos. RRR - Sexiest jobs. Shareen Kassam in studio. Bad Ass- Bottle Club. Mark Nejame in studio. Cancer detection bra. Trivia -cotton candy.

New shoes new me  

04.25.2017 When you get new sneakers. The Kitty Hawk flying machine. BGE and Russ. RRR - Nude Andie. Sheeren Kassam in studio. BAD ASS. Miguel Colon in studio. TRIVA - KFC. Det. Barb in studio.

Easter Weekend Recap  

04.17.2017 Monster Comic of the year winner is...
Orlando City. What we did on Easter Weekend. RRR - Digits on you tag. The giraffe gives birth. Facebook murder. Bad Ass. Blogging Molly Star Wars. Stealing cellphones. Trivia -Woman and Men blinking. Debra Roberts news. To The Top with Carlos. Monsters Sports. emails

Getting locked in  

04.07.2017 Waking up stressed. Don Rickles passes. Homeless man gets locked in a store. RRR - Billboard. Smelly foods. Savannah the defender of Gators. Trivia. BOTW

Nice sneakers bro..  

04.05.2017 Local man gets pushed into car that is not his. RRR - Tax refund. Dr.Butch. Bad Ass. Building 7. When you vent. Debra Roberts in studio. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports. Top of the Billboard charts.

Fire pits and steaks  

03.30.2017 Russ decorates. Chapell vs Shumer specials. Fasting. WWE RAW Champion Baley in studio. RRR - Warm Up Pasta. Were You At Longwood FL. WWE Superstar Jake The Snake in studio.

Smoke and Mirror Show  

03.29.2017 Meatloaf. Smoke & Mirror Day. WWE Superstars Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in studio. RRR - Humor. UCF Mens Basketball. Bad Ass. Monster Comic. John Morgan calls show. Trivia and Debra Roberts. Nerdy News with Blogging Molly. To The Top with Carlos. Monster Sports. Jay Leno calls the Monsters.

I ate 39 to many  

03.27.2017 Carlos camping trip. jimmy and the food trucks. Russ new place. RRR - Rock & Roll HOF. Rodney The Gator Hunter turkey hunting. Carlos and the canoe. Bad Ass story. Pablo Aleman in studio. Trivia. To The Top with Carlos - box office recap. Monster Sports. Monsters Advice.

Crocodile junk  

03.24.2017 But that receipt though. New Chips movie. Carlos going camping. RRR -Drummers. State by state weird stuff. Aries Spears in studio. Savannah Protector of Gators. BOTW - Omission

Cotton swabs and 4D  

03.16.2017 Russ crossfit maybe Genealogy. Non- St. Patrick's Day traditions. RRR - Stressful times of your life. Savannah Defender of Gators in studio. Bad Ass tories. Catlos goes 4D.

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