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A weekly transformers podcast, talking about the news and the general going's on of the week.


Moonbase Episode 458 TFNation 2017  

Moonbase 2 is sorry for the delay but TFN wrecked poor Andy, this isn't gonna talk about the news for this week its a loose talk of what happened and what was picked up at the show. Joining Andy of this episode is someone else that got to go to the show and enjoy it Mr Dave Mence aka smsno1, enjoy this little chat between the two of them and next week back to the news!

From the Files of Teletraan 2 Episode 11  

No Mikey for this show to join Andy in comic talk so Amiee, Ladywreck comes in to do what sh does best and thats comics. On this show there's issue 7# of Lost light, issue 9 of Optimus Prime and issue 11# of Till All Are One. For the Patreons we talk about Rom vs Transformers issue 1# which was super good. So enjoy the IDW comic filled show everyone.

Moonbase 2 Episode 457  

Young Mikey returns to the Moonbase 2 this week to help Andy talk about this weeks Transformers news and all the jazz that entails. Whats on the show this week? well there's a new sticker upgrade set to make your Titans Return Voyager Prime into Action Master Prime from Toyhax, Masterpiece will be doing a reissue of MP-22 Ultra Magnus and MP-36 Megatron and there's the first look at Zeta Toys Armageddon which is another MP Bruticus. Plus other news of the week and stuff from the lads.on

Moonbase 2 Interview: John Barber 2017  

Moonbase 2 finally get to have a sit down and chat with John Barber, long running IDW editor and current writer for Optimus Prime and the up and coming Rom vs. Transformers. So enjoy the show everyone its a fun one.

Moonbase 2 Episode 456  

With not much space left on the libsyn account this month Andy take on the Transformers news on his own, will it be good and entertaining? .....I dont know you tell me. But what does he talk about from the news this week? Flame Toys show of a prototype for their Tarn, a Model kit series starting with an Optimus Prime, a sketch image for Star Saber and pre-order info for Drift. Apart from that 7-11 in Japan are getting an MP-10 exclusive and Hascon show off their exclusives/early releases for the show. Tune in and enjoy!

Moonbase 2 Episode 455 SDCC 2017  

This week there is.....NO MIKEY...there is ....NO is just you and Andy, you poor soul. Yes with technical issues out the butt Andy decided it would be easier to record on his own and oh boy there is a lot to cover. Not only did SDCC have a load of things shown and talked about but on Monday rumour and images popped up to show off and talk about 3 waves of Power of the Primes, the new line, these images were removed from the net as of today so....yes interesting. Can Andy handle this on his own? lets hope so.

Moonbase 2 TFcon 2017  

2017.....TFcon.....Andy and Mikey talk about the big 3rd Party Panel slideshow and all the fancy bits of high end toys they showed off. Are you ready to listen to the Transformers talk? you better be!

Moonbase 2 Episode  454  

Welcome one and all to this weeks Moonbase 2, this is part 1 of 2 episodes for today. In this episode Andy and Mikey cover the weeks news as usual but leave the TFcon round up for the other episode, so in this part the lads talk about information on Rescue Bots Academy and RID's future, Hascon announce its Hall of Fame so you can get voting and SDCC 2017 exclusive Primitive Skateboarding Optimus Prime. So get ready for the show that is Moonbase 2! 

Moonbase 2 Episode 453  

A busy week ahead for the Moonbase 2 boys for recording podcast kicking off with the show today and talking about the Transformers news for this week. What do they have to talk about? well there's a bit more new info from Hascon and info about some SDCC stuff as well as one of the exclusives for the show...sorta, Takara will be re releasing some of their TF Legend line figures to celebrate the 50th release in that line and Titans Return Trypticon is out in the UK. So enjoy the show people its Moonbase time!

Moonbase 2 Episode 452  

We are 1 week past The Last Knight hitting cinema and super close to Spider-man Homecoming, so what news is hard hitting and interesting for this week you wonder? Well the Moonbase 2 boy's, Andy and Mikey, talk about they cover the TF Con exclusive Diaclone Paris Dakar Rally Terraegis, predictions for the top toys for christmas and  Remote Controlled Sqweeks is on there and more info from Hascon on the panel that have been arranged (more to come closer to September). Enjoy the show peeps TFNation is right round the corner for us in the UK.

Moonbase 2 Episode 451  

Transformers The Last Knight is out finally for the masses to see, both Andy and Mikey have seen it so what did they think about it? Fear not  no spoilers are dropped in this podcast about it. But more then just that there was news this week it seems as we got a bit more info on the Bumblebee Movie that's coming, we get to see men being manly and men....meny? is that a word? ah well they made a Prime TLK sword and we also see what could have been with info on the TF clubs boxsets and subscription figures. So jump on and fly to Moonbase 2 peeps.

From The Files of Teletraan 2 Episode 10  

On this months episode Mikey and Andy talk about this months IDW comics and on this months Transformers list we have issue 10# of Till All Are One, , issues 7# and 8# of Optimus Prime and issue 6# of Lost Light. A good amount of comics to get through and talk about on this months episode so get listening and get enjoying.....that doesnt sound/read right...oh well.

Moonbase 2 Episode 450  

Welcome people, welcome to the heat, the heat of summer and with only a few days before The Last Knight movie comes out what amazing bits of news have come out? Well lets see....there's ummm a go kart for kids, either a Prime of a Bumblebee, in hand images of Titans Return Twin Twist, and Micheal Bay and Mark Wahlberg could be stepping away from Transformers after the new film. Of course the lads have been doing other dumb things in the week as well so enjoy the show and prepare for the movie!

Moonbase 2 Episode 449  

Yo guys I hear you wanted more tat for Transformers The Last Knight, well you are in luck as we have caps, cups, necklaces and watches for you this week, ok the watch is RiD but still its tat. In more important news Titans Return Trypticon is out in Australia so cant be long before it hits other countries, also more guests are announced for TFCon and TFNation. So enjoy the show.

Moonbase 2 Episode 448  

So for the 2nd week in a row the Moonbase 2 lads have Transformers news to talk about, is it deep and interesting news? news know. So on the table this week there's thing in the crappy corner such as pajamas to sticker books and in proper news Japan shows off the Legends Broadside, Sixshot, Misfire and Doublecross, theres also images of MP+ Sideswipe and a load of movie toys as well. So get ready for Moonbase awsome saucing time.

Moonbase 2 Episode 447  

HEYOOOOOOOOO people its another week and another episode of Moonbase 2 with ta lads talking of the weeks Transformers news. On the show this week the lads talk about a new Model kit from Japan of the new TLK Movie Optimus Prime in line with the other movie models kits from the past, wanna "meet" Squeeks at a convention across America? well you can...that's a thing. There was also a decent amount of convention news from TFcon guests announced as well as a TFNation guest and info finally drops for HasCon including ticket prices. There's more as well but why not listen and enjoy?

From The Files of Teletraan 2 Episode 9  

Its comic times once again everyone and this time its Optimus Prime #6, Lost light 5# and Till All Are One 9#, so lets hear Mikey and Andy's thoughts on this months installment of Transformer comics.

Moonbase 2 Episode 446  

This week on the show we have even more odd and crappy merchandise from The Last Knight to enjoy...or something like Auto-bears from the Bear Factory and speakers in the shape of Primes face and some of the other bots from the movie. In more interesting news there is a metalcraft Megatron bust, the final TFCC subscription toys have came in and we see what the special last figure is and are we getting a new Transformers game based on the new film? That's the show folks enjoy :)

Moonbase 2 Episode 445  

Mikey has not returned to the Moonbase 2 this week, however the sexual torpedo know as Jii Dee arrives to take up the reins. Once again its a week with little news but some bit such as the images of Transformers Legends Triggerhappy, Kickback and Brawn are all out with their new paint schemes headmaster/titanmasters and a targetmaster as well and IGear seem to have returned to the 3rd Party world with images of a Runabout and Runamuck as well as a Ironhide figure. There's more then that as well on this weeks Moonbase 2.

Moonbase 2 Episode 444  

Mikey has flown the chicken house of the Moonbase this week so Farmer Jii Dee has arrived to fill that void on this, a week with little to no news, lucky him. With The Last Knight around the corner we have new dumb promotional material, Prime One Statues recolour their G1 Megatron Statue gold (woooooo) and maybe a "new" repaint of the Dark of the Moon Prime voyager for the new movie.....well....repaint is generous to call it that. Anyway enjoy the show and enjoy the Jii.

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