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THE TRUNK (HORROR) THE TRUNK is an original play by Pete Lutz, the series creator/director/producer of Pulp-Pourri Theatre and was named the First Prize winner of the 2015 Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Award. It is a story of the supernatural that centers around, of course, a trunk. Featuring the Narada Radio Company. THE TRUNK is also an Official Selection of the 2016 HEAR NOW Audio Fiction and Arts Festival.


DEFENSE MECH (SCI-FI) DEFENSE MECH was adapted from a short story by Ray Bradbury and was Directed and Produced by Pete Lutz. Featuring the Narada Radio Company. DEFENSE MECH is an Official Selection of the 2016 HEAR NOW Audio Fiction and Arts Festival.


THE ROAR OF THE CROWD (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE The Tunnels thrum, the city roars, and the Policies of HartLife are beside themselves - the long promised Launch Day has arrived.  With the dastardly plans of Project Manager Charles Wynn revealed to a few and the Hendersonians closing in on the festivities on Level Omega, what will happen when the Hope of HartLife is finally set to its purpose?  Find out, as the Fifth seasonal retelling of the history of Our Fair City comes to a close. Hartlife Studios

NOTE: This Episode concludes Season 5


A SINGLE TWISTED SPOKE (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE As Launch Day for the Hope of HartLife draws closer, the intrepid Andrew Snidge digs deeper into the mystery that is the Big Dig project. What does Project Manager Charles Wynn have in store for Cassie and the rest of our meddlesome heroes?  Find out as the story of Our Fair City continues. Hartlife Studios


LOAMY’S CHOICE (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE The warrens of Old Tunnel are vast, labyrinthine, and dangerous.  One must take the utmost caution when traversing their mold-ridden expanses–unless, of course, you are the Mole Person designated Loamy.  Then, barbeque sauce and a nursery song will have to do. Hartlife Studios


DINNER WITH THE GOOD DOCTORS (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE Tonight, we  return to that lair of unnatural, unsupervised, and decidedly un-corporate science: the Montgomery Moro Museum and Memorial House, as we join the Doctors and Andrew Snidge as they welcome Cassie in for that most dangerous of gatherings: a home-cooked meal with the family. Hartlife Studios


DECLAWED (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE What dreams might rest inside the sleeping brain of a Mole Person?  While you, loyal Policy, have surely never wasted valuable corporate time on such frivolous thoughts–rest assured, the company has an answer. Journey with us into…the mind of the MOLE. Hartlife Studios


ARTISTIC DIFFERENCES (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE Tensions begin to boil as a group of insurgents, know only as “The Hendersonians,” prepare for a stunning display of corporate disloyalty and defiance.  What horrors will they unleash on the good Policies of HartLife?  What harm will they do to the mighty infrastructure of the Corporation?  And most importantly–how will HartLife restore order and safety?  Find out…as the story of Our Fair City continues. Hartlife Studios


GEONAUTICAL CONSOLE-TATIONS (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE Descend with the young Cassie Wilkins into the very bowels of the city, to the newly carved out Sector Omega.  Thrill at being deeper than any policy has ever gone before- and marvel at the magnificent and mammoth Geoship that will take Policy Wilkins even deeper.  Yes, loyal listeners- it is truly a new day of exploration for Our Fair City. Hartlife Studios


RISE AND SHINE (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE Policies, do not listen to the Outsider or Dissenter, who may tell you that your commute to work in the morning is unpleasant!  With HartLife, all elements of the work-day experience have been finely crafted to encourage employee satisfaction, synergistic excellence, and above all, maximum productivity.  Truly: who could not appreciate the gentle, warming lightrise as the daytime illumination slowly comes online?  The clean, cool feel of the recirculated air, pumping gently through your tunnels?  The first whiff of Algae-based coffee beverages, distributed at a compact, efficient kiosk in your PeopleMover station?  But wait- who is that behind the kiosk desk?  Find out, as the story of Our Fair City continues. Hartlife Studios


EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE The day begins unexpectedly for Doctor Emily Caligari, as she desperately attempts to avoid that high crime against Productivity, Tardiness. Will she arrive at her meeting on time?  Will our friends, the newly underemployed riggers, find suitable occupations?  Will Sandy and Clay settle down into co-habitating bliss? Will Elizabeth Rourke pass her Identity Variance exam?  Find out, as the story of Our Fair City…continues. Hartlife Studios


THE RIGHT STUFF (SCI-FI / DARK COMEDY) LANGUAGE Our Fair City is a post-apocalyptic science fiction / dark comedy audio drama set in the not so distant future where the skies are stormy, and the landscape is a vast frozen tundra. Lightning rigs high above the city gather energy from thunderstorms, mad scientists walk the earth, and adorably monstrous Molepeople dig tunnels deep underground to expand the city’s habitable space.

We rejoin the policies of HartLife as they bask in the warm glow of the power surplus created by the fusion reactor and Neal Henderson’s sacrifice.  HartLife is not idle, however, what will the company do with this new bounty?  What new joys will they bring their loyal policies?  What pleasures will our dear friends experience during this time of plenty?  Find out, as the Fifth Season of the HartLife Historical Records begins….

Hartlife Studios


CHILLIN’ (SUSPENSE) When eccentric recluse Simon Strong, who lives in a perpetually chilled state, vanishes (leaving some rather suspicious remains behind), his only known associate, a teenage delivery girl. is interviewed by the police! Inspired by the story "Cool Air" by H.P. Lovecraft.  Written by Julie Hoverson. 19 Nocturne Boulevard


THE EMPTY DESK (MYSTERY) They say that familiarity breeds contempt, and history suggests that's pretty true. But what about a Girl Detective on her own in the big, bad city? What's the end result of that equation? When Trixie Dixon is ready to find out she can always ask The Empty Desk. Decoder Ring Theatre


THE LATE MR. JUSTICE (MYSTERY) Really, if you think about it, we are all just waiting to die. From the moment of birth, in a perpetual holding pattern to shuffle off this mortal coil sooner or later. Most of the time it doesn't bear thinking about. But then the wait suddenly becomes a whole lot less theoretical than it used to be. Decoder Ring Theatre

DR. WHO – S4 E5  

CARIBBEAN BLUE – PART 5 (SCI-FI) To escape Jacob’s Disc and to save the crew of the Phoenix, the Doctor and Maurice must find a lost soul in the darkness. Meanwhile, Emma discovers that the Doctor may not be telling the whole truth. Featuring David Ault as The Doctor. Darker Projects

DR. WHO – S4 E4  

CARIBBEAN BLUE – PART 4 (SCI-FI) The Phoenix prepares to die. A desperate escape plan is concocted, but the race to the only shelter available will throw the survivors into terrible danger. Featuring David Ault as The Doctor. Darker Projects

DR. WHO – S4 E3  

CARIBBEAN BLUE – PART 3 (SCI-FI) As The Doctor and Maurice take a trip into the great unknowns of Jacob’s Disc, Emma and the Crew of the Pheonix are left to fend the Corruptors. Featuring David Ault as The Doctor. Darker Projects

DR. WHO – S4 E2  

CARIBBEAN BLUE – PART 2 (SCI-FI) On the edge of known space, the Doctor and Emma make a rather bumpy landing. On Jacob’s Disc, something is burrowing up from deep underground. Featuring David Ault as The Doctor. Darker Projects

DR. WHO – S4 E1  

CARIBBEAN BLUE – PART 1 (SCI-FI) The Doctor and Emma get dangerously close to one of the most unique sights in the Universe. On the Planet of Jacob’s Disc, tensions run high and something is awakened. Featuring David Ault as The Doctor. Darker Projects

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