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Morning Joe

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Morning Joe is a show Jacob and Ben host every Monday morning. Grab a cup of Joe and listen to some entertaining commentary from the both of us!


Ep 8. Clickbait and Kickstarters - Morning Joe  

This morning, Jacob and Ben talk about clickbait and discuss some randomly generated clickbait articles they found, have a bit on some weird addictions that can be seen on the show, "My Strange Addictions," and end with a conversation on some awesome Kickstarter projects. Follow us and leave a review on iTunes.

Ep 7. Hygiene and Nudity - Morning Joe  

Today Jacob and Ben discuss the oddities of hygiene and how it affects those around us, a man who has become internet famous for posting pictures of his penis on his Tumblr blog, public indecency and their personal experiences with it, and the ins and outs of live performing and how they personally relate to it.

Ep 6. Lost Drugs and Squirrels, Again? - Morning Joe  

Ben and Jacob discuss customer service experiences, squirrels and their inevitable militant rise, and finish out with a brief talk on parkour.

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