Mother: A Podcast

Mother: A Podcast

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Stories of mothers for anyone who's ever had one. From producers Anne Noyes Saini and Amy Gastelum


Episode 10 :: Scout Moms, Unite!  

A boy scout troop that welcomes gay families in Tulsa, Oklahoma struggles to get its charter. Meanwhile, a mom and her friend in Oakland, California are creating a radically different scouting experience for young girls. And Anne shares some BIG news. Radical Monarchs: Scouts for Equality: Oklahomans for Equality: Boy Scouts of America: Music in this episode from Michael Howard via WFMU Free Music Archive. Album: The Martyr and the Magician Music was changed only in length and volume levels and can be found here:

Episode 9 :: Personhood Reregistry + The Adult Womb  

Comedian Emily James tries to reregister as a person after her daughter is born, and writer Bryce Bauer (*not* a mom) teams up with Amy to explore one of the many artificial "wombs" adults sometimes escape to -- a float tank. Special thanks to Emily James of Mom Com. Check out her videos on YouTube: Thanks also to La Casa Spa & Wellness Center in NYC: Music in this episode by: -Blue Dot Sessions, "Blue Jay" (album: "Feathers") via Free Music Archive / -Latché Swing, "Hungaria" (album: "demo 2008") via Free Music Archive

Episode 8 :: Dog Moms Delight  

When Lucy got her dog Friede, there were some things she wasn't expecting -- like feeling like Friede's mom ... and outliving her. Contributor Caitlin Pierce brings us the story of Lucy's funeral for Friede. Plus, Amy and Anne share their own Doggie Mommy experiences and we hear from two "Dog Guardians" whose ideas about pet parenting were shaped by their own parents' approaches to child-rearing. Special thanks to Caitlin Pierce of and Lucy of Music in this episode by: -Tres Tristes Tangos,"Ojos Negros" (single) via Free Music Archive -Morus Alba, Adultnescent [EP], "Anne" via Free Music Archive

Episode 7 :: What We Talk About When We Talk About Pregnancy Loss  

Why is it so hard to talk about pregnancy loss? Contributor Miranda Shafer ( asks some hard questions about how she reacted to her own sister's miscarriage. Amy explores the medical science underlying a case in Indiana where a woman who says she had a stillbirth was convicted of feticide. (Read more about the case here: And a Tumblr project ( collects stories of mothers + soon-to-be moms who support abortion access. Special thanks to Tara Shafer (, Veronica Arreola, and Rachel Perrone + Jodi Jacobson at RH Reality Check ( Logo created by Justin Schnarr. Music credit: -Abe Sada. "The City" Beko 82. BEKO Digital Singles Label, 2011. -"Doctor True" by Jingle Punks, courtesy of YouTube Audio Library -Chris Zabriskie. "There are Many Different Kinds of Love." 2010. Via WFMU Free Music Archive -Black Twigg Pickers and Steve Gunn. "Salted Caramel." Natch1. 2012. Via WFMU Free Music Archive

Episode 6 :: Cooking With Fear + Chanel International Lopez  

When Anne + Amy try to cook with Amy's young daughter, there's an unexpected ingredient in the mix: fear. Plus, a profile of a transgender mom and her daughter. Production assistance by Sarah Barrett. Special thanks to Sue Yacka. Music credit: -"Doctor True" by Jingle Punks, courtesy of YouTube Audio Library -"You and Me" by Penny & The Quarters Logo created by Justin Schnarr.

Episode 5 :: Mom Manifestos  

What do the poets + artists of the Italian Futurism movement (1909-1944) have in common with a bunch of mothers? To celebrate our first anniversary + Mother's Day, we collected "Mom Manifestos" from a group of mothers: our family, friends, and several inmates at the Indiana Women's Prison. Logo created by Justin Schnarr.

Episode 4 :: Madeleine L'Engle + Me  

Amy digs into a childhood encounter with author Madeleine L'Engle, and Anne poses as a "mother" for a few hours. Plus, get a preview of an upcoming feature starring a transgender showgirl from the South Bronx. Logo created by Justin Schnarr.

Episode 3 :: Non-Moms On Mothering  

We're handing the mic to "non-Moms" and hearing their stories about why they have chosen NOT to become mothers and how that decision has changed their lives. Music credit: Abe Sada. "The City" Beko 82. BEKO Digital Singles Label, 2011. Logo created by Justin Schnarr.

Episode 2 :: Breastfeeding In Grade 7  

Anne tracks down Chinese postpartum "confinement" foods in Queens and, a teenager in Brooklyn conquers breastfeeding. Plus, Amy takes uncomfortable questions from an online forum for moms to a party. Logo created by Justin Schnarr.

Episode 1 :: Our Podcast Birth Story  

Artist Judith Bernstein considers her mother, cooking lessons from an Indian mother-in-law, and proper swaddling technique. Logo created by Justin Schnarr.

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