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Episode 143: Old Age & The Brain  

It’s almost Easter already and even though we’ve put the clocks forward it seems like only yesterday when we put them back an hour in the Autumn.
Time flies! I’ve mentioned before that 12 months to a 60 year old will obviously feel 6 times quicker than it does to a 10 year old but there’s also another reason.

Episode 142: DON’T Be The Best!  

Are you following the FA Cup at all?
I’m not a huge fan of football myself, but I know enough that when I see that lower league Sutton United are playing Premiership side Arsenal it’s worth looking up from whatever I’m reading and go “Huh? how did that happen?”.
Now, we all love an underdog story and so it would be amazing to see Sutton United beat Arsenal, it’s the stuff that films are made of!
But the underdog lost. Arsenal beat them 2-0, but the difference in the 2 teams are like George Forman fighting George Formby! It could easily have been 10-0 but Sutton kept their energy levels up and surprised Arsenal with how well they could play.
They walked off the pitch at the end of the day with their heads held high knowing that they did their best.

Episode 141: Creating a Positive Mental Attitude  

Political divisiveness often gives rise to a tirade of reasons on social media why the other side is wrong.
With the rise of right wing extremism throughout Europe and the USA there seems to be a lot of people wanting Brexit to fail and Donald Trump to fail as President simply to prove themselves right.
But it’s worth looking at these things with a more positive stance. Whether you think these are good ideas or not we should still want things to work out well.
Deliberately wanting things to fail just so you can be proved right is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. A phrase with a nasty origin that goes back to the year 870 when St. Aebbe the Younger, the Mother Superior of a Scottish monastery, talked her fellow Nuns into disfiguring their faces order to render themselves unattractive to the incoming Viking invaders, so as to protect their chastity.
It worked, the Viking pirates saw the noseless Nuns and were so disgusted by their faces they turned their backs on them. But the Nuns never got much of a chance to high five as the Viking Pirates burnt their Monastery to the ground with them still inside to teach them a lesson. Hey ho.

Episode 140: How To Make Habits Stick  

It’s a new year!
Time to join in with the tradition that every January we draw a line in the sand and decide to do something different with our lives.
Because doing it in November or December just feels wrong!

Episode 139: Achieving The Impossible  

Look around you.
What inspires you?
Who inspires you?
Are you the stupidest person in the room?
If not, then you should be. And here’s why.

Episode 138: Keeping Up With The Joneses  

I have a question for you.
How much of your real life do you reveal to the external world around you?

If someone asks you how you are, do you bombard them with your frustrations about your selfish spouse? Or about how you feel that your life is going by too quickly and there’s a sense of impending doom everywhere you go?

Or do you say “Fine thanks, you?”.

Episode 137: The Likeable You  

Many people fall for the mistaken belief that being likeable is linked to something innate and unlearned, something you must be born with.
As if it’s linked to how attractive or talented you are.
Yet in reality being likeable is simply a matter of understanding other people, empathy. A skill that can easily be learned.

Episode 136: Why It's OK To Be A Loser  

It sucks being a loser.
Everyone wants to win and it seems to have become built into our culture that failure is not an option.
But it is!
As a 9 month old child how many times would we have fallen over when learning to walk?
How many mistakes did we make when learning to speak?
How many answers did we get wrong in our tests at school?
And how many job applications do we have to send out before even getting an interview, let alone offered a job?
As the old Chinese proverb says “Fall down seven times and get up eight”.

Episode 135: The Psychology Of Extremism  

How do we develop extreme opinions?
And why do some people need enemies in order to be happy?
All will be revealed!

Episode 134: Are You A Lobster?  

Almost 2000 years ago the man who was to become St Paul wrote that “Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character” Nietzsche put it quite well with his phrase “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.
This process is often referred to as Post Traumatic Growth, the idea that we can grow stronger because of adversity.

Episode 133: Critical Thinking  

Critical Thinking has allowed us to learn that the earth isn’t flat after all, and that it’s definitely older than 4000 years.
It’s meant that Doctors no longer use chicken poo to try and cure baldness or blow tobacco smoke up someones bum in an attempt to cure a hernia.
In today's episode we look at the importance of Critical Thinking, especially in the run up to the EU Referendum.

Episode 132: There Is Nothing Either Good Or Bad  

As Old Bill Shakespeare once said "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"
In this episode I talk about the importance of distinguishing the meaning from an event that causes emotion and finding a better way of looking at it.

Episode 131: The For And Against Of Imagination  

Almost every self help book you read will say something along the lines of "If you can see it, you can be it!"
They tell you about the importance of imagining the end result of your hard work to motivate you to make it happen.
But what if they're all wrong!

Episode 130: Loneliness & Social Networks  

You’d think that the digital age would bring everyone closer together.
On the surface, Facebook looks as if it’s a great idea. It provides a great resource for fulfilling a basic human need.
The need for social connection.
But, rather than enhancing our well-being, research findings suggest that Facebook may actually makes us feel worse.

Episode 129: Letting Go Of The Past  

How many times do you need to hear a joke before it’s no longer funny?
What if you replayed that joke every day for a few years, would you find it anywhere near as funny as you did when you first heard it?
I doubt it.

So why do we find that we can hold onto bad experiences for years and still feel upset about it?

Episode 128: What Is Love?  

As a wise man once said

“I’m in love, I’m in love and I don't care who knows it"

Granted, it was Will Ferrell in the Christmas film Elf, but the message still stands. But how do I know that I’m actually in love?

Ep. 127: Procrastination  

Today is all about procrastination.
Why we put things off and how we can overcome it and get going.

Ep. 126: Who Were You Before The World Changed You?  

As I salute David Bowie and Alan Rickman and wave them off onto "A New Career in a New Town" I raise the question of how labels influence our personality.
Does labelling yourself change the way we act and feel?
Does other people labelling us do the same?
Come with me on a "Fantastic Voyage" and we'll see what we can figure out.

Motivate Yourself 125: Stop Saying “Sorry”  

If someone bumps into you do YOU say sorry or do they say sorry?
Common sense says being bumped into is nothing to apologise for, but if your self-esteem is low then your default thinking might be, “If I didn’t exist they wouldn’t have bumped into me, so it’s my fault.”
It sounds like an exaggeration, but I know for a fact that some of you do go through that process.
Today we look at the habit people often develop of apologising unnecessarily.

Motivate Yourself 124: Emotional Contagion  

Have you ever walked into a room to find that everyone’s laughing about something and so you begin to smile and maybe even laugh yourself as you enquire what’s funny?
It happens all the time, but what was it that made YOU smile and laugh? After all you didn’t know what they were laughing at!
But in that moment your mood had genuinely lifted, even if for a second or so.
You were smiling and laughing simply because someone else was smiling and laughing all because of the phenomenon of what’s called Emotional Contagion.

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