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Episode 131: The For And Against Of Imagination  

Almost every self help book you read will say something along the lines of "If you can see it, you can be it!"
They tell you about the importance of imagining the end result of your hard work to motivate you to make it happen.
But what if they're all wrong!

Episode 130: Loneliness & Social Networks  

You’d think that the digital age would bring everyone closer together.
On the surface, Facebook looks as if it’s a great idea. It provides a great resource for fulfilling a basic human need.
The need for social connection.
But, rather than enhancing our well-being, research findings suggest that Facebook may actually makes us feel worse.

Episode 129: Letting Go Of The Past  

How many times do you need to hear a joke before it’s no longer funny?
What if you replayed that joke every day for a few years, would you find it anywhere near as funny as you did when you first heard it?
I doubt it.

So why do we find that we can hold onto bad experiences for years and still feel upset about it?

Episode 128: What Is Love?  

As a wise man once said

“I’m in love, I’m in love and I don't care who knows it"

Granted, it was Will Ferrell in the Christmas film Elf, but the message still stands. But how do I know that I’m actually in love?

Ep. 127: Procrastination  

Today is all about procrastination.
Why we put things off and how we can overcome it and get going.

Ep. 126: Who Were You Before The World Changed You?  

As I salute David Bowie and Alan Rickman and wave them off onto "A New Career in a New Town" I raise the question of how labels influence our personality.
Does labelling yourself change the way we act and feel?
Does other people labelling us do the same?
Come with me on a "Fantastic Voyage" and we'll see what we can figure out.

Motivate Yourself 125: Stop Saying “Sorry”  

If someone bumps into you do YOU say sorry or do they say sorry?
Common sense says being bumped into is nothing to apologise for, but if your self-esteem is low then your default thinking might be, “If I didn’t exist they wouldn’t have bumped into me, so it’s my fault.”
It sounds like an exaggeration, but I know for a fact that some of you do go through that process.
Today we look at the habit people often develop of apologising unnecessarily.

Motivate Yourself 124: Emotional Contagion  

Have you ever walked into a room to find that everyone’s laughing about something and so you begin to smile and maybe even laugh yourself as you enquire what’s funny?
It happens all the time, but what was it that made YOU smile and laugh? After all you didn’t know what they were laughing at!
But in that moment your mood had genuinely lifted, even if for a second or so.
You were smiling and laughing simply because someone else was smiling and laughing all because of the phenomenon of what’s called Emotional Contagion.

Motivate Yourself 123: Patience  

A lack of patience has probably always been an issue in society and it does seem to be getting worse.
But why?

Motivate Yourself 122: Building On Your Foundations  

As the Royal Navy Engineers say: If you can fix a skateboard, then you can ultimately fix anything.
But we need the steps in-between.
What happens though when a species becomes impatient and lazy?

Motivate Yourself 121: Dealing With The Critics.  

One thing that you can pretty much guarantee in life is that you will come under fire at some point, you WILL be criticised by someone.
How do we deal with it?
Well, let's find out.

Motivate Yourself 120: Being Assertive. Just Say No!  

Have you ever said “Yes” to something, when in your head you’re screaming “Nooooo!”?
Maybe you fit in with the attitude that “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person”
After all, that’s what people say isn’t it?
But, why is that?

Motivate Yourself 119: Inactivity  

Ever heard of neuroplasticity?
It means the brain’s ability to change and a lot of research has been undertaken to show just how flexible our brain really is, and coming back from a holiday last month made me think.

Motivate Yourself 118: Social Functioning & Evolution  

Why did a couple of drinks with a friend of mine whilst on holiday become the best thing about the whole trip?

Motivate Yourself 117: Unleash Your Inner Superhero  

Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not?
Maybe it’s not a bad thing.

Motivate Yourself 116: Goals, Values and Priorities  

Today's episode looks at the importance of valuing your goals.
Is the end result really that much of a priority?

Motivate Yourself 115: 10 Tips To A Happier Life  

This month I want to give you a quick Top 10 of the hints and tips that I talk about as a therapist when helping people to become happier.

Motivate Yourself 114: Lies And Confabulation  

How many times in a day do you think you lie to yourself?
Believe me, it's more than you think.
In fact you lie so much, that you believe your own lies. You even have constant hallucinations that create a whole new reality around you.
A version of your own personal world that is different to the reality that anyone else may experience.

Motivate Yourself 113: Confirmation Bias  

As the old saying goes “Be careful what you look for, incase you find it.”
This month is all about a psychological tendency we all have, to search for or interpret information in such a way that our reality confirms our existing preconceptions.
Even if our existing preconceptions are incorrect.

Motivate Yourself 112: Are You An Imposter?  

If you've ever thought to yourself, "One of these days everyone will find out that I'm not as clever as they think I am," then you're in good company.
In today's episode Richard talks about Imposter Syndrome.

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