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MUM 063:  “Best Of” #7 Tamya Strusberg – Tanya Strusberg : Lamaze. Not your Mum’s Huffing and Puffing class.  

From memory this is still absolutely the highest energy interview to date.   Tanya gives it her all and you can tell from about 10 seconds in that this woman is passionate about Birth, her work, Lamaze and spreading her message acrosss the globe. I am thrilled to re-release this episode Tanya’s Bio Tanya Strusberg is […]

MUM 062: “Best Of” #6 Rhea Dempsey – Reframing Pain  

This has got to be THE episode that I always get first time mums to listen to. No matter what type of birth they are planning, they need to understand the principles that Rhea teaches in this episode.  This episode without doubt belongs in our Best Of series!!  And every woman should know these principles […]

MUM 061: “Best Of” # 5 Pip Wynn Owen – Birth Plans. Hospital Preferences  

Birth Plans, Hospital Preferences I was so thrilled to have Pip from Birth Savvy on the cast who is amazingly passionate about birth, outcomes, people knowing their options and asking for what they want. It has been a hugely successful episdoe in terms of downloads and also in the amount of feedback from mums that […]


We certainly couldn’t have a “best of” from the podcast series and not share this popular episode. Possibly a taboo topic for some, yet eye-opening, and enlightening for others I am really excited to hear what you all think of this topic and this option for post natal recovery.  It s a must listen to […]

MUM 058: “Best of” #2 Julie Sharon – Keeping your Relationship Strong After Baby Arrives  

This week we have one of the very highest downloaded episodes of Mum’s The Word for #2 of “The Best of” series.  I have had so much positive feedback from couples about this episode that I absolutely without doubt have to share it again. Julie Sharon from Balance You  shares with us her wisdom about […]

MUM 057: “Best of”  #1 Jacky Bloemraad de Boer – Keeping Birth Normal with Midwife Led Birth  

In this first of the “Best Of” Series which is a mix of my personal favorites and the top downloaded episodes of all time since  Mum’s The Word  launched back in Dec 2015, I’m lucky enough to interview Jacky Bloemraad de Boer, my midwife for both of my children’s births! She is a woman of […]

MUM 056: Dana Lindzon : The Sacredness of Birth  

After trying to get Dana on for a while, finally our diaries collided as we got to hear her insight on the sacredness of birth. We talk empowered women, placentas, crossing over tot hat mystical realm in birth and so much more.  I am grateful for the work she does, the insight she has and […]

MUM 055: Alison Young : Beware of The Compare  

It was so great to have Dr Ali on the show sharing her wisdom. We’ve know each other since the ’90’s so we go way back and the episode flowed so easily. We thought it wold be good to discuss the “comparison epidemic” and so here it is. Enjoy the episode. X Kaz Dr Alison […]

MUM 054: Bridget Wood : How to be True to Yourself as a Mother  

Wow so much wisdom on mothering from this wonderful soul. This was a true interview with heart and it was a real honour to have fellow Wellness Couch Podcaster Bridget Wood. You can find more of her gold on Nourishing The Mother with her co-host Julie Tenner who was also on Mum’s the Word recently […]

MUM 053: Jules Galloway : Adrenal Fatigue  

Happy 1st Birthday to us, Episode 53 here we are! And such an important topic being discussed here by the fabulous Jules Galloway. It was loads of fun and I’m sure you can relate to so much of what Jules sees in her clients and here she is givein us some strategies and tips to […]

MUM 052: Damian Kristof :  Stress & cracking the Stress Code.  

This week we have our first interview with a guest on the show for a 2nd time. I just had to get Damian back on the show again to share his teachings around stress and how when ongoing, it can lead to anxiety, insomnia and even depression and more importantly also how we can get […]

MUM 51: Kinta Gitsham : Behavioural Disorders – A Recovery Story  

Kinta Gitshams’ Bio: Kinta Gitsham an ordinary mum who has had an EXTRA ordinary journey through motherhood. A stay at home mother of 3 gorgeous children; Archie (8), Josie (6) and George (3). She is currently separated from her husband of 10 years Rick since March this year, however they are still an incredible team […]

MUM 50: Andrea Huddleston : Optimizing Fertility After 30  

Dr Andrea Huddleston Bio: Dr Andrea Huddleston is an integrative chiropractor, women’s health and natural fertility specialist. With extensive postgraduate studies in women’s health, reproductive medicine, natural fertility, nutritional medicine and wellness coaching and as the co-founder and co-host of The Wellness Women, Dr Andrea is passionate about spreading the message of optimal health and leading […]

MUM 49: Damian Kristof : Nutrition, Preconception to Birth and Beyond  

Hi All, It was truly fab to have my dear friend and coolague on the show sharing his wisdom on preconception nutrition and all mums- to be can do before pregnancy to ensure optimal health for themselves and their future baby. Enjoy!! Kaz x Dr Damian Kristof Bio: I’ve been in the health industry now […]

MUM 48: Karen Tham : Choosing a Home Birth  

I absolutely loved this episode! Super relaxed and it was my first time interviewing my guest in person, sitting relaxed on the couch and having a chat. I could get used to it! Not only do Karen and I have the same name (ok well you all know me as Kaz , true, which is […]

MUM 047: Amanda Gowland : Healing with GAPS. (Gut And Psychology Syndrome)  

Healing with GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) Wow!! Mamas are amazing. You will love this share. Amanda is certainly a mama on a mission and I have so much respect for all the work that both her and her partner do in keeping their son halthy and in healing him and restoring his health. What […]

MUM 046: Chris Muller : Aware Parenting  

We often forget that our parenting skills are constantly a work in progress. Our own cultures  or our childhood experiences and those of our partner all have an impact on how we will raise our children. Whilst there is no one way for everyone, there are certainly some methods that honour the child and the […]

MUM 045: Julie Tenner : Finding Your Desire  

Definitely one of my fave episodes to date. Julie is so eloquent, she shares so deeply, she is so so wise and I feel blessed to be able to bring you this episode. Its a goodie! You will have tingles. Enjoy!! X Kaz Julie Tenner’s Bio Julie Tenner, The Pleasure Nutritionist and co-founder of Nourishing […]

MUM 044: Mihal Greener : Expat Families Returning Home  

It was great to have Mihal share her story of relocating her family across the globe. Its not our typical birth or pregnancy topic but certainly one that relates to parenting and many of our international listeners. So many great tips and so much I could relate to. Enjoy! X Kaz Mihal Greener Bio Mihal […]

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