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MUM 052: Damian Kristof :  Stress & cracking the Stress Code.  

This week we have our first interview with a guest on the show for a 2nd time. I just had to get Damian back on the show again to share his teachings around stress and how when ongoing, it can lead to anxiety, insomnia and even depression and more importantly also how we can get […]

MUM 51: Kinta Gitsham : Behavioural Disorders – A Recovery Story  

Kinta Gitshams’ Bio: Kinta Gitsham an ordinary mum who has had an EXTRA ordinary journey through motherhood. A stay at home mother of 3 gorgeous children; Archie (8), Josie (6) and George (3). She is currently separated from her husband of 10 years Rick since March this year, however they are still an incredible team […]

MUM 50: Andrea Huddleston : Optimizing Fertility After 30  

Dr Andrea Huddleston Bio: Dr Andrea Huddleston is an integrative chiropractor, women’s health and natural fertility specialist. With extensive postgraduate studies in women’s health, reproductive medicine, natural fertility, nutritional medicine and wellness coaching and as the co-founder and co-host of The Wellness Women, Dr Andrea is passionate about spreading the message of optimal health and leading […]

MUM 49: Damian Kristof : Nutrition, Preconception to Birth and Beyond  

Hi All, It was truly fab to have my dear friend and coolague on the show sharing his wisdom on preconception nutrition and all mums- to be can do before pregnancy to ensure optimal health for themselves and their future baby. Enjoy!! Kaz x Dr Damian Kristof Bio: I’ve been in the health industry now […]

MUM 48: Karen Tham : Choosing a Home Birth  

I absolutely loved this episode! Super relaxed and it was my first time interviewing my guest in person, sitting relaxed on the couch and having a chat. I could get used to it! Not only do Karen and I have the same name (ok well you all know me as Kaz , true, which is […]

MUM 047: Amanda Gowland : Healing with GAPS. (Gut And Psychology Syndrome)  

Healing with GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) Wow!! Mamas are amazing. You will love this share. Amanda is certainly a mama on a mission and I have so much respect for all the work that both her and her partner do in keeping their son halthy and in healing him and restoring his health. What […]

MUM 046: Chris Muller : Aware Parenting  

We often forget that our parenting skills are constantly a work in progress. Our own cultures  or our childhood experiences and those of our partner all have an impact on how we will raise our children. Whilst there is no one way for everyone, there are certainly some methods that honour the child and the […]

MUM 045: Julie Tenner : Finding Your Desire  

Definitely one of my fave episodes to date. Julie is so eloquent, she shares so deeply, she is so so wise and I feel blessed to be able to bring you this episode. Its a goodie! You will have tingles. Enjoy!! X Kaz Julie Tenner’s Bio Julie Tenner, The Pleasure Nutritionist and co-founder of Nourishing […]

MUM 044: Mihal Greener : Expat Families Returning Home  

It was great to have Mihal share her story of relocating her family across the globe. Its not our typical birth or pregnancy topic but certainly one that relates to parenting and many of our international listeners. So many great tips and so much I could relate to. Enjoy! X Kaz Mihal Greener Bio Mihal […]


Post Partum Relationships. You change when you become a parent. We know that. But how will your relationship change? ‘Cos it will.  Know that. Be prepared as much as you can. Oh this topic is is so needed. So Important yet crazily often overlooked. Gail Bousi shares with us some insights on this fabulous episode. […]

MUM 042: Barbara Harper : WATERBIRTH  

Yes its true – I have truly been looking forward to sharing this episode more than any other. As a 2x Waterbirther myself and knowing that I would only ever choose to birth in water given the chance again, this topic is dear to my heart. Not that I want all women to birth in […]

MUM 041: Yuz Rozenblum : Postnatal Depression (it’s ok to not be ok)  

This podcast is intended to make others not feel alone and to help them know where they can get help. Please make sure it is shared and fulfils its purpose!! xx Kaz Yuz Rozenblum Bio : I live in Melbourne Australia & am in my late 30’s. I have a degree in Marketing & spent over […]

MUM 040: Samantha Langridge : Reflexology for Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth  

This week’s episode, we discuss all things reflexology. Sam is more than qualified to be our guest for the episode and she left me, and I’m sure you will be left feeling the same, wanting to be on her treatment bed with your feet up in her hands. Enjoy the episode and please take a […]

MUM 039: Maha Al Musa : Honouring Mothers In Birth  

This is a topic dear to my heart. Hnourign the mother’s wisdom and the mother herself in birth. Our guest this week , as you will hear is more than qualified to speak about this topic. Enjoy the episode!! X Kaz Maha Al Musa’s Bio Maha Al Musa is a leading light in the birth […]

MUM 038: Jo Sexton : Tongue Tie  

Jo Sexton’s Bio Chiropractor and mum of three, Dr. Jo Sexton, lives and works in the picturesque town of Maleny, 1 ½ hours north of Brisbane. When she is not doing the school run or dropping the kids off at soccer/ ballet, she can be found in her practice; Hinterland Chiropractic. At work, she is […]

MUM 037: Shalome Stone : Rockstar Birth  

I totally loved this interview! Shalom Stone and I both speak the same language which is so evident throughout this episode. Its quite a long one and well truth be known it could have been waaaaaaaaaay longer as we were both getting high speaking about our favourite topic!! BIRTH! You are going to truly love […]

MUM 036: Susanne Grant : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Childbirth  

SUSANNE GRANT’S BIO When Susanne was pregnant, her past experiences of child abuse put her on a different road of care from her team of midwives. Thanks to the hypnobirthing course she did and learning how to work with her own medical team she had her own positive birth experience in May 2014. This birth […]

MUM 035: Lisa Engle : The Gentle journey to being an Opti-Mom  

Lisa Engle’s Bio: Lisa Engle, a mother of 5, is widely known for her passion, dedication and commitment to supporting the expression of potential. She is famous for inspiring patients, especially mothers. With nearly 3 decades of service in the chiropractic profession; integrity, congruence, and “inside out health” is her first language. In turn, she […]

MUM 034: Carly Gallagher- Help my Hormones  

Well it might have taken Carly and I quite a while to coordinate our diaries to make this interview happen (ummmm errrrr we work in the same practice!!! but in our defence we are both mum’s on serious missions which means that syncing our diaries together is not always so easy). After having just recorded this […]

MUM 033: Emma Pickett : Making Breastfeeding Work, Accepting The Normal  

Not so long ago I shared a post on on the Mum’s The Word facebook page that then was liked a crazy amount of times , like 5192 to be exact!! and then shared onwards 29 times from there. The post can be found here and tt was something that touched me and as a […]

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