Murderers and Their Mothers: The Debrief

Murderers and Their Mothers: The Debrief

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Everyone is someone's child, even a serial killer. In each episode, Donal MacIntyre and a team of experts examine the complex stories of serial killers' family relationships and on a case by case basis looks at the vital role played by their mothers. This Podcast is the companion series to the CBS Reality show ”Murderers and Their Mothers” Sundays at 10:00pm. #MurdererMums


Ep6 – JOACHIM KNYCHAŁA: Frankenstein  

Joachim Knychala, the Polish serial killer who earned the ghoulish nickname ‘Frankenstein’, attacked his victims with an axe, butchering and desecrating their bodies after death. He brutally murdered five women and attempted to murder another seven over eight grisly years. Knychala grew up in poverty, with a mother who rejected him and often had sex with boyfriends in front of him and a grandmother who meted out violent punishments on a daily basis. MacIntyre and criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley explore Knychala’s twisted relationship with his mother and grandmother to discover whether they were the cause of his murderous misogyny and why he was hell bent on becoming Poland’s most notorious serial killer.

Ep5 - DENNIS NILSEN: The Kindly Killer  

One of Britain’s most infamous killers, Dennis Nilsen murdered fifteen young men, some as young as 14, in London during the late seventies and early eighties. Nilsen held on to the corpses of his victims for weeks on end, keeping them in pristine condition and talking to them on his return home from work and sleeping beside them. His horrific crimes were only revealed when a plumbing company found human remains in his drains. But what led this seemingly normal civil servant to start killing for company? How big a role did his lonely childhood in an isolated Scottish fishing village play? And how devastating was his cold and religious mother’s inability to feel any love for him or to acknowledge his homosexuality? Join MacIntyre and distinguished criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley as they unpick the psychology of one of the country’s most complex killers.

Ep4  – HAROLD SHIPMAN – The Angel of Death  

Donal MacIntyre investigates some of the world’s most notorious killers asking if they were born evil or whether their dysfunctional relationships with their mothers turned them into monsters. Dr Harold Shipman, was Britain’s most prolific serial killer with at least 215 known victims. Was Shipman simply addicted to murder, playing God by killing many of his elderly female patients with overdoses of morphine or did his upbringing turn him into a mass murderer? His mother was a domineering and controlling mother who worshipped the young Harold and made him believe that he was better than everyone else. When she died a painful death relieved by morphine, did this sow the seeds of Shipman’s murderous career? Join Donal and criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley as they examine one of the most disturbing, unique and perplexing criminal cases in British history.

EP.3 – JED ALLEN – The Wolverine Killer  

The case of Jed Allen, a young man who on the surface had a happy, stable life, complete with a good job and a close group of friends. Yet in May 2015 he would kill his mother, step-father and six-year-old half-sister in a brutal knife attack - and then go on to hang himself. This Podcast is the companion series to the CBS Reality show ”Murderers and Their Mothers” Sundays at 10:00pm. #MurdererMums

EP.2 - FRED & ROSE WEST – The Killer Couple  

Fred and Rosemary West murdered twelve young women including two of their daughters in one of the most shocking cases of serial killing Britain has ever seen. But why did the Wests embark on their path of depravity? Were they born to kill; or did their mothers make them into monsters? This Podcast is the companion series to the CBS Reality show ”Murderers and Their Mothers” Sundays at 10:00pm. #MurdererMums

Ep1 - DANIEL BARTLAM: The Coronation St Killer  

At aged 14, Daniel Bartlam brutally murdered his mother. It is believed a plot in Coronation Street inspired the killer as he tried to emulate the storyline in his own warped and disturbed world. His mother separated from his father and made Bartlam move schools - she didn't realise the seriousness of Bartlam's behaviour - could she have rescued herself from murder? #MurdererMums Experts in discussion: Donal MacIntyre, Elizabeth Yardley & David Holmes

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