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The My Body Blends Podcast - giving you the truths for you to lose weight, burn the fat, and build the body you want, and always taking care of your health. Every episode will have you walking away knowing how to transform your body and health without the confusion. Chris Dufey is the authority on fat loss, physique, and getting you in shape. Results based, proven insights, advice and plans from the worlds best that is pulling back the curtain for you to have the body and health you want faster, easier and without fuss.


Bodybuilding & Physique Comp Prep With Andy Bell | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  
Do you want to build more muscle and get leaner than you ever have before...?

And, are you confused with how to make that...?


This is why I bring on Andy Bell, which I've had the pleasure of knowing for years.  From us having private chats about what's needed for our own physique transformations, we record this episode for you to have the advice that can give you the body you want.

You being able to burn more fat, or build more muscle comes down to you following the right plan that stimulates your body to adapt and change.  Plus it fits in with your life so you can easily follow it.

Tune into this episode and comment below with what questions you want Andy and I to answer for you in the next episode we record.

The Secret To Everything You Want With Seth Ellsworth  

You're here for one reason:

You want a change...


It could be a better body, more happiness, greater fullfillment, a business that gives you the money, freedom and impact that you want... the list goes on.

This is exactly why I have brought on Seth Ellsworth, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time as we were both speakers at Super Fast Business (if you're interested in online business, I would highly recommend this) in Manly, my home town.


We've all heard of limiting beliefs, and how these can be holding us back from achieving what ever it is we want.  Well the truth is, Seth is about to blow those away.  Along with a lot of other 'truths' we've been told to when it comes to our psychology and self-development.


This is a really powerful episode, only if you are willing to open up and take action on what we share with you.


P.S.  Want to say a HUGE thank you for tuning in and being a part of the #mybodyblends movement.



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How To Burn Fat and Build Muscle 2x Faster with Justin Maguire  

Do you want the worlds-best insights into how to burn fat and build muscle...?

Showing you the behind the scenes look into how an expert designs diets to training programs so you can transform your body.


This will rattle some cages...

Justin Maguire comes on the show with me and pulls back the curtain to how he coaches his clients to acheive drastic body transformations.  Plus we go into what steps you can start taking from today to make this happen for yourself.

So much of the confusion that people are having is not understanding why you would, or would not use a certain diet or training method.  This is where we want to break it down for you.

How To Be "Better" At Everything With Jordan Harbinger  

had to share this great interview with you...

Jordan Harbinger from the Art Of Charm gives you straight truths and deep insights.


This interview takes a sharp turn, and we get into some deep topics, that I really want to share with you.  Originally recorded for my business success show #askthepro podcast.  We cover a range of topics from professional to personal that I knwo will have you walking away taking smarter actions.

There is no doubt, success from getting in the body you want, earning the money you want or having the great relationships you want have a common thread that make these happen.

Enjoy this episode and be sure to get in contact with me via social media after you listen.

How To Get Strong With Greg Nuckols | My Body Blends Podcast  

Do you want to know exactly how to get stronger...?

This episode I bring on Greg Nuckols which has the expertise and experience to walk you through avoiding the common mistakes and seeing your strength climb week-to-week.

Greg Nuckols has over a decade of experience under the bar, and a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. He’s held 3 all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes, and is currently pursuing his MS in Exercise and Nutrition Science.

He’s trained hundreds of athlete and regular folks, both online and in-person. He’s written for many of the major magazines and websites in the fitness industry, including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness,, T-Nation, and

Diabetes Fat Loss & Physique Success With Phil Graham | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  

The dilemma of weight loss and muscle building with Diabetes is thick with conflicting opinions...

This is exactly why I bring Phil Graham, that has the expertise and experience to walk you through how to shape the body you want, and do it the right way with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Phil Graham, has established himself as a highly respected competitive bodybuilder, performance nutritionist and personal trainer within the UK and Ireland Health and Fitness Industry.

Phil prides himself on delivering intelligent holistic health, nutrition and training advice supported by strong academic credentials, continual educational research, hard earned experience and most importantly a solid reputation for achieving remarkable results.

He has inspired and helped a diverse range of clientèle ranging from every day members of the public, professional athletes right through to other coaches and personal trainers.

Phil has also spoken at some of the worlds largest health and fitness exhibitions including the likes of Body Power Expo and also writes exclusively for Northern Ireland’s top wedding journal Weeding Belle.

Natural Bodybuilding Comp Prep With Eric Helms | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  

Discover the proven methods to natural bodybuilding, fat loss and muscle success with Eric Helms.


Honestly, I loved recording this episode with Eric, as he is very generous with how deep we get to dive into the hot topics that so many people are asking us.

Avoid the common mistakes and also be walked through as Eric showcases latest research and trends that he is personally working with his clients in this episode.

There is no doubt that Eric is a wealth of information, though what I appreciate so much is the simplicity he is able to boil it down to, so you will walk away being able to take the right action from today.

Conor McGregor's Strength Coach Unveils With John Connor | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  
Discover the truths with this Exclusive Interview with Connor McGregors Strength Coach, John Connor  

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for may years now, and very thankful to have him teach me in multiple courses.  Also have been in numerous private consultations to be given the advanced and proven strategies to strength and conditioning and physique prep.


In this episode, you are going to get the straight truths into how a world-class strength and conditioning coach prepares an athlete for multiple sports, including stepping onto the UFC stage.


If you want John to come back onto the show and to give you the answers you want, be sure to comment below with what questions you want us to cover for you.



04:21 Show start 05:09 Why is John Connor so phenomenal 08:16 Where strenght coaches go wrong 15:15 Managing your volume during season 18:17 How to determine where to work more 22:45 Technical, strenght and sparing sessions 25:40 What fighters need to do 26:30 Genetic component 29:36 Weight cut 33:54 What to do before fight 38:44 Where to find John
How To Be Happier & Healthier With Positive Psychology With Dr Bob Rakowski | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  

Weight loss secrets with Functional Medicine and Dr. Bob Rakowski

This is an episode I loved bringing you. Being able to connect again with Dr. Bob is always a pleasure and with the thick amount of expert advice you get in this interview, I know you will love it.

From our last episode together where we focused on the "Magnificent 7", you know get a deep insight into more of what Dr. Bob specialises in and see's whilst in his practice.

If you want to improve your health and well being then this is a show that you truly do not want to miss.

Pregnancy Diet Advice & Workout Tips With Mirella | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  
Give your baby the best start to life whilst taking care of your body and health.


In this episode I bring on good friend, and world class fitness model Mirella Ingamells to give you the advice from the real world experience of pregnancy, child brith and looking after your body and health.

From personal experience, and being by my wife, Lauren's side during her two pregnancies and births with our daughters, this is close to my heart.

Watching the miracle that is pregnancy and child birth, I delved deep into the nutrition and training for the best with my children and wife, and was amazed with how conflicting and some of it 'wrong'.

Mirella does a wonderful job in this interview giving you the advice that you can start from today.

We would love to hear from you after this episode, so please comment below with what questions you want us to answer for you.

Advanced Physique Development With Mark Coles | My Body Blends Podcast and Chris Dufey  
Burn More Fat, Build More Muscle and Do It Faster Without The Confusion.

I bring back on Mark Coles to delve deeper into the insights that you can walk away with from todays episode into advanced methods and stratagies for fat loss, muscle and shaping the physique you want.

Having the pleasure of knowing Mark for years, Its a blessing that I can record this conversation and share this with you.

Mark opens up common myths, and outlines the key stratagies that you can start using from today in this episode.

Precision Nutrition For Fat Loss Made Easy With Brian St. Pierre  

Stop being confuse when it comes to how to shape the body you want...

In this episode I bring on Brian, which opens up to give you an amazing amount of advice and stratagies when it comes you burning off the unwanted weight from today.

This was a fantastic episode, that I really enjoyed being able to record for you.

With the thick amount of conflicting opinions, fads, diets and programs all touting for "weight loss success" we get to delve deep in this episode into "what really matters".


Brian references these great articles in this episode:

#57 Bodyweight Exercise & Physical Mastery With Andy & Ryan  

Do you want to get in great shape and have a strong, functional body?

This episode, Andy and Ryan from GMB come onto the show to open up how you can STOP just working out, and how to enjoy and explore your training for far greater results.

If you’re feeling confused or frustrated with how to get the strength, physique or results you really want, then we open up the process to how you can walk through to having what you sweat and bleed for.

WARNING: We get deep and meaningful and we have a right-turn in this conversation that opens up to really important advice that I love that we can share with you today.

#56 The Physique & Strength Pearls With Daine Mcdonand Part 2  

Discover how you can have the physique and strength you really want, but avoiding the common mistakes that plague so many… and let us show you what you REALLY need to be doing.

Part 2 of this interview with Daine Mcdonald we move onto strength training and nutrition, and how we can evolved into using the strategies and methods for far greater and faster results with our clients… and how its so simple.

STOP being frustrated and confused by falling prey to the dogma that kills results, and join us in this episode to have you

Personal Trainers: This is an important episode to sink your teeth into that also will give you more insights over at the; Ask The Pro podcast of this episodes version.

#55 How To Become A World-Class Personal Trainer With Daine Mcdonand Part 1  
Discover how you can be a world-class personal trainer, grow your personal brand, have unlimited clients and charge what you are worth.


If you want to get in the best shape of your life, you need a coach that will give you the right advice and guidance… and if you want to be that coach, this is how you do it.


I really wanted to share this two-part inteview with you, as Daine and I uncover what we have learned from starting out in the industry, so that you can fast track your own success.


Cutting away the lies and dogma in the fitness industry we unveil what it really takes to grow the success you want in this episode.


We answer the questions you have asked, and give you the insights into how Daine and I have built our business and started off so many years ago together.



0:42 Episode intro

4:41 Who is Daine McDonald

8:35 What needs to be changed in the industry?

10:27 Invest time and money into becoming a better trainer

12:41 How to be like Daine

16:12  Building a personal brand

19:05 How Daine juggle multiple commitments and businesses

23:28 Daine's big goals and aspirations

26:28 Know your limits

31:01 Filtering physique coaches and competitors

34:43 Strength - why are you not getting stronger

36:58 Common faults with techniques

40:12 Assessing the physique

43:10 Be realistic

44:55 Contending vs Just putting them on stage

52:38 Two things you need to know

60:12 Why educating your client is fundamental to success

62:23 Foundation steps - identify your body type

64:13 Nutrition influence

67:42 Where to learn more about Daine

#54 Brain Nutrition, Ketosis & False Supplements With Andrew Hill  
Stop wasting money on over-hyped supplements and diet fads.


The truth behind the keto diet, brain nutrition and supplements.


Dr Andrew Hill comes on with me this episode to showcase to you the power behind making small but needed changes for boosting your brain power.


From memory to creativity and focus, you will walk away from today's episode smarter.


Squashing the lies with brain supplements and common mistakes so many make with brain training apps and ‘fads’, your brain health can dramatically change from what you use from today's episode.




0:38 Episode intro

5:26 Who is Andrew Hill and what makes him phenomenal

6:47 The sexy side of being a neuroscientist

10:32 The truth behind cognitive training apps

15:18 How to train and prepare your child

17:12 Expose your kids to a rich and diverse environment

17:37 The nutrition and supplementation side

18:54 Brain health foods and diet

25:40 Andrew's take on Ketones and ketosis

29:06 Supplements for brain health

33:07 Points to consider when crafting your strategy

35:58 The best strategy - pick things that have proven reputation of efficacy and safety

38:14 Beware of the buzzword proprietary blends an ingredients

39:15 The mechanisms behind TruBrain

46:54 The next best step for you

48:12 What mindfulness is and what it is not

53:25 Where to learn more about Andrew

#53 The Body & Fitness Truths With Emily Skye  

Emily Skye shows you the real-world insights into how to be in shape and take care of your health the right way.


These are the truths unveiled with Emily Skye showing you how to eat, workout and stop counting calories.


Don't fall prey to all the fads and the hype, and follow the proven to work recipe that Emily and I showcase here for you.


Depriving yourself and having the constant struggles with your body and shape is just one of the many things Emily squashes in this episode.


You are going to learn how to have the right mindset, stop being pressured to be ‘perfect’ and what a truly ‘healthy lifestyle’ is.




0:40 Episode intro

5:53 Who is Emily Skye and how it all started

7:47 Change your mindset, keep a positive perspective

8:30 The cardio bunny

11:21 Treat your exercise as a lifestyle

13:27 Food relationship

15:30 Understanding your numbers and the food you eat

16:32 Stop counting calories

17:11 Know the difference between lifestyle and competition

24:35 Why the before and after is the best measure of your success

28:16 Healthy food and active lifestyle is the key

29:25 Get rid of the idea of being perfect

31:37 What is a healthy lifestyle?

34:20 Stop the pressure to be perfect

38:51 Where to learn more about Emily Skye


#51 Intermittent Fasting, Detox & Optimal Health With Tyler Tolman  

From water fasting for 40-days to Tylers own daily detox routine, you are going to discover how to cleanse yourself.


Intermittent fasting is a hot topic, where both Tyler and I see so many people getting it wrong, and in this episode we are going to unveil how Tyler does it himself and with his clients.


After seeing his own protocols and work, it was a great pleasure to bring on Tyler who also lives in Bali to showcase the insights will have you wanting to take serious action for your own health today.

#50 The Truth To Superfoods & Greens Drink Supplements With Chris Dufey  

Are Superfoods all they are cracked up to be?


In this episode, I delve into what the truths, lies and common mistakes are around greens drinks, superfoods and supplements.


There is a very good reason that My Body Blends first supplement is Superfood Elixir, and you are going to find out what Greens Superfood Drinks are NOT.

#49 Dealing With Carb & Sugar Cravings With Chris Dufey  

Do you struggle with cravings?


You’re trying to stick to your diet plan, though the constant urge for the foods you know will de-rail you are getting stronger.


We’ve all been there… You’ve done well all day, eating to your plan, staying strict, and then before you know it you’re a bag of cookies in, and you’re not to sure what happened.


There is a way around sugar and carb cravings, and in the episode I’m going to walk you through how to avoid them and what the two common mistakes that lead to them.


This is a ‘by popular demand’ episode, and I unveil the exact insights and advice I give my private clients.



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