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My Dumb Friends

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Each week join Dan St. Germain and Sean Donnelly while they hang out with their funny friends and talk about the dumbest stuff they’ve ever done. Produced (and often co-hosted) by Thomas Attila Lewis.


Episode #168: All Dumb Things Must End  

One last episode from Dan, Sean, and Tom. Thank you to everybody for helping us out over the years, our network All Things Comedy, all of our guests, and you, our listeners! [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt]

My Dumb Friends #167 - Shine your effin' shoes + guest Will Weldon  

Will Weldon (Super Serious Show, Just For Laughs) is our special guest. Sean gives us another confrontational update; the boys make an announcement; Tom takes us back to the Warsaw Pact. [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt at ATC Studios]

Episode #166: Update on Sean's Crazy Situation in Queens + Mailbag  

Sean checks in with more craziness in Queens; the boys freak out politically for a moment; we read some excellent listener mail! [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt at ATC and Alex Brizel at ShowBriz Studios]

Episode #165: The return of Dan + special guest Jay Larson  

Dan returns from his "silent" retreat "much improved." Special guest Jay Larson (Comedy Central, "Conan," "Last Comic Standing," "Late Late Show") tells us about his past hobo-like existence and dealing with a guy who had 50 confirmed kills who wanted to kill him + 4 girls in one night??! [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt at ATC & Alex Brizel at ShowBriz]

Episode #164: Brendan Eyre guests + Sean plays King on Facebook + Tom observe a jack of all trades  

The hilarious Brendan Eyre (Sethy Myers, "Red Eye") guests and tries to jump into making more show segments; Sean Donnelly likes to play King on Facebook; Tom observes a jack of all trades in his Haunting Realization. [Engineered by Alex Brizel at ShowBriz Studios, NYC]

Episode #163: Sean and Tom solo in NYC + Dan interviews Henry Phillips + Chirps In the Night  

Henry Phillips (Comedy Central, "Henry's Kitchen") is our guest today and interviewed by Dan; Sean and Tom are solo in SF and talk about crazy weddings; Tom's chirping realization. [Engineered by Alex Brizel at ShowBriz Studios]

Episode #162 - Phrases Sean & Dan hate + Tom freezes + hilarious guest Katina Corrao  

Dan and Sean start us off with a debate of hateful hipster phrases, we had a great time with our super-hilarious guest Katina Corrao ("Deadbeat," "Broad City") and Tom reveals a freezing haunting realization. [Engineered by Alex Brizel at ShowBriz Studios]

Episode #161: Guest Anthony DeVito + Oprah story + Bumbershoot report  

Anthony DeVito (Comedy Central, TV Land, AXS TV) returns to the podcast to tell us an epic Oprah story as well as when he camped on Hawaii; after Dan tells us about his experiences at Bumbershoot he and Sean yell at each other for a while; Tom has a short but very sweet Haunting Realization. [Engineered by Alex Brizel at ShowBriz Studios]

Episode #160: Explosive Beginning and End + Guest Ian Fidance  

This episode gets off to an explosive start of high conflict between our hosts, followed by an interview with the very funny Ian Fidance (AXS TV) who talks about getting sober and a predilection for strippers. The show closes with an explosive Haunting Realization from Tom. [Recorded at ShowBriz Studios / Engineered by Alex Brizel]

Episode #159: Guest Sarah Tollemache + bombing + neighbors + glassblowing  

Guest Sarah Tollemache ("Last Comic Standing," Comedy Central) talks about getting sober and bombing; Dan brings up a recent bomb; Sean's neighbors are crazy but his wife is too nice; Tom was an exploited glassblower. [Engineered by Alex Brizel at ShowBriz Studios, NYC]

Episode #158: The Return of Mark Normand  

Mark Normand (Comedy Central, Showtime, "Conan") joins the podcast to discuss romantic mistakes and more. Dan and Sean meet up in NYC to record without Tom! They discuss, among other things, Sean's insane building, Dan's apartment catching on fire, shart attacks, and how happy they are that Tom isn't around. [Engineered by ShowBriz studios]

Episode #157: Bert Kreischer  

Bert Kreischer (FX, Travel Channel, Comedy Central) joins Dan in LA, Sean and Tom via Skype, to talk about his exploits including: worst bombs, weight loss, drinking/not-drinking, and more! And then a quick discussion of Tom's Haunting Realization.

Episode #156: Guest Chris Cubas, also Cucumbers, Storks & Stairs  

Chris Cubas (@midnight, Comedy Central) joins the gang to talk about horrible gigs, an unfortunate meeting while high, and more! Plus the boys talk about Sean's rage incident, Tom's issues with cucumbers, and storks.

Episode #155: LIVE at Just For Laughs in Montreal w/ Jim Norton, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Roy Wood Jr.  

My Dumb Friends LIVE at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, July 30th, 2016. With very special guests (in order of appearance) Jim Norton, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Roy Wood Jr.!

Episode #154: Shane Mauss  

Shane Mauss (Kimmel, Comedy Central, Netflix) joins Dan and Tom to talk about psychedelics, venues he no longer wants to go to, putting together tours, and so much more! [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt]

Episode #153: Uber Issues + DJ + special guest Megan Gailey  

Special guest Megan Gailey ("Conan") shares a great story with us; Dan and Sean hash out some Uber driver issues; Tom's DJ career destroys a specific kind of marriage. [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt]

Episode #152 - "I'm Trying To Hang Out With More Burlesque People And Less Circus People"  

We have guest Kate Willett (Comedy Central, Viceland, more!) who talks about her talent show duel. Dan tells us about the burlesque show he headlined; Sean shares stories about the crazies in his neighborhood; and Tom relates a shocking experience. [Engineered by Aaron Brungart]

Episode #151: Tom's Haunting Realizations  

The My Dumb Friends podcast crew is happy to announce that they will be a part of the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, on Saturday, July 30th! In this episode so many dumb things happened, including but not limited to Dan not being able to spell "dumb," Sean having a call of nature, and the introduction of new segments - of particular note: Tom's Haunting Realizations. [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt]

Episode #150: We Got Mailbags!  

We hit the 150 milestone by doing a mailbag episode with messages from literally around the world! Thank you for writing, please send us your letters: and thank you for your donations at [Engineered by Aaron Brungardt]

Episode #149: Brendon Walsh  

Brendon Walsh (Conan, Kimmel, @midnight) joins Dan and Sean in LA to: introduce Dan to the musical stylings of Lita Ford; provide a solution for mass shootings (courtesy of Brendon); to talk about stolen comedy ideas; and to go over some bad on-stage experiences. [Engineered by Jimmy Lee Wirt]

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