My Meditation Station

My Meditation Station


The first guided meditation in a series of regular podcasts by Stin. Daily use will invite stillness, joy and abundance to your life. Stressed? Wanting more? Put on your headphones. pr4c578f


Faster Better Sleep  

Help for the occasional or chronic insomniac-- to fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer.

Workout Recovery  

Workout Recovery--Visualization and images to heal.

Family Gathering Emergency Prevention  

Let go of the past and move on.

On Work  

For a powerful shift in how we see what we do.


In a committed relationship or not, you deserve to have and share love and passion in your life.

From Mom  

Things you may or may not have heard from your mom growing up, but you might need to hear.

ZZZZZZ . . .  

zzzzzzzzzzz . . .guided meditation and music for a deep deep sleep

Body Change Meditation  

Create your body anew, each time you listen.

"The Zone" for Emotional Weightloss  

Emotional Weight Loss Meditation--Eliminate the non-physical causes of being overweight.

Quick and Easy Breath Meditation  

Exhale confusion and anxiety, inhale clarity and peace.

Stop Settling for Less  

Change and release this pattern in your life!

Meditation for Dealing with A Crisis  

Use this guided meditation to get through the first 4 to 6 weeks after a crisis to help you feel peace.

Body Change Meditation  

Body Change Meditation--Relaxation and imagery to experience and create your body anew.

Create The Love of Your Life  

Take time daily to set the stage for deep and meaningful love in your life.

Evening Inventory Meditation  

A housekeeping for your mind and spirit.


Manifest!--You have been given creative powers, and are meant to participate in an active relationship with the Universe and its processes.

Greater Peace and Inner Stillness  

When you are still INSIDE, what is going on OUTSIDE just doesn't matter as much.

Release Jealousy and Anxiety  

Release Jealousy and Anxiety

Quick Results Palming Exercise  

Placing the palms of your hands over your closed eyes will bring you right back to life. Fast!

On Work  

You will begin to have impressions about your own work as you mindfully listen to this powerful message by Gibran.

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