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MyChonny Podcast


Aussie Youtube star Chonny and Joe (who specialises in K-pwop and food) catch up on K-pop, tell us dirty tales and laugh (it's about 50% laughing). Tune in, put your feet up as the boys kick it, keep it real and Chonny gets tested on K-pop! There's also non-stop bad singing. Catch MyChonny on SBS PopAsia radio every every Wednesday from 8PM or subscribe to the podcast.


Ep 70. Chonny and Joe reminisce on their fave memories at SBS PopAsia  

This weeks Chonny and Joe reminisce about their favourite memories with SBS PopAsia. Chonny's was when he cam to Sydney to do a live show for Chinese New Year! It was a lot of fun and the crown were great. Joe's was coming to SBS PopAsia HQ in Sydney and meeting the team (especially Andy Trieu). What are your fave mems?

Ep 69. Chonny's girlfirend co-hosts and reveals a lot of verrry interesting things about him  

This week Dalena (Chonny's girlfriend) joins MyChonny as co-host. She reveals a lot of very interesting things about the funny man. She talks about a time he went clubbing, and reveals his annoying habits; they have to do with tissues and laundry baskets...

Ep 68. Chonny's 3 favourite things about Melbourne, and Australia  

This week MyChonny reveals his three favourite things about Melbourne (which turn into his three fave things about Aus). There's the city (of Melbourne), the crisp, cold weather, the beaches and one famous place that's known really well for it's sausage sizzles...know where he's talking about?

Ep 67. Is Chonny a psychic?  

This week Chonny asks if he's a psychic. When Chonny stays at hotels, he gets a weird feeling, a bad energy in the room; he feels uncomfortable, like someone's watching him. He felt it when he was staying in Japan. When he went to Hiroshima, he felt sick on the bus ride to the nuclear bomb site and he told his girlfriend (Dalena) he didn't want to go. Dalena's friend had seen ghosts walking around the bomb site when she visited Hiroshima. Chonny got the spooky feeling, which he thinks means he's psychic. Or he could just be paranoid. What do you think?

Ep 66. Chonny and his girlfriend answer awkward questions  

This week Chonny is joined by his girlfriend, Dalena and they answer your questions. There's some intimate ones, embarrassing one and a lot of overshare in the answers. The couple reveal if they think each other are 'the one,' the most expensive clothing they own, their favourite thing about Japan, the biggest thing they've overcome in life (together), if pineapple belongs on pizza, the most memorable video they've made together and their next holiday destination. You learn so much about Chonny...

Ep 65. Chonny's 3 inventions: 'chopspoons,' see through capes and a red pocket  

Chonny has three invention ideas that he's claimed all rights to. Number one is a 'chopspoon' because he loves chopsticks, but there's one thing you can't eat with them - soup. So he's invented a way of combining chopsticks with a spoon so you can use both. Chonny's willing to call it a 'spoonstick' if any investor prefers that. Second is a see through hair salon cape so you can use your phone while you're at the hairdresser, without getting hair on your hand or phone. Thirdly is a red pocket t-shirt. This is mainly just a design inspired by Chinese people having red pockets to put money in. Which one do you want invented? 

EP 64. Chonny's 3 tips on how to get rich in China  

MyChonny tells Joe his three tips on how to become a millionaire (or billionaire) in China. They have to do with a phone app, rich grandmas and acting (but not in the film/theatre kind of way). Wanna know how? 

Ep 63. 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' and 'Get Out'; one movie was great, the other was bad  

MyChonny and DatJoeDoe talk about two movies this week; 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' and 'Get Out'. 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' was a huge let down. Chonny was yawning throughout, he found the blue faced woman very annoying and was disappointed by Groot's character. He wouldn't recommend it, but says to watch it if you've seen the first one. He gave it a 6.5/10. 'Get Out' was the best movie both boys have seen this year - easily. Chonny gave it an 8.4/10. They're raving about it. What's been your fave movie of 2017?

Ep 62. Chonny's 3 most memorable, and 3 favourite things he did  in Japan  

MyChonny just got back from Japan and he's telling you all about his time there. Chonny shares his 3 most memorable moments from the trip; buying BB guns, riding the world's longest roller coaster, and going to an EDM festival. He also shares his 3 favourite things about the trip, which were the One Piece Museum, based off one of the biggest animes in Japan; it was amazing, the robot cafe/a robot show; he had no expectations walking into it and had the best time, and Tapas; it was the first 1 Michelin star restaurant Chonny had ever been to, there were only seven, or eight seats and two chefs - it was delicious. 

Ep 61. Successful gamers in esports; Chonny's new sketch show looks into their lives  

Chonny is about to film a new sketch show, which looks in to the lives of competitive gamers. Successful gamers are huge and have a lot of cosplayer fan girls.  Chonny has a friend who won a  competitive gaming comp, and won $30, 000! The sketch show takes a look at the world of competitive gamers - who win a lot of money and get a lot of attention from very attractive women - and how crazy it is.

Ep 60. The one thing you'd eat for the rest of your life: rice is a popular option  

Chonny and Joe talk about what they'd eat if they could only eat one thing for the rest of their lives. Joe chooses sushi because he eats a lot of rice anyway, so it's not that different. But he can only have one flavour, so he chooses teriyaki chicken with cucumbers. Chonny jokes about choosing McDonalds, but would really choose a rice dish called Oyakodon, which has rice, chicken, eggs, onions and sauce. He's in Japan at the moment and loving it. What would you choose?

Ep 59. 3 things you shouldn't have done as an Asian kid (according to Chonny)  

My Chonny talks about three things he shouldn't have done as an Asian kid:

1. Got his hair dyed. He got a streak in the middle of his head and his dad was not happy about it. 

2. Got an earring; it was a huge no-no. When Chonny got his ear pierced, his parents didn't talk to him for a while. His mum was extremely disappointed. It's not so bad now.

3. Got a tattoo. Well, Chonny never got a tattoo, but he doesn't think his parents would've been happy if he did.

Chonny got two out of the above three done, what about you?

Ep 58. When filming YouTube videos gets dangerous; Chonny almost lost his face  

My Chonny nearly blew his face off while filming a YouTube video when he was 16. In the video there was a guy with an orange face/mask that attacked and killed people. In the final scene his head exploded; to make this happen Chonny (and his mate Tom) put a cheap firework inside the orange head, which was actually only a mask with holes in it - it wasn't very protected. Fireworks are very powerful. He lit the firework and it flew out of the mask's eye socket and a green ball of light whizzed straight next to Chonny's face before rebounding off the wall and exploding on the ground. Chonny and Tom had to jump away. If it had exploded while near Chonny's face, it wouldn't be such a funny story...

Ep 57. The most annoying things parents do (in the kitchen)  

Chonny's parents did some very annoying things in the kitchen when he was growing up. They boiled water all the time, and he had to drink hot water when he just wanted an ice-cold beverage. His fridge was full of meat, he was always disappointed when he opened ice-cream containers to find meat inside, and his parents pretended their dishwasher was broken so he had to wash up everything in the sink - they fooled him because they didn't want to waste water. Got any of your own to add?

Ep 56.  Living like "Bear" Grylls was Chonny's worst high school experience  

This week Chonny rants about his worst high school experience ever: Outward Bound camp! Chonny lived like "Bear" Grylls for two weeks; walking for six hours everyday while carrying all his food, utensils, clothes and tent, and there was no technology. He ate a lot of nut mix (with chocolate in it). No one went to the toilet because they didn't want to poo in a hole. He slept on ants and hit a tree one day, which made tarantulas scurry out. It was like high school survivor. Did you have a worse experience?

Ep 55. 'Dirty Pokemon' and childhood regrets  

Chonny and Joe are throwing it way back this week, to their childhood. Chonny used to watch 'dirty Pokemon' when his parents were out of the house, but he got caught. His dad found his video after accidentally lending the wrong disc to a friend. Chonny went bright red from embarrassment and claimed innocence. Chonny and Joe have some big regrets from their childhood. Chonny could've been the next Jackie Chan if he'd learnt Chinese and Kung Fu. Joe wished he'd talked to a (special) girl in year 7. Have you got any regrets?

Ep 54. Tough teenage years: How Chonny dealt with bullying at high school  

This week Chonny tells Joe about his tough teenage life, about bullies at high school and how he fought them by ripping their uniform shirt pockets off so they'd get a detention. The fights started because Chonny was Asian. He was an angry teen and kicked holes in the wall at home. Fast forward to now; it's a month 'til Chonny goes to Japan and he'll be eating at a fancy restaurant that costs about $300 to dine at, and he's visiting the Studio Ghibli museum. It was booked out 3 months in advance so he had to buy scalper tickets at double the price. Would you pay?

Ep. 53. Chonny went to Justin Bieber's concert and learnt about what kids wear these days  

This week Chonny went to Justin Bieber's concert in Melbourne and was surrounded by a lot of teenagers in the mosh pit. He realised  kids these days wear very skimpy clothing and a lot of make-up. After babysitting  his 5-year-old cousin,  Chonny (and Joe) discuss what their kids will be like, when they have them...

Ep 52. Logan disappointment, auditioning for roles and dog-sitting  

- Gold class cinema experience, a disappointment

- Logan didn't live up to expectation

- Answering fan questions

- Auditioning for a role

- Dog-sitting  

- Losing a bet; Joe had to lick a glue stick

- Chonny's failed auditions

- Chonny casting for his show Chinaboy in Perth

- Hard to find enough Asians

Ep. 51. 'That Oscars moment' memes, a parasite anime and karaoke gone wild  

- 'That Oscars moment' was just for new internet memes 

- How did Suicide Squad win an Oscars award?

- Chonny hung out with Quokkas on Rottnest Island in Perth

- When karaoke goes wild  

– Joe got really drunk and passed out on the toilet

- What anime they’re watching - new one about a parasite

- Gaming and Overwatch  

- Their volleyball team lost while Chonny was away

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