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MyChonny Podcast


Aussie Youtube star Chonny and Joe (who specialises in K-pwop and food) catch up on K-pop, tell us dirty tales and laugh (it's about 50% laughing). Tune in, put your feet up as the boys kick it, keep it real and Chonny gets tested on K-pop! There's also non-stop bad singing. Catch MyChonny on SBS PopAsia radio every every Wednesday from 8PM or subscribe to the podcast.


Ep 50.  Contact lenses vs glasses, a weight loss secret and learning to drive  

- MyChonny is back from filming in Perth

- What Chonny missed most about being away from Melbourne

- China Town in Perth is tiny (it's not really a 'town')

- Weight loss secret - make it enjoyable

- Getting your driver's licence - Joe and Chonny both failed first driving test

- What’s better between contact lenses or glasses?

- Contact lenses have more cons than glasses

- In the 90s Chonny recorded over a VHS movie rental

- To get the movie back, he found out it was going to be on TV and re-recorded over the tape – bits of commercials for free

- What’s that sound? Popular movie quotes this week

- What did you want to be when you grew up?

- Joe wanted to be a basketball star, but he was no good 

- Chonny wanted to be a dentist,  artist and a rock star

- Chonny teaches Joe some Vietnamese

Ep 49. 'Pick up' tips, a new TV program and why 26 feels old  

- MyChonny in Perth for his new TV program, “The China Boy Show”

- Missing two weeks of volley ball is upsetting him a bit

- Mychonny feels old because he is 26

- He went out a lot more when he was younger. Now he just stays home

- As an 'old' person he does different - group - activities such as hiking and team sports

- Advice on how to “pick up” women

- When Joe visited Sydney hey tried talking a to a few girls, with the help of a wingman

- MyChonny’s girlfriend gets scared every time he is away because Chonny isn’t there to  kill the bugs

- One of the skits Mychonny is putting together is about an old Chinese tourist

- He dresses up and plays pranks on people in public, and is a bit worried about how people will respond to it

Giving homeless people money, a new love story and the history of Chairman Mao and sparrows  

 - Exciting week hosting a live radio show and hosting a live event in Sydney 

 - Some strange experiences during their trip

 - Joe was accosted by a homeless person, who started yelling profanities at him

 - Tries to buy  gym shoes but the cheapest they could find were $40 and ugly 

 - It took them 3 hours to find cheap shoes.

 - Thanks to Andy and Nat for showing them around. Joe has a crush on Nat.

 - A history lesson about Chairman Mao and sparrows in China

 - Have you ever been so sure of something and then been wrong?

 - Amusement park rides malfunctioning recently

 - MyChonny is planning a trip to Perth, so he can film his new TV show

 - Chonny lost a lot of weight for it - he's exercising so much that his girlfriend feels like she doesn’t see him enough

 - New segment; reacting to movie Trailers

Ep 47. Phones at a funeral, mosquito manners and the Chinese New Year  

- Joe is away this week so Tom is co-hosting

- Australia Day and Lunar New Year’s celebrations - how they're different

- The red pocket price has gone up; When Chonny was younger a red pocket was $5 now its $20

- Chonny went to his uncle's mum's funeral. She was 95

- During the eulogy his mum’s phone started ringing

- Chinese funerals are different; on the first day no one can smile

- Chonny has a mosquito confession. When he hears a mosquito in the bedroom, he leaves for an hour so the mozzie will feed on his girlfriend and get full

- Tom’s Vietnamese language skills are tested

- Catch up on Kpop and Catch up on Jpop

Ep 46.  Live from a Chinese restaurant, more birthday celebration and sharing bath towels  

- Recording live from a Chinese rstaurant

- Continued  Volley Ball journey: won a game and lost a game 

- Getting ready to travel to Japan

- Continued birthday celebrations all week 

- Went out to Karaoke last night 

- Joe never has wild birthdays, too old to party at 25

- Chonny's dad doesn't wash himself properly; has cold showers and uses body soap as Shampoo

- Everyone in Chonny's family share the same bath towel.

-  McDonalds is coming out with different sized Big Macs

Ep 45. Salt Bae parodies, Chonny's birthday and parents on social media  

- Chonny's birthday today. Turning 26 and feels old

- Recording from  parents because having a partyyyy

- Salt Bae is the hottest thing from 2017 so far so Chonny did a parody video.

- La La Land movie not that great

- Playing Volley Ball twice a week and waiting on uniforms

- MyChonny's diet going well

- Filming sketch comedy show in Perth called 'China Boy'

- Winner of Big Bang competition announced

- Best and worst birthday stories

- How to deal with parents on social media. Chonny refuses to add parents on Facebook

Ep. 44. Vietnamese Grandma Santa Claus, Sneaky Dog Poos & Life Changing Experiences  

- Catch Up: Watched Moana, 'Terrace House' a Japanese reality show

- Jack the Husky is back living with Chonny.. and leaving special presents

- Chonny's grandma's 88th birthday party

- Tech Aunties and Uncles

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What's been happening on YouTube?

- What's that sound: 90s cartoon theme songs

- Life-changing experiences; turning 26 soon - cruise to 30.

Ep 43 - Best 2017 movies, Joe's New Year's resolution, Chinese New Year & Chonny's first (smelly) bedroom  

-  Joe’s New Year’s Resolution

- New Years Eve - Joe had a houseparty.  Chonny not invited.

- Chinese New Year – how much cash do you get?

- Mychonny’s first bedroom 

- Catch Up On K-Pop

- Top 3 movies in 2017 

- What’s that Sound?

Ep. 42. Best Video Games of 2016, Tongue Twisters Revisited & Cringey Old Videos  

- Christmas catch up - favourite presents this year? Scooping up bargains at Boxing Day sales for family presents

- Tongue Twisters - Have Chonny and Joe improved after 41 episodes?

- Highlights of 2016

- Powdered milk & vitamin resellers

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Pay to cheat in video games

- What's that sound? Guess the old Chonny video

- Cringing to old Chonny videos

Christmas Special - Ep. 41. Chonny Dated A Fellow YouTuber, Ruining His Sister's Christmas & Christmas Carols  

- Juicy YouTube goss - Some YouTubers are not what they seem in real life

- Chonny's YouTuber dating past - which top YouTuber did Chonny date?

- Blast From The Past - When Chonny ruined his sister's Christmas (and copped a toe injury)

- Catch up on Christmas - guess that Christmas Carol

- Tired of driving around - Dalena doesn't have her drivers licence

- What's That Sound?

- Christmas facts - true or false?

Ep. 40. YouTube Millionaire, University Entrance Score Anxiety, Peeing Into Onsens & Views of Mt Fuji  

- Chonny received his 1 million YouTube subscriber plaque.. but there's something about it..

- Re-watching Korean variety show Family Outing

- Entering University & Graduations

- Catch up on K-Pop

- 2017 Japan trip plans

- What's that sound?

- Chonny's top TV series of 2016

Ep. 39. EDM Chonny, Dalena's Blonde Moment & Asian Border Security  

- Heating up in Melbourne, Kris Kringle & Volleyball update

- Getting trim for EDM festivals

- Dalena's blonde moment

- Chonny's mum thought Asian people could fly

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Chonny's leaky fridge

- Guess that Jackie Chan blooper reel

- Asian Border Security video parody

Ep. 38. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Crash Bandicoot's Voice REVEALED, Spider Dreams & Sniffing Fetishes  

- Celebrating volleyball wins with junk food

- Summertime spiders - Dalena's unfortunate encounters with our 8-legged friends

- Volleyball injuries - deep heat pads smell like Asian grocery stores

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Blast from the past - crazy ex-girlfriends with sniffing fetishes

- What's that sound? Movie quotes

- Christmas mems - childhood video games & Crash Bandicoot

Ep. 37. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Too Many Asians in Hollywood, Dad on Twitter & School Cover Ups  

- First volleyball victory, hayfever & asthma storm in Melbourne

- Asians in Hollywood and Australian TV - who will be the next Asian Kung-fu star?

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Final Fantasy XV coming out - first video games & memories

- Guess that Sound

- Chonny's dad got twitter and has seen some peculiar things..

- Chonny's top 3 high school cover ups

Ep. 36. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chon-burglar, Baby Names & The Top Movies of 2016  

- Donuts binge & feeling sick

- Suicide Squad - was it really that bad?

- A couple named their child after Dalena

- Blast from the past - Chonny the thief

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What's that sound?

- Chonny's favourite movies of 2016

Ep. 35. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - The Fish That Hospitalised Chonny, Twerking & Buffet Err'day  

- Started playing social volleyball competition

- Singapore 'It's the Ship' EDM party/festival on a cruise ship

- 2 most favourite words: Complimentary Buffet

- What's that sound?

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Jackie Chan received his first Oscar - Chonny's top 3 Jackie Chan movies

- Blast from the past - when a fish sent Chonny to the emergency room

Ep. 34. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chonny's First (Sexy) Time, Eye Acupuncture & Baker Chonny  

- Melbourne is under attack from massive mosquitoes that can bite through your clothes

- Game: what movie is that?

- Blast From The Past - Chonny's mum took him for an acupuncture for his bad eyesight

- Catch Up On K-Pop

- Chonny and Joe talk about their first (sexy) times

- Chonny and Joe's biggest insecurities

- Chonny's first job at a bakery - it was pretty dodgy!

Ep. 33. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - 15 Year Old Chonny, Marriage Proposals & Becoming Aggressive  

- Chonny went to his first engagement party - friends getting old; how would you propose?

- What video is that? Guess what Chonny video is playing

- Aggressive Chonny - Volleyball has changed the previously passive Chonny

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What's that sound?

- Chonny's dream - back at high school with his 25 year old soul in his 15 year old body

Ep. 32. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - San Fran Burritos, Sydney Clubbing & Prankster Chon  

- Chonny went to San Francisco for 3 days - video game sneak peeks, San Fran eats & epic tours

- Sydney weekend getaway for Dalena's birthday - clubbing life & more eating

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Singapore cruise party - time to get in shape!

- Joe's visit to SBS PopAsia HQ

- Back in time - prankster Chonny and the neighbour's motorbike

Ep. 31. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Joe's New Show, Dalena is Insta-famous & Reverse Catch Up on K-Pop  

- Two and a Half Asians filming shenanigans

- Chonny's upcoming San Francisco trip

- Joe's new radio show! DatJoeDoe Show - oldschool K-Pop on SBS PopAsia, Thursdays at 8pm.

- 2008 flashback - the beginnings of Chonny's YouTube career

- Reverse Catch up on K-Pop - Chonny tests Joe on his oldschool K-Pop knowledge

- Dalena's upcoming special birthday trip to Sydney - the pros and cons of becoming Insta-famous

- The undercover cop down the road..

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