MyChonny Podcast

MyChonny Podcast


Aussie Youtube star Chonny and Joe (who specialises in K-pwop and food) catch up on K-pop, tell us dirty tales and laugh (it's about 50% laughing). Tune in, put your feet up as the boys kick it, keep it real and Chonny gets tested on K-pop! There's also non-stop bad singing. Catch MyChonny on SBS PopAsia radio every every Wednesday from 8PM or subscribe to the podcast.


Ep 45. Salt Bae parodies, Chonny's birthday and parents on social media  

- Chonny's birthday today. Turning 26 and feels old

- Recording from  parents because having a partyyyy

- Salt Bae is the hottest thing from 2017 so far so Chonny did a parody video.

- La La Land movie not that great

- Playing Volley Ball twice a week and waiting on uniforms

- MyChonny's diet going well

- Filming sketch comedy show in Perth called 'China Boy'

- Winner of Big Bang competition announced

- Best and worst birthday stories

- How to deal with parents on social media. Chonny refuses to add parents on Facebook

Ep. 44. Vietnamese Grandma Santa Claus, Sneaky Dog Poos & Life Changing Experiences  

- Catch Up: Watched Moana, 'Terrace House' a Japanese reality show

- Jack the Husky is back living with Chonny.. and leaving special presents

- Chonny's grandma's 88th birthday party

- Tech Aunties and Uncles

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What's been happening on YouTube?

- What's that sound: 90s cartoon theme songs

- Life-changing experiences; turning 26 soon - cruise to 30.

Ep 43 - Best 2017 movies, Joe's New Year's resolution, Chinese New Year & Chonny's first (smelly) bedroom  

-  Joe’s New Year’s Resolution

- New Years Eve - Joe had a houseparty.  Chonny not invited.

- Chinese New Year – how much cash do you get?

- Mychonny’s first bedroom 

- Catch Up On K-Pop

- Top 3 movies in 2017 

- What’s that Sound?

Ep. 42. Best Video Games of 2016, Tongue Twisters Revisited & Cringey Old Videos  

- Christmas catch up - favourite presents this year? Scooping up bargains at Boxing Day sales for family presents

- Tongue Twisters - Have Chonny and Joe improved after 41 episodes?

- Highlights of 2016

- Powdered milk & vitamin resellers

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Pay to cheat in video games

- What's that sound? Guess the old Chonny video

- Cringing to old Chonny videos

Christmas Special - Ep. 41. Chonny Dated A Fellow YouTuber, Ruining His Sister's Christmas & Christmas Carols  

- Juicy YouTube goss - Some YouTubers are not what they seem in real life

- Chonny's YouTuber dating past - which top YouTuber did Chonny date?

- Blast From The Past - When Chonny ruined his sister's Christmas (and copped a toe injury)

- Catch up on Christmas - guess that Christmas Carol

- Tired of driving around - Dalena doesn't have her drivers licence

- What's That Sound?

- Christmas facts - true or false?

Ep. 40. YouTube Millionaire, University Entrance Score Anxiety, Peeing Into Onsens & Views of Mt Fuji  

- Chonny received his 1 million YouTube subscriber plaque.. but there's something about it..

- Re-watching Korean variety show Family Outing

- Entering University & Graduations

- Catch up on K-Pop

- 2017 Japan trip plans

- What's that sound?

- Chonny's top TV series of 2016

Ep. 39. EDM Chonny, Dalena's Blonde Moment & Asian Border Security  

- Heating up in Melbourne, Kris Kringle & Volleyball update

- Getting trim for EDM festivals

- Dalena's blonde moment

- Chonny's mum thought Asian people could fly

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Chonny's leaky fridge

- Guess that Jackie Chan blooper reel

- Asian Border Security video parody

Ep. 38. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Crash Bandicoot's Voice REVEALED, Spider Dreams & Sniffing Fetishes  

- Celebrating volleyball wins with junk food

- Summertime spiders - Dalena's unfortunate encounters with our 8-legged friends

- Volleyball injuries - deep heat pads smell like Asian grocery stores

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Blast from the past - crazy ex-girlfriends with sniffing fetishes

- What's that sound? Movie quotes

- Christmas mems - childhood video games & Crash Bandicoot

Ep. 37. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Too Many Asians in Hollywood, Dad on Twitter & School Cover Ups  

- First volleyball victory, hayfever & asthma storm in Melbourne

- Asians in Hollywood and Australian TV - who will be the next Asian Kung-fu star?

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Final Fantasy XV coming out - first video games & memories

- Guess that Sound

- Chonny's dad got twitter and has seen some peculiar things..

- Chonny's top 3 high school cover ups

Ep. 36. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chon-burglar, Baby Names & The Top Movies of 2016  

- Donuts binge & feeling sick

- Suicide Squad - was it really that bad?

- A couple named their child after Dalena

- Blast from the past - Chonny the thief

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What's that sound?

- Chonny's favourite movies of 2016

Ep. 35. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - The Fish That Hospitalised Chonny, Twerking & Buffet Err'day  

- Started playing social volleyball competition

- Singapore 'It's the Ship' EDM party/festival on a cruise ship

- 2 most favourite words: Complimentary Buffet

- What's that sound?

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Jackie Chan received his first Oscar - Chonny's top 3 Jackie Chan movies

- Blast from the past - when a fish sent Chonny to the emergency room

Ep. 34. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chonny's First (Sexy) Time, Eye Acupuncture & Baker Chonny  

- Melbourne is under attack from massive mosquitoes that can bite through your clothes

- Game: what movie is that?

- Blast From The Past - Chonny's mum took him for an acupuncture for his bad eyesight

- Catch Up On K-Pop

- Chonny and Joe talk about their first (sexy) times

- Chonny and Joe's biggest insecurities

- Chonny's first job at a bakery - it was pretty dodgy!

Ep. 33. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - 15 Year Old Chonny, Marriage Proposals & Becoming Aggressive  

- Chonny went to his first engagement party - friends getting old; how would you propose?

- What video is that? Guess what Chonny video is playing

- Aggressive Chonny - Volleyball has changed the previously passive Chonny

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What's that sound?

- Chonny's dream - back at high school with his 25 year old soul in his 15 year old body

Ep. 32. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - San Fran Burritos, Sydney Clubbing & Prankster Chon  

- Chonny went to San Francisco for 3 days - video game sneak peeks, San Fran eats & epic tours

- Sydney weekend getaway for Dalena's birthday - clubbing life & more eating

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Singapore cruise party - time to get in shape!

- Joe's visit to SBS PopAsia HQ

- Back in time - prankster Chonny and the neighbour's motorbike

Ep. 31. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Joe's New Show, Dalena is Insta-famous & Reverse Catch Up on K-Pop  

- Two and a Half Asians filming shenanigans

- Chonny's upcoming San Francisco trip

- Joe's new radio show! DatJoeDoe Show - oldschool K-Pop on SBS PopAsia, Thursdays at 8pm.

- 2008 flashback - the beginnings of Chonny's YouTube career

- Reverse Catch up on K-Pop - Chonny tests Joe on his oldschool K-Pop knowledge

- Dalena's upcoming special birthday trip to Sydney - the pros and cons of becoming Insta-famous

- The undercover cop down the road..

Ep. 30. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chonny the Rock Star, What The Duh!?, & Mum's advice  

- Joe met Andy Trieu in Melbourne + Joe's new show

- New Power Rangers trailer/Luke Cake/Creepy Clowns

- Joe dyed his hair - it was a failure

- Chonny's Mum's advice

- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

- Chonny's rock band

- Face palm moments

- Catch up on K-Pop

Ep. 29. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Clueless Dad, Private vs Public Schools & Saggy Hoff  

- Chonny's dad doesn't understand the concept of different garbage bins (general waste/recycling/organic material)

- Chonny went to a private school, Joe went to a public school - which is better?

- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

- Singapore boat party & Singaporean food

- Catch up on K-Pop

Ep. 28. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - The Runs, General Knowledge & Biggest Cover Ups  

- Pizza and movie night - Watched Train to Busan and had the runs

- Children's shows these days are freaky

- YouTube Heroes

- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

- Volleyball update

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Biggest cover ups ever! (In Chonny's life)

Ep. 27. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Volleyball Injuries, Tattoos & Chonny the Hustler  

- Injuries from recent volleyball obsession

- Going back to Japan

- 2 and a half Asians update

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Chonny's successful high school business: selling bootlegged DVDs

- Chonny made his gf cry

- 90s kids! Guess the 90s TV theme song

Ep. 26. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Volleyball Gaytimes, Melbourne Trains & Quality Time  

- Getting into volleyball because of anime

- Thoughts on the new iPhone

- 2 new food revolutions

- Melbourne Trains and weirdos

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What constitutes 'quality time' according to the gf?

- Chonny's house is falling apart

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