MyChonny Podcast

MyChonny Podcast


Aussie Youtube star Chonny and Joe (who specialises in K-pwop and food) catch up on K-pop, tell us dirty tales and laugh (it's about 50% laughing). Tune in, put your feet up as the boys kick it, keep it real and Chonny gets tested on K-pop! There's also non-stop bad singing. Catch MyChonny on SBS PopAsia radio every every Wednesday from 8PM or subscribe to the podcast.


Ep. 31. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Joe's New Show, Dalena is Insta-famous & Reverse Catch Up on K-Pop  

- Two and a Half Asians filming shenanigans

- Chonny's upcoming San Francisco trip

- Joe's new radio show! DatJoeDoe Show - oldschool K-Pop on SBS PopAsia, Thursdays at 8pm.

- 2008 flashback - the beginnings of Chonny's YouTube career

- Reverse Catch up on K-Pop - Chonny tests Joe on his oldschool K-Pop knowledge

- Dalena's upcoming special birthday trip to Sydney - the pros and cons of becoming Insta-famous

- The undercover cop down the road..

Ep. 30. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chonny the Rock Star, What The Duh!?, & Mum's advice  

- Joe met Andy Trieu in Melbourne + Joe's new show

- New Power Rangers trailer/Luke Cake/Creepy Clowns

- Joe dyed his hair - it was a failure

- Chonny's Mum's advice

- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

- Chonny's rock band

- Face palm moments

- Catch up on K-Pop

Ep. 29. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Clueless Dad, Private vs Public Schools & Saggy Hoff  

- Chonny's dad doesn't understand the concept of different garbage bins (general waste/recycling/organic material)

- Chonny went to a private school, Joe went to a public school - which is better?

- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

- Singapore boat party & Singaporean food

- Catch up on K-Pop

Ep. 28. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - The Runs, General Knowledge & Biggest Cover Ups  

- Pizza and movie night - Watched Train to Busan and had the runs

- Children's shows these days are freaky

- YouTube Heroes

- Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

- Volleyball update

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Biggest cover ups ever! (In Chonny's life)

Ep. 27. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Volleyball Injuries, Tattoos & Chonny the Hustler  

- Injuries from recent volleyball obsession

- Going back to Japan

- 2 and a half Asians update

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Chonny's successful high school business: selling bootlegged DVDs

- Chonny made his gf cry

- 90s kids! Guess the 90s TV theme song

Ep. 26. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Volleyball Gaytimes, Melbourne Trains & Quality Time  

- Getting into volleyball because of anime

- Thoughts on the new iPhone

- 2 new food revolutions

- Melbourne Trains and weirdos

- Catch up on K-Pop

- What constitutes 'quality time' according to the gf?

- Chonny's house is falling apart

Ep. 25. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Live at Madman Anime Festival, Japan Memories & Anime Pickup Lines  

- Live at Madman Anime Fest

- Cosplay

- Most memorable moments in Japan

- Guess that Anime intro

- Non-Japanese Japanese restaurants

- Guess that anime quote

- Anime pickup lines

- Catch up on J-Pop

Ep. 24. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Chon's Backyard, Moving in Together & Would You Rather..  

- Chonny's parents' backyard is a farm

- Moving in with bf/gf?

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Madman Anime Festival

- New video - moving our of your Asian parents' house

- Would You Rather?

Ep. 23. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Soul Searching, 2 and a Half Asians & Intense Fans  

- Chonny's cousin came back from a 9 month soul searching trip

- 2 and a Half Asians returns!

- Madman Anime Fesitval - cosplay ideas

- YouTube life - crazy, intense fans

- Catch up on K-Pop

Ep. 22. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Car Accident, Cosplay & COOL Comeback?  

- Chonny's dad was in a car accident (he's okay!); driving tips for Asian parents

- Buying a new car but knowing nothing about cars

- Catch up on K-Pop

- Live at Madman Anime Festival - Chonny and Joe might cosplay!

- New game: Higher or Lower

- Will there be a COOL comeback?

- New YG girl group BLACKPINK

Ep. 21. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - First Crushes, Bro Test & YouTube Famous  

- How well do Chonny & Joe know each other?
- First crushes
- Catch up on K-Pop
- How to Make it on YouTube

Ep. 20. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Tired and Delirious, Cheap Asian Dads & GF Secrets  

- Tired, sleepy and delirious - Chonny messes up his words
- Trying new snacks from different supermakets
- Heater in the house
- Asian dad tips for saving money
- Catch up on J-Pop
- Top 3 Chinese foods
- 1 word to describe animes
- Chonny's secret from his girlfriend

Ep. 19. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Quitting Pokemon, Cheat Meals & New Slang  

- Chonny has quit Pokemon Go. Why?
- Trying to lose weight and eat healthy; cheat meals
- Girlfriend ambush
- Top anime from 2016: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Haikyu, Food Wars, Beserk, Terror In Resonance, Dragon Ball Super
- Gen-Z quiz: new slang
- YouTube has changed?
- Catch up on K-Pop
- 1 word to describe things: countries edition

Ep. 18. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Gaining Weight, Jack the Dog & Music Festivals  

- Gaining weight - pros and cons?
- Chonny's dog Jack
- Catch up on K-Pop
- Music fesitvals
- Describe Aussie foods in 1 word

Ep. 17. MyChonny on SBS PopAsia - Pokemon Go, Going Blind & Asian Gamblers  

- Playing Pokemon Go
- Going blind and touching eyeballs
- Catch up on K-Pop
- Asian gamblers and superstitions
- Upsetting the whole country

Ep. 16. MyChonny On SBS PopAsia - Friends' Houses, Insensitive Chonny & Murder Confession  

- Visiting white friends' houses - Insensitive Chonny - Chonny confesses to a murder - Finding Dory review

Ep. 15. MyChonny On SBS PopAsia - Quarter Life Crisis, Clubbing & Discovering Yourself  

Seems like whenever Chonny goes clubbing he can never avoid messy and sticky situations (literally). Also, Chonny name drops all of his K-Pop star friends, Joe eats something weird and we finally have our first musical guest.

Ep. 14. MyChonny On SBS PopAsia - Chicken Pics, Oral Presentations & Neighbours  

Have you ever needed to use a linear equation? How about figuring out a tangent? Algebra? Chonny and Joe talk about the most useless subjects in school and suggest something a lot more useful. Joe has a new segment (which he has no idea about) and find out what Chonny's Vietnamese uncle has been up to on Facebook.

Ep. 13. MyChonny On SBS PopAsia - Japan Adventures, Cheating & Bad Grades  

Chonny is back from Japan - wonder what goodies he's brought back for us. Also, ever wondered how Chonny met his girlfriend Dalena? Tune in to find out, plus the boys share tips on surviving having bad grades in an Asian family.

Ep. 12. MyChonny On SBS PopAsia - Magpies, Bedroom Demons & Dr. Chan  

Damn, Dr. Chan! Hear the tales from an Asian medical clinic. Dalena has found a mysterious demon in their bedroom; Chonny and Joe give their advice for talking to a crush; and the boys share their worst travel experiences.

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